Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Keeping up the Fight:

I’ve posted a new video.  Remarkably, it is not the rambling, angst-fueled diatribe I expected to produce.  I do wander a bit, but I didn’t script it.

As a print journalist by training and disposition, I want things researched, outlined, rough-drafted, proofed and edited before I present a product to the public.  I did have a few things written down to jog my memory.  But after that, it’s a free-form, extemporaneous talk about keeping up the fight and keeping the faith.

I’m not a broadcaster, but I intend to get better at it.

Hopefully, neither of my two (2) channel subscribers will jump ship on me.  

Shout Outs:

My good friend, the 101stMonk3y.

Jthornton64:  For this little jewel of an upload that made me decide to have another go at it.