Sunday, March 27, 2022

Are Shortages Going to Continue?

 By John P. Smith

Independent Journalist

March 15, 2022

Heber Springs, Arkansas

Shortages are coming. We’re already seeing this in our local stores here in Arkansas.

I don’t want to sound like a fearmonger, but this isn’t a theory. This is happening now. Clearly, a lot of people are also seeing it. In the last few days, I’ve been to a half dozen stores in my area and nearby towns. I found home canning jars, rings and seals gone from the shelves. That’s because a lot people are seeing what’s coming and they’re getting prepared. This happened last year, too. The stores which usually keep home canning supplies on-hand can’t keep the shelves stocked. 

This is the time of year when those stores put out the canning supplies. People who intend to grow gardens also make preparations to preserve the food they grow. However, my experience over the last few years is that, normally, the retailers can keep the shelves stocked. This year, they can’t.

That’s a sign that observant people are making plans. The canning supplies are not the only items in short supply around here.

A colleague of mine was complaining she could not find spaghetti noodles at Walmart. I went to my local Walmart and, there was plenty of spaghetti, but the remaining shelves were almost clear of other types of noodles.  My guess is that they got in a truck with spaghetti noodles, but before they did, the other noodles were all bought out.

I can’t find canned potatoes at the Dollar General. I’ve been buying the 2 for $1 canned potatoes at the DG for years. And suddenly, they’re not available anymore. The label is on the shelf, but no cans. Beside it, a few cans of mixed vegetables, beans and corn pushed to the front of the shelf to make it look full.  It’s not. It’s almost empty.

I spoke to the manager of the DG as he was stocking. “Shelves were pretty empty this weekend, did you get a truck in?” He said, “Yeah, we got a truck. But it was last week’s truck. This is getting crazy.”

Canned meat shelves are getting sparse. It’s not that they’re completely empty. Also, things like spinach and turnip greens seem to be in good supply. (Does anybody actually eat that stuff…) But meats, corn, beans and potatoes are not nearly as well-stocked as they once were. 

Sam’s Club is out of canned green beans, beef stew and chicken flavored ramen.  Walmart is out of canned biscuits in at least 3 counties. Walmart has it’s own trucks and distribution systems. If they can’t get this stuff, who can? Saturday, the Dollar General store near my house was OUT of milk. There was one carton of Lactose Free Almond Milk. (That’s what it said.)

I point out these admittedly small anomalies as indicators of a bigger system problem.

This is only the beginning. I believe things will get worse. This is a play by the ruling elite to keep squeezing us until we ask for “the government to do something.” This is the Hegelian Dialectic in action. Create a problem; wait for the population to demand to government do something; offer a solution with a price attached.

All of this was happening before Russia walked into Ukraine. Don’t believe the propaganda that it’s because of the war. This was already happening. The war is going to exacerbate the existing issue because our farmers are about to have a 30-percent increase in overhead. That’s because Russia produces two-thirds of the world’s fertilizer.  Right now, it’s prime growing season, and they’re not exporting any. So what’s left on the shelves is growing more and more expensive. And these prices haven’t even been passed on to the consumer yet. 

The consumer, you and me, won’t see these price hikes until the end of this year or early next year. I expect prices to continue to rise and supplies to dwindle even earlier as fuel prices soar and the availability of transport, drivers and labor continues to falter.

This is going to get ugly -- and almost nobody is talking about it. Or, worse, preparing for it. Or worse still, trying to prevent it. The world governing elites and their Washington D.C. sycophants don’t appear to give one single flying fartcicle that this is coming down. The COVID op is falling apart and the truth of the vaccines is coming out. So, all the media and government is focused on drawing all our attention to the Ukraine. The current psyop is to love Ukraine and hate Russia. Don’t fall for it.  

Not one person who might be able to make a difference is even acknowledging there’s a coming food shortage. (UPDATE: 25 MAR 22 -- Biden actually came out and said this in one of his rambling, nearly unintelligible Press Briefings.) That’s intentional. These people, these elites who want to exert more control over us, these sorry excuses for humans, want us hungry and desperate. When we have to feed our families and can’t afford to buy food, then we’ll do whatever they want, work wherever they tell us, and take whatever they “give” us. It’s ugly and it’s going to get worse.

What can you do? Get some canned meats and vegetables NOW. When you go to the store, spend an extra $10 on canned goods, a pound of rice and bag of flour. Get some SEEDS and plant them. Start in Styrofoam cups or seeding trays and get those plants growing.  Things that grow fast and a lot: Squash, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Peppers, Beans, Peas, Potatoes. (If you don’t know how to grow potatoes, get a book or get on the internet; there are literally dozens of videos showing how to grow potatoes in the ground, in buckets or even burlap bags.) 

I’m not saying I’m ready. Far from it. But the sooner we get started, the better we’ll ride out this storm. Seriously, if you haven’t started already, you’re way behind.  I haven’t worked a real garden since I was a kid back in the ‘70s. Dad and Grandpa always had a big garden because that was what we ate most of the time. 

Growing your own food, even on a balcony or in your backyard, will help offset the high prices and scarcity I believe we’re about to experience. We have become accustomed to buying everything we need from local stores. In the overall history of the planet, that’s much like air conditioning and toilet paper, it’s kind of a new thing. We do it because it’s easy. And, if you live in a metropolitan area, it’s a necessity because there’s limited ground to grow anything. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Use whatever space you have to grow something. Get that storage cache up and running. Don’t forget to put aside some water.

And now, for my final thought, my paranoid speculation of the day: People will do things they normally wouldn’t do to feed their families. For instance: Trade (turn in) their guns for food. 

Just something to think about.

Saturday, March 05, 2022

The SOTU From Someone Who Lives In It

By John P. Smith
Independent Journalist

The Biden administration puked out what they called the State of the Union address March, 1 2022. His administration didn’t even bother with a SOTU in 2021. In response, I’ll offer my view on the state of the union based on the views of someone actually living in it.  (Note: the Biden administration offered up the SOTU, not Joe Biden -- that geriatric Alzheimer victim can’t find his own ass with both hands.)

Let’s start with Ukraine. I’m not a fan of Vladimir Putin. But I remember a decade or so ago, when the world had the G8, and during the talks, Putin was the only person in the room making any sense. So they kicked Russia out and became the G7. Now, when the former KGB thug is the only person in the room full of world leaders making any sense; something’s definitely wrong. And while Putin is a WEF trained persona, I don’t believe he’s fully on-board with the whole Globalist Ideal.


One of the things we’re not being told about this whole crisis is how the Ukrainian government has relentlessly terrorized and harassed the Russian-speaking people of the Donbas regions that are up for annexation as Russian satellites. Those people want to be part of the Russian Federation. And with good reason. They need protection from the ruthless regime in Kiev. I’ll bet that part of the story hasn’t made the news most people watch. 


The Biden administration wanted the Ukraine conflict. They needed a distraction from all the other failing narratives they’ve been using to usurp and destroy western civilization. The lies are being revealed, the narratives are coming unraveled. Let’s look at the COVID op, the Durham probe, the 2020 election fiasco, Biden’s dealings with Ukraine, in particular, and the U.S. in general. 




The COVID narrative is blowing up in a big way. It’s becoming more and more clear that we were played by big pharma, big tech, big media and big government. The "big cabal" of censorship and tyrannical over-reach was aimed at one person -- Trump. The way the facts are falling even suggests Donald Trump was deliberately infected with the original virus in an attempt to declare him unfit for the Office of the President. It’s easy to just brush that off as a silly conspiracy theory, but don’t do it. As more facts and data are uncovered, the more likely it appears to be the case. 


And let’s not forget what else we’ve learned in the last month or so: (These are just the few I can remember at the moment. And, yes, it’s a laundry list of lies and deceit, but that’s the best way to present it in short form.)


  • The “Lab Leak” theory that was so harshly censored by the legacy and social media "fact checkers" turns out to be exactly what happened.

  • We’ve discovered that the vaccine conglomerates (Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, et. al.) had vaccines patented long before they were needed.

  • The vaccines are increasingly shown to be ineffective and, in fact, more dangerous than the COVID itself. The data, now being uncovered, reveals a frightening increase in abnormal deaths in persons under 60 who took the vaccines.

  • Seriously, if you can still catch the disease and still spread the disease -- it’s not a vaccine.

  • The CDC, a tax-payer funded government entity, had one job: To protect us from a pandemic like we just suffered through. They failed miserably. So much so, that they have recklessly and maliciously falsified their own data to push the pandemic narrative and hide the real facts about the efficacy of the vaccines.

  • The CDC continues to hide the results of the safety trials of the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, proving they’re in bed with big pharma and do not put the interests of the general public first.

  • The CDC, DHS no longer track “COVID” deaths. Though when they did, any medical institutions reporting a “COVID-related” death received financial recompense. This created an environment of systemic fraud where practically every death was determined to be “COVID Related.” And, therefore, the numbers reported by the CDC were horribly inflated to make the so-called “pandemic” look much worse than it actually was. 

  • Unvaccinated individuals were vilified and scorned as the source of infection in the vaccinated. Even though anyone with a functioning brain understands that makes no sense, it was nonetheless the narrative. “The Pandemic of the Unvaccinated.”  This turned out the be the cornerstone of the “vaccine passport” movement. The WHO just announced they have a world-wide plan for vaccine passports. So, even though we are aware of the con job, the world elites are moving forward with it.

  • Legacy and social media, in collusion with big government, vilified and suppressed known over the counter preventive therapies such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. In some states, doctors could lose their certifications for prescribing these well-know, historically proven therapies.

  • Doctors who dared buck the system and recommend these decades-old treatments were publicly humiliated by the media and fired for having the audacity to think for themselves.

  • Without the benefit of preventive therapies, nobody can ever really know how many people died from the COVID when they could have been saved through early intervention. This blood is on the hands of the complicit media, the CDC, the NHS, various state governments and big pharma for withholding these inexpensive preventive measures in order to push their vaccines.

  • The conspiracy crowd isn’t wrong to think that maybe the big cabal is deliberately trying to kill a lot of people. Maybe this is exactly what it looks like: Mass murder.


Just these few facts now being revealed should horrify American citizens to learn that legacy and social media, in collusion with big government and big pharma framed a narrative of divisiveness and fear to get as many people as they could to take a vaccine that doesn’t work. Doesn’t that sound like exactly the kind of conspiracy the tinfoil-hat crowd has been harping about all these years?


Yes. It sounds exactly like that. Only, it’s not a theory; it’s what happening and we’re living through it.


As all this comes to light, a good European crisis turns out to be exactly what the Biden administration needs to distract people from the truth. What is it that they don’t want us talking about?




  • The Durham special counsel.

    • There’s no longer any doubt who colluded with the Russians: Hillary Clinton, Obama, the FBI, the DOJ and the legacy media worked hand-in-hand to falsely accuse Donald Trump of election fraud.

    • As the ever-increasing data continues to reveal, these people and entities were working with the Russians in what can only be called a seditious conspiracy to overthrow the President of the United States.

    • No, no, no, they really don’t want you looking at any of that stuff -- watch the disaster in Ukraine instead.

    • (What’s really disturbing about this whole thing is that a good portion of the American people won’t even care what was done, as long as it was done to Trump. Sedition, scandal creation, good old fashioned treason -- the end justifies the means as long as the target is Trump.)




  • More and more data is revealed every week about how the 2020 election was, in fact, stolen.

    • The legacy media completely ignores this data because they were part of the fraud that allowed it to happen. Yet, through alternative media, word still gets out.

    • Wisconsin, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Michigan have all started internal state investigations into the 2020 election debacle. Thus far, the revealed data is damning to Biden, democrats and many state officials.

    • That’s what little information actually gets out. Democrats at the local, state and national levels are doing everything they can to suppress, impede and block any investigations into the elections.

    • The election machine companies (Dominion, ES&S, etc.), contractors, and employees are refusing to cooperate and turn over data. Data has been “lost,” or deliberately erased on several occasions, or requests are simply ignored or outright denied. Which begs the question, “If you’ve nothing to hide; why are you hiding it?”

    • The real bitch here is that it’s really too late to do anything about changing the administration to the party which actually won. But it’s not too late to start putting people in jail.




  • A few other items of interest you definitely shouldn’t be interested in:

    • The defunding of the police while at the same time trying to turn them into jack-booted thugs. This whole perversion of the role of law enforcement is a shit stain on the shirt tail of the Biden administration.  It’s not going away and it stinks. Dozens of Democrat-run states and municipalities are backtracking on this idea as fast as they can due to horrific increases in crime.

    • Another stinking stain on this administration’s cloak of many colors is the former and current support -- or lack of law enforcement -- concerning the antics of BLM and Antifa.

    • The surveillance and persecution of outspoken citizens as domestic terrorists. (The message: You support the narrative or you’re one of the bad guys.)

    • The whole slop bucket of gender fluidity and competitive sports. 

    • Biden’s cognitive abilities … or lack thereof.

    • The border crisis. Ignored by the legacy media. Still a major problem for people actually living through the influx of illegals. The Biden administration is concerned about Ukraine's borders but doesn't even address the huge problem on our southern flank.

    • The inflation rate under the Biden administration nearing 10-percent. And that’s what we’re told. Anybody who can do simple math can take the price of anything from 2019 and compare it to 2022 and see that the rate is much higher than the 7.5-percent we’re being told. This has nothing to do with the Ukraine crisis. It was already happening before that conflict caught fire.

    • The ever-increasing price of energy, specifically, gas. When I bought my truck in 2019, I could fill it up for about $50. Now it costs more than $80. Again, that is not a result of anything happening in the Ukraine. Already a problem before any of that started. However, this is one area where the conflict will begin to show, as gas (energy) prices will continue to rise.

    • Approximately 20-percent of the population can no longer pay their energy bills.

    • Hunter and Joe Biden’s dealings with Ukraine. The administration would love nothing more than to have all those records of corruption and graft destroyed by a well-placed Russian cruise missile.

    • Interesting Ukraine crisis fact: The Biden Administration is all about sanctions on Russia -- except for oil. We’re still buying, and paying, for some 800,000 barrels of oil a day from Russia. That’s right. We’re still paying them and buying their oil while the administration and media rail against the evil aggressors laying waste to Ukraine.

    • Supply chain disruptions and material shortages. All this was happening, and getting worse before the Ukraine crisis. Don’t believe it’s a new thing. While the number of ships waiting to unload in L.A. has dropped below 100, they still have an average of an 18-day wait before being serviced.

    • Food Shortages: This hasn’t really been an issue yet. But look at the shelves of your local food store and take note of those things that are out of stock or in short supply. Canned meat specifically.

    • Russia is a major exporter of two things: Oil and Fertilizer. We will feel the effects of this soon enough.

    • With the midterm elections looming on the horizon, some states have suddenly seen the science and are dropping vaccine passports and mask mandates (Oregon). Meanwhile, others continue to push the narrative. New York ends the state mask mandate March 7, but New York City will continue to enforce the local requirements for businesses, schools and individuals. 

    • Rampant fraud in the use of COVID relief funds in many states. Millions of dollars unaccounted for and, many states not even reporting it.

    • The outright attack and vilification of white people as the enemy of society.

    • The U.S. Trucker’s Freedom Convoy currently on the way to Washington, D.C. Anybody seen or heard anything about this growing national movement? Not from the legacy media, you haven’t.



That’s quite a list. I stopped before (maybe after) it got too long for anybody to care. I empathize with the citizens of the Ukraine, and with the soldiers on both sides of that conflict. None of them want to be there, either. The point is, the Ukraine conflict is exactly the crisis this administration needed to deflect folks from seeing what’s going on in this country.