Monday, October 31, 2016

When this is Over

The pattern of corruption in the mainstream media is clear.
The bias for the Clinton campaign is blatant and unapologetic.
We all see it; Those who support it and those of us appalled by it.
When this is all over, we the people must call for the heads of the rat bastards who are lying to us through the media.
These people -- former journalists now political hacks -- have entered into an incestuous relationship with corrupt government officials to systematically purge the truth from the record based on their political viewpoints.
These pompous asshats believe they can tell us whatever they choose and we'll buy it. They're half right; about half the people either believe it or just don't care.
The rest of us are getting pissed. The editors, the newscasters, the journalists, the producers, the publishers and every last corrupt politician -- all of them -- must be called to account for what they have done and have tried to do in this election. They've taken their responsibility to report the truth in as unbiased fashion as possible and used it as a weapon of deception against us to advance their personal agendas.
They need to be brought down: Fire them all.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Voting out of Fear? You're Doing it Wrong

I vote what I believe.

I don't believe the retards who jacked everything up need to be left in power to fix it. They won't do that; they will not hold themselves or their cronies responsible. 

Trump is not a good alternative to the usual criminal politicians we see paraded before us for our support. No matter how much you want him to be otherwise, Trump is the GOP candidate.

We've been through this for decades. The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Do you know why the Dems and the Reps fight so hard (work together!) to keep a third party out of the debates? Because most of us who actually think for ourselves have figured out who is at fault for the ridiculous state of our government: we are.

We ultimately put those people in there, and we let them take and take and take. I won't vote for the lesser evil -- that is still a vote for evil. Mostly, I won't vote for either of those people because we have a better choice: Gary Johnson.

Don't give me the "it's a vote for Hillary " bullshit, either. Its a vote for Johnson. I've voted Libertarian for the last 12 years; neither Trump nor Clinton ever had my vote. 

The problem, as I see it, is fear: Trump supporters vote for Trump because they are afraid. Clinton supporters vote for Clinton because they are afraid of Trump being president.

Every other person voting who doesn't want Hillary, is voting for Trump out of fear and vice versa.

My question: Do you attend church out of fear? Or out of Love? Why would you support something you don't really believe in because you're more afraid of something else? For example, say you're given a choice to attend a Catholic church or a Synagogue. You must choose one, because you're told to be afraid -- FEAR! -- of one faction getting too many supporters and running the school boards and dictating business practices. What do you choose? Who do you support? You MUST choose because you're told to BE AFRAID!

That really is a negative way to do things. Why would you even bother with either of those when what you really want to do is go to a Baptist church?

Voting for Trump because you're afraid of Hillary is not different; not is voting for Hillary because you're afraid Trump. You are letting your fear control you.

If everyone would vote what they actually want, not against what they're afraid of, things would actually change.