Sunday, November 15, 2009

Strange Days

Humble Pie, a weird 70's rock group, has a song called Strange Days. I understand it better now. Sometimes your world just doesn't work right. When that happens, decisions must be made and implemented. What all these changes boil down to is that, after 10 years of study and instruction, I'm going to stop teaching Jujitsu. I studied nearly five years getting my black belt and certification. Now, after nearly five years of having my own dojo -- I'm calling it quits. I haven't had Mondays free for that whole time, so it'll be a nice change. Why now? I'm working full time, working on two books (one as editor and one I'm writing) and going to school full time. I'm buried up. I can use the extra time to get some homework done.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Checking in 2009

Haven't posted in nearly a year.
No bother, no one reads it anyway.
The economy is still in shambles, but the government says it's getting better. You can tell by all the money they're giving away to big corporations that floundered and failed while us working pukes are still paying our taxes. I wonder when anyone with a little influence in the government is going to figure out that if they send all the work to China, no one here will be able to buy the products they're making over here. We'll have boatloads of cheap junk waiting in queues at the ports because the companies that ordered it can't afford to get it off the ships and no one can even afford to buy cheap Chinese made clothing because all the jobs are in the Far East. It'll be even funnier when we discover it's cheaper to just dump the cargo in the bay than send it back to China.