Thursday, July 13, 2023

To the CosmicFox

By John P. Smith
Apocalypse Watch Editor

As host of Apocalypse Watch, based on the content we produce and our very informal format, I expect to pull in some negative feedback. It does happen. I was a military journalist for nearly a decade. In that position, I’ve had my writing, work and opinions edited by a full-bird colonel with a hatchet. I’m familiar with negative feedback and people not agreeing with what I have to say or how I choose to say it.

Yet, in the last couple of months, I’ve received two bizarre, baffling, and rather lengthy, feedback comments from a Watcher calling himself “CosmicFox.” I started a short reply to CosmicFox, but then decided this was a good opportunity to explain a little bit about Apocalypse Watch and maybe give our Watchers a little more biography and background on the show. (And it’s possible I’m being a little obsessive, and long-winded. here.) CosmicFox’s latest commentary on my show is printed below, as found. My reply is after. (Background: The last show was called Apocalypse Watch E112: Our Future: What Happens After the Rift?)

John or whomever your calling yourself.

No one should be pushing information that is NOT 100% correct and in line with other information. THERE IS NO RIFT, you made this term up. There will be a new Paradyne created yes, but it is most certainly not looked at as a RIFT of any kind. These are end times, not end of humans the end of the corruption. Apocalypse means the Great Revealing and your channel name indicates it is destruction. Ever wonder why you have hardly no followers? This is why, we cannot make up our own words and ideals during a time when things are in motion to liberate us.

You might want to lose the silly name and use your own, lose the fear to make you change your name. ONLY REAL PEOPLE NEED TO BE RELEASING INFORMATION with all due respect you do not have any such information so please stop calling attention to your channel when your not awake, sadly your referred to as a lost soul because you simple do not understand what is happening. This is a time to see the great awakening happening before you John. Embrace love, kindness, giving and above all service to others and to yourself.

Do not serve the powers who think they are in charge. Kick that nonsense to the curb buddy and free yourself from these ideals. LOVE FORGIVENSS AND RESPECT is how the world really is. Do not watch any videos or read articles contrary to these words. I woke up in 2016 at age 61. I should have woke up spiritually at 35 years old. I was shocked to see how old I was. I will be 69 in March 24.

My son of 47 years old passed away from viral pneumonia we both caught touring a gold mine in Colorado. The ventilation system failed, and we got caught in the worst of it. This virus only exists where bad air quality is or no air at all. I nearly passed away myself, he did not go to the hospital because they were killing people by forcing ventilators. Wake up buddy, we all love you and everyone who woke up We are light workers around 250 million around the world came here to help.


Thank you for the feedback. I offer my sincere condolences on the death of your son. I lost my first grandchild a few years ago, my younger brother 3 years ago, my Mother last month. I do understand that’s not an easy thing to get over.

I am assuming this is the same CosmicFox who sent feedback a few weeks ago chastising me and my guests for not using our real names. I’m also assuming the irony here is not lost on you, CosmicFox, otherwise there’s really no point in continuing this conversation. Regardless, in the spirit of enlightenment and friendly exchange of ideas, I’ll address your key points:

I call my show Apocalypse Watch because that’s what we do. If you’ve watched enough of them (and you’ve watched at least two) you know that from time to time, I remind our Watchers that an Apocalypse isn’t the end of anything. More appropriately it is a beginning; an unveiling, a revealing, of that which is hidden. Often, the dawn of understanding. That unveiling happens gradually, incrementally, usually at a pace dictated by whatever sinister forces are put into play. And, maybe accelerated, when we take action to uncover the hidden truth. But Toto is not going to pull back the curtain and reveal the Wizard. I wish it was that simple. 

As for a rift, I did use that term intentionally. (Thank you for noticing.) We live in a divided society. If you can’t see the wedge driven between our cultures, the chasm being opened between racial groups and social structures by the diabolical trinity of evil -- government, media, academia -- then you’re blind to the reality we live in. Take one look at France burning right now and tell me how “love, forgiveness and respect” are any part of that. Love, forgiveness and respect are a great way to be a good person. But it won’t save you from the asshole on the corner with blackjack and an addiction problem. It won’t save you from a Muslim horde hell bent on burning your local church. It won’t save you or your business from a Burn, Loot and Murder riot. It won’t save you, your family or your house from a gaggle of Antifa marauders terrorizing the neighborhood. When any of that happens, nobody is coming to save you. You’ll either do it yourself, or you’ll be another victim who wrongly thought shining a light into the darkness would take the darkness out of whatever is waiting there.

If you’re a Christian, then you know Jesus said to, “Turn the other cheek.” This is the same Jesus who violently ejected the bad guys from the Temple. The trick is knowing when to do which. I try to live by some simple rules: First, be part of the solution. If you can’t be part of the solution, at least don’t be part of the problem. Second, if you’re wrong, admit it. Third, if you’re right, stand your ground. These help me through every long, stressful day at the factory. These simple rules can be summed up in the non-aggression principle, “Do no harm; but take no shit.” 

Aristotle said, “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” Advising someone not to consume any information that doesn’t meet some hypothetical, unorthodox requirements doesn’t make any logical sense. For one thing, how are we supposed to know what’s in it if we don’t read or watch it? Failing to study the opposition is like driving your car and not paying attention to any of the other drivers. To understand the enemy, they have to be studied, watched. That includes tracking their movements and activities and reading their literature. All of which can be very revealing. Besides, you can’t have a meaningful conversation without some kind of common ground; this is where common ground is found.

I use the pseudonym Johnny Watcher, because it makes the show more fun for me. I’m not afraid of anything relating to voicing my opinion in a public forum. As soon as I’m afraid to talk about something that’s important to me, then the censors and haters have won. That has nothing to do with my guests and me using show names. It’s really simple: That’s what we want to do. In the rules of journalism, basically, a person has the right to be called whatever they want to be called. We don’t refer to Kid Rock by his full name in normal news reporting. Although we may parenthetically identify him as as Robert James Ritchie (aka Kid Rock), depending on the type of story. The use of pseudonyms, to me, makes the show more interesting. I’m not trying to hide my identity and never claimed to be broadcasting from a hidden bunker somewhere. (I can wish, though.) Seriously, I have a mailbox. They know where I live.

(Really, I’m still having trouble understanding why someone who calls himself “CosmicFox” has such a malfunction with our silly pseudonyms. Also, not sure when I achieved “not real person” status. But being a positive, enlightened individual, I’ll wear it as a badge of honor; kinda like when I got kicked of Twitter for making fun of CNN.)

I don’t make any money off the Apocalypse Watch show. I do put quite a bit of time and effort into it. It’s my show. I host it every week, invite about a dozen guests, and usually have three or four dial in. We talk about things we want to talk about. No pretense at being experts on politics, diabolical conspiracies or world-dominating organizations. (Although I have been told that I come across that way sometimes.) Just regular people having a conversation. As host, I try to direct that conversation toward the subjects we cover in the pre-show chat thread. (Yes, we do some show prep. Hard to believe, I know.)
        None of us claim to be experts on the subjects we cover. On the other hand, in the last few shows, two of the guests were master electricians and well-educated electrical engineers. Myself and another guest are trained, seasoned, (real) journalists; professional observers and communicators. I hold three college degrees, in Liberal Arts, Journalism and Mass Communication and Computer Information Systems. I have written two books and countless articles for military and civilian publications. Right now, I work as an engineer in the automotive industry and journalism is a hobby. (Along with bow making, furniture building, gardening, herbs, restoring my 1966 C10 (pictured), computer gaming, electronics, programming, and martial arts.) If I’ve learned any one thing from that combination of careers and hobbies, it is that what you’re seeing is probably exactly what’s happening. I often tell inspectors who work for me, “You can see a lot just by looking.” Hiding your head in the sand doesn’t make it go away, doesn’t make it better and will, more than likely, make it that much more difficult to deal with when you have to face it.

All that being said, if you’d like to come on the show and talk with us, we’d be happy to have a conversation. Email me at with an email address or phone number and we’ll work something out. We all work 8-12 hours a day in our regular jobs so our time frame is typically early evening. 

(That means YOU, too. Anyone who’s read this far down the article, then you’re welcome to send me an email, let me know why you want to be on
the show, and we’ll take a crack at it. With the caveat that if you turn out to be a domineering, loud-mouthed, interrupting jerk, I’ll kick your ass off the air without hesitation.)

(John P. Smith is a DINFOS trained journalist living in northern Arkansas. He is host of the Apocalypse Watch and Johnny Watcher shows. Visit the website for more information and links to the most recent podcasts.