Friday, March 20, 2020

Pandemic or "Plandemic?"

“No need for you to miss a minute of the holocaust!”

Opinion and Speculation
By John P. Smith

Is what we're seeing with the extraordinary precautions being taken to, ostentatiously, stem the growth of the COVID-19 strain an over-reaching, knee-jerk over-reaction?

Or, is it a real, be afraid, be very afraid, virulent pandemic?

I think it’s a lot of both. People are dying. It is super contagious. Most depressing is that everyone who can weaponize this crisis is doing so. Specifically, the liberal, deep-state news media, their Democrat overseers and governments at all levels, in every country.

I’m not saying this is a false flag. Whatever is happening is real. There sure is a lot of money being lost and people being put out of work for this to be a manufactured crisis. At least, it hasn't been manufactured by the U.S. government.

I never expect the news media, government officials or even corporate leadership to tell the truth when a lie will better serve their agenda. (My theory is that if their lips are moving, they’re lying.) Yet, with so much money being lost -- just the NCAA Basketball tournament probably lost a billion dollars -- this crisis must be taken seriously. Money talks. And if those people are willing to lose that much money; maybe they know something we don’t.

Then again, maybe it’s all part of a power grab. We know the Demotards are using it as a springboard to try to salvage the 2020 election. Meanwhile, New York, Illinois and California -- all freedom-loving, liberal bastions of personal choice and individual rights -- have governors “ordering” the populations to “stay home.” 

Meanwhile, here in Arkansas: I just heard that one of the small factories in this rural town where I live is going to shut down for two weeks. This is in response to Fiat Chrysler Automotive and Tesla shutting down operations because of union and government pressure. Meanwhile, that little factory here in rural Arkansas is 100-percent automotive. And, now, 5-percent of this small town is out of work.

Others, here in my part of Arkansas, are still at work. Siemens is offering 2-weeks paid leave if the employees of that company have to jump ship. Believe me, plenty of the folks working in that small factory are looking forward to an outbreak! (But, obviously, without all the sickness, death, misery and misfortune that usually accompanies a virulent pandemic.) Meanwhile, some of the other small manufacturing concerns nearby have shut down, mostly because their customers have shut down. No one, as of this writing, at any of these facilities, has tested positive for the COVID-19 strain.

Maybe that’s because we are taking preventive actions. Where I work, we have strict visitation and travel requirements from corporate leadership; up to, and including, that no outside visitors can use our restroom facilities. We’ve got a porta-potty outside for truckers and delivery drivers. No visitors into the facility without Manger-level permissions and enforced “social distancing” in the break room.

We’re seeing all this activity. All the precautions. Social Distancing! Toilet paper hoarding and panic buying at the grocery stores, mostly thanks to media scare tactics. We’re hearing all the doom and gloom, seeing all the “preventive actions.” Yet, this whole thing has the same smell as the North Korean Missile Crisis? Remember? When the North Korean Military was test firing missiles out to sea, over Japan, and threatening our neighbors in the North Pacific? Does anybody recall ever actually seeing a missile? The point being, we only know what we’re being told. We don’t have access to the truth; we only have access to the liars in the news media.

---Warning: Anti-Asshat Media Rant!---
Why should we believe the media now? Who among us will suddenly believe a class of people who have lied to us over and over for years? Especially the liberal assholes like CNN, MSNBC and Politico? Haven’t they lied to us enough that we can finally decide not to trust them? They don’t give a crap about us! They’re puppets for the deep state Democrats. I’ve listened to their reports: They have weaponized the Corona-virus crisis as another avenue to take down the President. They have made a deliberate, conscious decision to be part of the problem rather than part of the solution. They care less about news and helpful, honest information and more about how many ways they can use this crisis to take potshots at the Trump Administration. That’s all they’re concerned about: Can we use this crisis to remove this President? They don’t give a single flying fart-cicle about mortality rates, infection vectors or vaccinations unless they can be used as weapons against the President. These same news agencies have played this same game for years. (Who remembers the Second Gulf War and the Weapons of Mass Destruction?) If you’re one of the idiots who still believes them; then you’re part of the problem. The bald-face, lying rhetoric went into overdrive when Trump ascended to the Oval Office. With these political activists (not news reporters) truth is no longer a requirement for reporting.
---End of Rant!---

Other media, independent media -- such as it is -- can’t get to the truth. So we have media we know will lie to us. We have media that would like to tell the truth but don't have access to it. And we have social media, which is hacked, hi-jacked, over-run by foreign activists and fear-mongers, censored by Artificial Intelligence and moderated by stupid liberals. If you believe anything you read on social media, you’re asking to be used, abused and disappointed. And, since you’ve been warned, you have no one to blame but yourself.

Now that I’ve told you that I don’t believe anything I’m being told by the lying media, government, religious institutions or corporations -- then what, exactly, do I believe?

I believe what I can see and/or figure out for myself.

What is the first rule of journalism after the basic questions?  Follow the money. There’s way too much money being lost for this to be a hoax or a false flag. Something is happening. Something big. I can't say what, exactly.

We’re already seeing dangerous signs of government, and even corporate, overreach, infringing individual rights, all in the name of “safety and security.” We all know where that road leads. And when the powers-that-be get away with it, then they start looking for the next opportunity to take more. Watch for it; it’s coming.

What do I expect?  Hoarding will become a criminal offense. Stores will start to limit purchases. Banks will limit withdrawals. Service stations will limit your fuel. I expect to see the national guard deployed to enforce “social distancing,” rationing, and travel control. I expect to see interstate traffic monitored and, eventually, stopped, at the least, at bridges and tunnels. And, consider, if the spread is bad enough, that when interstate commerce is halted: Then, everything stops. If the trucks stop moving; nothing gets delivered, so there’s nothing to buy.

(I didn’t even get to publish before this new one came out! The governor of Illinois put the state on lock down. The news release says, ”Residents in Illinois will be able to go to grocery stores, gas stations and pharmacies, and they will also be able to take walks. Officials said that local roads, the interstate highways and tollways will stay open to traffic.”  Which means, of course, that they’re keeping on the table the option of closing the highways to traffic and putting a stop to people taking walks.)

Finally, I expect to see the national guard used to suppress rioting when the vaccine is released and there’s not enough for everybody. And then, rioting again, when it is discovered that the vaccine doesn’t actually work. (Do a little research into the Salk versus Sabin polio vaccinations if you don’t think that kind of thing can happen.) 

 But, maybe I’m a skeptic. Maybe it’ll all blow over and in a couple of weeks we’ll pick up where we left off and have a great summer!