Tuesday, October 24, 2006

High-Speed Internet Comes to East Mountain


We broke down and bought satellite internet access. They installed it today and we're all ecstatice. (You're talking about a family of four that shared a single dial-up connection for the six years.) So after four years of waiting for Alltel, then Windstream to follow through on their promise to have DSL to our road "within a year" we finally got the satellite.
Yep, got it installed and called Windstream and told them to disconnect our two phone lines and shut off our internet access ASAP. They were most displeased. Tough. We've been crawling along to their tune for too many years. They lost us as a customer.
(Oh, and it feels good.)

-- Mordekai

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

It Feels Good to be a Hog!

For the past few years, it's not been all that much fun to be an Arkansas Razorbacks fan. But, now, the times, they are a changin'. After being humiliated on national television two years in a row by USC, the Hogs, and we Hog fans, got a little of our own back Saturday when the unranked, unnoticed and under-appreciated Razorbacks put the screws to No. 2 ranked Auburn ... at Auburn.

Fans on both sides of the contest are still in shock: Auburn Tiger fans for the humiliating loss on national television; Arkansas Razorback fans for the unexpected victory as a 15-point underdog.

Most remarkably, the Hogs played like a REAL team. Defense defended and offense, well, offended by proving they could score on anybody. It went the way the USC game should have gone. Our freshman quarterback looked like pro and our three-headed monster -- Darrin McFadden, Felix Jones and Payton Hillis -- ran over the Auburn defense like they were...well...Mississippi State. It was a thrill to watch -- if you're an Arkansas Razorback fan.

So now the Hogs lead the SEC west for the first time in several years with a 4-1 overall and 3-0 conference record. Houston Nutt, the head coach, is now off the hotseat, and fans are straining the shocks and tires on the bandwagon.

Today, it's good to be a Hog. Even better, the future looks bright!

-- Mordekai