Monday, November 27, 2006

Thanksgiving Forgotten

We had a big get together over this Thanksgiving Holiday and in the middle of it all it seems like we forgot what this Holiday is all about
. Oh, sure, during the prayers over the meals we all said the words about how we must give thanks for what we have and how fortunate we are to live in such a free country, blah, blah, blah.

What I mostly saw was people trying to take control. It always happens in any family gathering. One or more of the gathered siiblings will attempt to structure and lead the entire group while the group generally wants to go and watch football. Another sibling (or sibling-in-law) attempts to wrest control of the group from the alpha sibling and as such, tensions are high and stupid decisions are made.

A for instance: Sibling A wants a fried turkey along with the two smoked turkeys and baked turkey. Sibling a acquires a huge pan from sibling G who also agrees to fry a turkey. However, $50 worth of oil and two more turkeys are purchased and the ENTIRE family must wait to eat until these two "fryers" are done. All because the wanna-be Alpha sibling "thought a fried turkey would be a nice touch." Everyone else is irritated, hungry and snippy.

All the while, nobody seems to remember how nice it is to live in a country where you can go and pick up an extra turkey just 'cause ya want to. This means you've got the money, the turkey's available, you've got the transportation, the permission and the trust in the merchant that you'll get a fair product for the price. That doesn't happen in about 90-percent of the countries on this planet.

And I'd say about 90-percent of U.S. citizens do not even realize it.

-- Mordekai

Saturday, November 18, 2006


Do UFOs exist? Sure.
They're objects flying in the sky we can't readily idenfity. They exist ... that's why we have a name for them. Are they alien spacecraft? Ahhh...there's the rub. Are they?
Here's what I think, since you asked.
In this day and age of video camers, digital media and webcams, we should have actual, positive proof of actual hovering, manuevering craft. All we've actually got are some blobs of light at high zoom and pixelated video of some dancing object a zillion miles away. To me, that's not UFO footage, that a camera malfunction or someone playing a hoax or lightening bugs at a thousand yards. It's not proof of alien spacecraft.
If you're going to tape proof of actual flying saucers or other alien spacecraft, then do it. Get a shot of an alien craft, clearly identifiable as alien, close up and personal. Wave them in for a landing and ask about all those crop circles.
So, note to UFO hunters: Stop telling us about the ones that got away. Give us some proof ... you know, maybe hang from an antenna a bit while the ship lifts off (this will require a buddy on the camera and is additional proof.) Come on...anything but the bouncing dot video taken by a palsey victim. I'll expect something in the next few weeks.

Thursday, November 02, 2006


I just discovered PageFlakes. I like it. I also discovered a Blog with 50-writing tips! Wow! What a great way to avoid actually writing. It'll take me a few WEEKS to improve my writing by reading all this great material on HOW to write mo' bettah.

I'm sure that, like with jujitsu and aikido, that you can watch it for weeks and fully understand the how and why of a technique ... but until you get out there and get your hands on another person and DO IT, you will not understand all the physical nuances involved. As I'm often fond of saying, "there's nothing like real to add realism."

So, now that I've convinced myself (and whatever poor sod who decides to read this blog) that I can study technique for weeks, but won't truly understand until I actually do something, then I should go and write ... I'm assuming I mean something besides this blog...

-- Mordekai

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Enjoying the speed

Now that I can create a blog in just a few minutes, rather than have to wait a Bloody Week for the pages to load, I think I might just keep this up a bit more consistently.
Well, I've been consistent -- I've posted about twice a month...or less. Now I think I can hit it with a bit more frequency. Anyway. Nice to have the high-speed internet after waiting 10 bloody years for it.
Windstream REALLY didn't want to give up their land-line connection to our house. I finally told them that they, and Alltel before them, had about five years worth of opportunity to get DSL or some kind of high-speed connection in this area and they didn't do it. Oh, every time I called and asked, it was due in just a few months. And never materialized. My neighbors are now envious and are asking lotsa questions about "how fast is it and how much does it cost."
Hehe...I'm telling them the whole truth.
And I see a few more home phones leaving the matrix.

-- Mordekai