Monday, May 16, 2022

We Are In the Zombie Apocalypse

This is the Zombie Apocalypse 

By John P. Smith
Independent Journalist

Yep. We’re right in the middle of it. As often happens, it doesn’t turn out anything like the movies or video games. The reality is much worse. 

First, we have discovered the contagion isn’t so much physical, although a lot can be said about the COVID Vaccine on that count, it’s more of a mental deterioration into emotional irrationality and Stage-4 liberalism. The crazy people don’t even realize they’re crazy. That’s the zombie element. Not only do they not know, trauma-based conditioning from the criminal media and indoctrination through education has these walking apoplexies convinced that they’re not infected, and are adamant that anybody who disagrees with them must be the problem. 

The most visible and significant manifestation that this is the zombie apocalypse we’ve all been expecting is Cancel Culture: Cancel Culture is zombie culture. It’s a mental illness that convinces people that someone not part of the horde is the enemy. If you’re not infected; they will eat you. That’s exactly what cancel culture is: Forcing the uninfected to join the horde by eating them alive and turning their brains to liberal mush.

It’s disgusting and horrifying to watch. 

This self-inflicted dystopian nightmare has been planned for a long time. We’re just now seeing the visible tip of this evil iceberg. But, here’s something to help you know what kind zombie you might be dealing with. I’ve been researching this for a while and have come up with a list of 12 types of zombies that are most often seen in public. To be sure, this is not a comprehensive list.

The list is below, complete with with descriptions of various zombies and their visible superpower.

Liberal Zombies: Are the worst. They’re almost universally the children of affluent parents, raised in privilege, who have been conditioned to believe everything they hear from the criminal media. These mind-controlled zealots are the ones who will stand in the middle of the street screaming about how unjust the world is and, just a suddenly and without provocation, attack someone for the color of their skin. They’re almost the lowest form of zombie and cannot be reasoned with. They hate facts and information that proves them wrong, choosing instead to believe that what they feel is right, facts be damned. They believe that if they scream loud and long enough, everyone will come around to their belief system. Their superpower is the ability to justify forcing vaccines on others while screaming through their mask, “My body, my choice!”

Conservative Zombies: The polar opposite of the liberal zombie, this brand of undead stand outside courthouses, churches and government facilities protesting same-sex marriage, legal use of cannabis and transvestites. They don’t have time to work on their own marriage or relationship because they’re too busy getting into other people’s business. They can be confused with Fox News Zombies (see below.) They’re often seen in church decrying the horrible social consequences of sex, drugs and rock-n-roll. They spend much time and energy demanding equality on the feel-good playing field because if they’re not allowed to feel-good, no one else should either. Their superpower is the ability to ignore their own shortcomings and work on yours.

Mask Zombies: Are the worst, too. The mask zombie can be seen driving, walking outdoors, biking and shopping wearing a dust mask. This variety has been so caught up in the COVID operation trauma-based conditioning that even with unimpeachable proof that masks don’t work, they continue to wear them. They’re often so indoctrinated and conditioned to the mask that they will attack non-mask wearers regardless of any law or requirement to wear one. (I have personal experience with this variety of zombie. When one tries to get someone else to put on a mask, I ask them: “Do you really believe that dust mask protects you from a virus?” The answer is universally, “Yes.” I follow with, “Well, good for you. Wear your mask, stay six feet away from me and shut your mouth.” Oddly, this makes them very angry.) Their superpower is the ability to believe a dust mask makes a difference even when swimming.

Woke Zombies: Also the worst. A more retarded breed of the liberal zombie. These militant brain suckers truly believe that everything should be free. That all the world’s problems are caused by white males. That society should cater to their whims. They are fully invested in believing everything the criminal media tells them to believe. They cannot be reasoned with using facts or logic, even when shown explicit evidence that they are, in fact, zombies, They refuse to believe it because the media didn’t tell them. They love cancel culture and entertainment zombies. They can’t wait to get their next booster vaccine and have often been heard to claim, “Thank god I got the vaccine before I caught the virus! I know it would have killed me otherwise.” Even using statistics and data from institutions they worship (CDC, NIH, FDA, WHO, ETC.), it’s impossible to convince a woke zombie that the vaccine is a scam and COVID is a world-wide psychological operation to test and develop control parameters for large populations. Their superpower is the ability to blame white men for all their problems.

Apathetic Zombies: Worst of the worst. These are the most common zombie. They just don’t care. These are drones who crowd the sidewalks and aisles at the locally grocery store. They wear the mask. They get the shot. They continue in their daily lives as if nothing has changed and they actually expect things to get better, even though they’re not doing anything to help. These are the majority of zombies. The go-along-to-get-along who don’t necessarily believe everything the criminal media tells them, but also don’t really care about facts or evidence. They either don’t care, or don’t care to care, about the sweeping changes in the social and political environment. They don't even care that they're now zombies. Inflation and supply chain issues don’t bother them and are easily explained away as, “Nothing we can do about it.” Their superpower is the ability to record a zombie attack with a cell phone and not lift a finger to help the victim, or the zombies.

Entertainment Zombies: Also the worst. These are Whoopi Goldberg and Joe Walsh and Robert Di Nero and Alec Baldwin and any celebrity who’s decided that since they have a fan following they can tell the rest of us how to act. These are better-than-you people who don’t have to decide each week whether to pay the electric bill or the car payment and then see if there’s enough left over to buy a pizza. Yet, they are infected just the same. Hating all the non-infected and prepared to eat anyone who supports the MAGA movement and Donald Trump. They are both the source, and result, of Trump Derangement Syndrome.  Their superpower is the ability to delude themselves into believing anybody actually cares what they have to say.

Media Zombies - Enthrallers: These include every talking head on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC and NPR. These zombies spew the rhetoric with wild-eyed enthusiasm brought on by actually believing the lies are worth money. They have no shame and don’t have a care what anybody thinks. They are the messengers of hate and discontent, both real and imagined. They fully support the trauma-based conditioning required to create thralls. Their superpower is the ability to hold their viewers in thrall with lies, misconceptions and blatant misinformation.

Media Zombies -- Thralls: Zombie sycophants of the enthraller zombies. They believe what they’re told. The conditioning is particularly effective if they’re told almost exactly what they want to hear.  Their superpower is ability to continue to believe the criminal media, regardless of how many times they’ve been lied to.

Social Media Zombie: This sub-species of media zombie still believes that Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms are populated by real people and reflect the real world. No amount of pertinent facts or debunking of social media lies will convince the SMZ that they’re not living in the real world. These are often spotted on Twitter or Instagram screaming about injustices that they have never suffered. They viciously attack conservative zombies from their keyboards and phones, fully believing that if they just yell loud enough, and type in all caps, that they can change minds and influence opinions. Their superpower is the ability to believe they’re making a difference in an electronic wilderness run by bots and AI.

Fox News Zombies: Another sub-species of media zombie. They're huge fans of FOX News specialized enthrallers such as Tucker Carlson, Greg Gutfeld and Judge Jeannie. They watch Fox News all day, abstaining from all other news sources in the unswerving belief that FOX tells the truth. Like any other media zombie, facts and illustrations of Fox fallacies, lies and misinformation does nothing to deter their support. Their superpower is the ability to stay in a room with Fox News running continuously.

Government Zombies: The most public version of the government zombie is, of course, pretend President Joe Biden. The government zombie spews the rhetoric of the administration, regardless of truthfulness or factual content. You can tell when they’re lying because their lips are moving. The government zombie is interested only in their personal financial gain and seizing and holding political power. They don’t give a single flying fartcicle about anything or anybody. Their superpower is the ability to read the teleprompter and neither care nor understand what it says.

Conspiracy Zombies: This zombie refuses to believe anything reported by the criminal media. This zombie believes that every criminal media news story is a fabrication designed as part of a larger agenda to control and manipulate people and opinions. Any time a newsworthy or political event is being discussed, these infected are famous for annoying friends, relatives and countrymen, by stating, “You know they’re lying to you? Right?”  Their superpower is that they appear to be correct most of the time.

Don’t feed the Zombies.

Monday, May 02, 2022

We Lost the Revolution: Now What?

By John P. Smith

Independent Journalist

We Lost the Revolution: Now What?

Let’s get something straight here so that every argumentive smartass understands when I say “they,” what I mean: To me, the term encompasses the deep-state puppet masters controlling the Biden Administration, the Claus Schawb World Economic Forum, New World Order propagandists, the United Nations, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, the Bohemian Grove, the Cosmos Club, the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, the DIA, the DNC, the RNC, DARPA, the military-industrial complex, Hollywood asshats, legacy media, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Blackrock, big tech, the entire better-than-you collusion of liberal elites, etc.

All of them. and more, are “they.”

Every over-sized tyrannical government in history eventually topples to the will of the people, or foreign invaders. From the despotic leadership of the biblical Judaic nations to the Roman empire to the let-them-eat-cake French royalty of the 18th Century, all pushed their citizens to the breaking point.  When those citizens finally break, the result is inevitably bloodshed followed by reformation of a governing body more attuned to the will of the people. 

And the cycle starts again.

A revolution isn’t really a revolution until it’s successful; until then, it’s an insurrection. The tyrants in our government right now need a small, bloody, insurrection to push their agenda. If they were to just go ahead and enact gun-grabbing, rights-stomping control legislation, it would be the fuse that sets off the powder keg. So, they push, little-by-little, inch-by-inch, until it’s too late to resist. The latest development of this kind being the establishment of the Disinformation Bureau. Another group of unelected asshats who will dictate what is truth and what is disinformation, misinformation or mal-information. 

The United States government is poised upon a dangerous precipice right now. In this country, we have a growing sentiment that the only solution to change the direction we’re heading is armed insurrection. I say “growing” because it’s not there yet. We, the people, have not yet reached the boiling point. We don’t have the willingness, the motivation, to draw blood. Not yet. That hesitation, that reluctance to fight for our fundamental freedoms, is usually viewed as a good thing: Clearer heads prevailed and nobody was killed. My thinking is that maybe that’s one of the tools used to keep it from happening. Who benefits? 

Because of our reluctance to draw blood, we’ve already lost the revolution. The insurrectionists won when they were able to usurp the presidency through election fraud and straight-up cheating. Now, that same group of cheating tyrants are itching for an opportunity to put down a rebellion. The next goal is to show the public exactly what happens to you when you challenge the ruling elite. This also creates an atmosphere to enact more tyrannical laws for more control, because there’s always a portion of the population that will demand that “something must be done!”

The Jan. 6 incident shows us exactly how badly the assholes who stole the election are trying to force a bloody insurrection while all the potential “insurrectionists” are still isolated, disorganized and squabbling with each other. Don’t underestimate them. That’s how we got where we are. They understand that if we “potential insurrectionists” ever get organized, that potential will be realized. They can take down one small rebellion, or insurrection, at a time. But they can’t stop us if we’re all together.

So they keep us divided. With Covid. With CRT. With BLM. With Antifa. With Afghanistan. With Ukraine. And distraction after distraction. As long as we’re arguing amongst ourselves, we’re not focusing on them.

That is by design.

This government has become so corrupt that they don’t even try to hide it. They don’t give a single flying fartcicle if we know they’re squandering our money on $10 million for Pakistani Gender Studies or paying the salaries of corrupt Ukrainian officials. They are blatantly pushing misinformation (COVID, Russian Collusion, Ukraine,)  as a mechanism of control. They constantly attack our Constitutional rights, with the help of legacy media, using trauma-based conditioning, to make people feel like they’re doing the right thing by being compliant. 

What is actually happening is people trading freedom for short-term security. The founders of this nation warned against exactly that kind of mentality.

And I firmly believe it will be much harder, and bloodier, to take this country back than it was for them to steal it. Tyrannical organizations don’t give up power because it’s the right thing to do. They hold on to it, employing every resource they have to keep it. That includes the blood and service of those fanatical, or conditioned, enough to support it.

That’s not the government I want. Only the rich, powerful, and tyrannical want that kind of government. 

And here we are. Now What? If I had the answers, I’d tell ya. If I could see that far into the future, I wouldn’t have to hold a day job. I can only tell you what I do: Be ready.

Be ready to be self-sufficient.

Be ready to respond when called.

Be ready to help when needed.

I can’t change anybody but me. And if I do influence someone to change, it must be through example. Walking the walk; forget the talk.