Sunday, August 04, 2019

An Open Letter to the CEO

CEO Joe,
    I read your Yammer post and participated in your survey about whether or not you should involve yourself and your opinion in societal paradigms. The Yes or No option just isn’t verbose enough for me.  So here’s my answer is: involve yourself but not our company.  If this is impossible; then stay out of the discussion.
    You’ll want to know why…in two words: Climate Change. This subject was at the top of your list of issues the move Europe into the next decade.
    Let me start off by saying this: We have done some terrible things to this wonderful planet.  Horrible and unforgivable things. Strip mines and polluted rivers; poisoned water and clear cut forests; radioactive waste dumps that will be dangerous for half a million years. We absolutely have to do better; as individuals, as businesses and as a society
Most of us just need to know what we can do to help. To do that, we need real, factual information.
    The first fact you need to be totally aware of is: You have been lied to.  The IPCC and the Climate Crisis criers are manipulating data to match their theories; not letting the theories evolve based on the data.
It’s not science.
It’s not fact. 
It is propaganda.
    How about Carbon Dioxide? Every middle school biology student knows the photosynthesis process and how vital it is to our ecosystem. So why is CO2 suddenly the enemy? The fraction of a percentage increase measured by reliable scientists has been shown to have increased plant growth across the globe. That’s a good thing! But it’s not reported that way. Because, it’s not just a war on CO2, is it? It’s a war on Carbon. As carbon-based life forms, doesn’t that essentially make it a war on us?
    “Climate Change” as preached by the U.N. and pushed by every major government is not factual information because it is not based on science fact. The “Climate Change” the UN wants us to fear is a fabrication based on corrupt, manipulated and padded data; it is a lie. If you have not researched “ClimateGate” yourself, maybe that will be a good place to start. Ten years ago, these UN-paid climate scientists, including the head climatologist, were caught red-handed manipulating data to make it match the desired profile to “prove” man-made climate disaster was a “real” thing. Quite simply, if they had to manipulate data to “prove” it, then the real data disproved it. This whole affair was quietly and quickly swept under the rug. Mainstream media almost universally refused to touch it. So, some scientists were replaced, new models were developed and the UN got on with the program of waging war on carbon-based life forms.
    And, the most recent studies (one from Finland, one from Japan) on the subject show that human output is responsible for less than 10% of the Carbon Dioxide change. (Not 10% of the CO2; 10% of the 0.02% increase or, 0.002%)  Meaning, we’re not the problem.  Here’s that data for you.
    Do you expect to see this reported on the mainstream news outlets? This is not part of The Narrative. You won’t hear the real story from mainstream sources. They’ll continue to preach disaster and apocalypse until they believe it themselves.
Climate Change criers will point to the computer models that are being used to support the theory that man-made climate change is going to destroy the ecosphere. UN scientists approved 31 models for use, out of 32 that were submitted. Those 31 models all predicted doom, gloom and apocalypse due to man-made climate crisis. And can you guess which model, when compared to actual results, hit closest to what actually happened? Well, the answer is the unapproved Russian model, which did not use the padded data fed to the other models. That model predicted exactly what happened...which was not what the doomsayer models predicted.
    Climate Change as preached by the fear-mongers in the UN and mainstream media is based on data fabricated to support a scare tactic.
It is not the catalyst through which positive change will come. The “comply or die” mentality of European (and the U.S.) governments completely misses the point. We have to change because it’s the right thing to do and because we want to; not because someone has a boot on our necks.
We have another word for compliance under duress; slavery. 
    Look at this from another angle: Have you done your own research into “Climate Change?” Or, have you listened to mainstream media and heard their cries of terror and wails of dismay? The mainstream news media (most media, regardless), are the tools of big government, globalists and intelligence agencies. The only thing you’ll hear from them is what you’re supposed to hear; and that’s more than likely not the truth. We in the alternate media field call this “The Narrative.” The Narrative is what you’re supposed to hear and, once they tell you enough times, what you will eventually come to believe.
    For every narrative; there’s an Alternate Narrative.
Research the Alternate Narrative.
NOTE: As part of my research on articles I write, I always go back and look to ensure I remember what I’m saying is correct. Not surprisingly, It’s getting harder and harder to find news articles backing up what happened with “ClimateGate.” Big tech doesn’t want us to have access to any data that doesn’t support “The Narrative.” If you do a search on this subject, at Google, most of the search results will send you to sites and expert blogs that call the whole thing a “manufactured controversy.” Basically, “The Narrative” is that it never really happened and that it was all made up. And, before you want to label me as a conspiracy theorist, please understand that term, “Conspiracy Theorist” was coined by the CIA as a derogatory term to discredit journalists and others who questioned “The Narrative” around the JFK assassination.
Just because it’s hard to believe, doesn’t make it untrue.
We as individuals, we as a company, and we as a society need to do better to protect our environment. I get that. I believe most people get that. My company is pushing solar, wind, geo-thermal and other renewable, sustainable energy sources; then I’m happy to work for a company with that kind of foresight and positive social footprint.
However, I want my company to change and move forward to a more globally responsible position of clean, renewable energy because it’s the right thing to do. Not because a group of wild-eyed scientific evangelists, UN-paid lackeys, and blatant globalists are preaching fire and brimstone if we don’t comply.
Now, should you, as the CEO of a company that controls more assets than a lot of small countries, comment on social and/or political landmines like Climate Change? Only if you have the real data and the right information. And, often, the real data, the right information, the departure from “The Narrative” will get you labeled as the bad guy, a kook, crazy, or just misinformed. It’s a choice you must make where each issue is concerned. So, if the truth will get you in trouble; then stay out of it. Likewise, if you preach “The Narrative” without the real facts, that makes you part of the problem. 
Don’t be part of the problem.

(You want to help with the environment? Send someone to stop the poison spewing out of the reactors at Fukishima. That nightmare is still a fountain of radioactive death boiling into the Pacific Ocean. It’s been more than 8 years since that incident and it’s still there. They don’t expect to be able to extract the radioactive fuel until 2021. The news media doesn’t even report on it any more. I wonder why? Don’t you?)

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Note: Added this link 7 AUG 19: Readers send me this stuff.
The testimony of Dr. Patrick Moore, founder of Greenpeace, before the U.S. Senate in 2014.

Note: Added this link 6 SEP 19: Dr. Patrick Michaels, director of the Center for the Study of Science at the Cato Institute, provides insight into the debate over climate change and the political games played to create policy.

John Nolte lists the number of times climate disasters have been predicted correctly (0) and 41 times the climate experts were wrong.

This report found that the entire world is warming twice as fast as the rest of the world.

Some Things We Learned from the 2016 Election

By John P. Smith What have we learned since the last election?

Our mainstream media has gone from journalism to activism.  They've sold out to corporate interests and (mostly) leftist ideals and unproven theories.  While I believe they’ve always been CIA lackeys (aka Operation Mockingbird) they were not, until this last election, blatant, unrepentant liars. Before now, they kept those lies hidden and covered up. Now, their hate runs so deep, they just don’t care.

Our News Media is biased. The collection of talking heads we have available to tell us the "news" is staffed with liars so full of themselves they will say anything to try to discredit Donald Trump. As they travel this path of self-destruction, they steadily erode what little trust we had in them through their unrelenting spewing of hate and disinformation. Little by little, person by person, the idiots who are still stupid enough to listen to these hatemongers will learn that they are being lied to. Eventually, they'll figure out that grabbing a sign and running into the street to protest the latest manufactured "outrage" based on a litany of lies from the asshat media to stir up hate and discontent is just a bad idea.

The News Media no longer cares about facts. They want you to hate as deeply and as openly as they do.  They believe if they say it enough, it will be true. Isn't that what happened in the 2016 election?  They believed their own bullshit to the point they didn't care about facts, or what real people were saying.  It's important to remember, no matter whether you were rooting for the wicked witch of the South or Donald Trump, the news media lied to you. They lied to all of us; whether intentionally, or because they were too blinded by their own bias to see the truth, is irrelevant. We, as a collective population, were blatantly and systematically lied to.

Please note I do not distinguish between Left, Right, Liberal, Conservative, etc. because all the mainstream flavors shovel bullshit from the same pile.

Our Search Engines are Biased.  There's plenty of information and data proving that Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. all quarantine information in search results that may have negative impacts on their corporate views. The Open Source search engine DuckDuckGo claims to be independent of this kind of behind-the-scenes bias. 

Our Social Media is biased. Facebook is the worst example of media bias ever seen (other than CNN and (maybe) Pravda.) If anyone should be on trial for interfering with the election, it should be the asshats at Facebook who wrote code specifically to filter out negative news around Hillary Clinton and her evil cohorts. Remember Pizzagate? Remember how fast and furious even the most "open" networks shut down any information on that subject? (I'm looking at you Reddit!) They claimed it was "fake news" and wouldn't allow comment on it. At the same time, they allow any and all "hate news" centered on Donald Trump.  That's outright censorship and political bias.

We've learned our public educational institutions are flagrantly biased and the faculty are not interested in educating our youth based on facts and critical thinking. They instead want to push their socialist ideals rather than encourage study of them. Your children are trapped in these institutions that no longer teach them how to think; only what to think. Why is Common Core math so convoluted and stupid? Because they want your children to depend on the government to do math for them. Any idiot can do a little 4th Grade math and figure out how bad she's getting screwed when she gets what's left of her check. So, the trick is to stop teaching real math in the 3rd Grade.