Friday, June 10, 2022

Are You Mad Yet?

By John P. Smith

Independent Journalist

Are you pissed yet?

I know I am.

But I don’t want to be pissed. I want to be angry.

Oh, and I am. It’s a deep, smoldering coal fire in the pit of my being just waiting to be fanned into a burning hot rage. But not yet. Let that anger simmer. Let it temper your spirit and harden your resolve. Don’t let it be a liability, pushing you to rash decisions. Make it part of your strength. Focus it on the issue, the enemy, the problem. Channel that anger-fueled energy into indirect action that is preparation for more direct action.

Use it to get ready. 

I can’t tell anyone how they should feel about anything.

But I can tell everybody those things that make me angry. 

  • Unceasing attacks on the Second Amendment. Democrats and liberals want our guns. More correctly, they don’t want us to have them. Think about how they’re power-hungry control freaks now and imagine how they’ll treat us when our only options are to yell really loud and look mean while they kill us with our own weapons. These bastards control the government, the media, the economy, the military and most of the major cities. But because so many of us have personal weapons, we create a buffer zone, have a dampening effect, on what they want to do and what they can actually get away with. We cannot give them up with out a fight.

  • The weaponization of the NIH and CDC. The WHO colluding with China and kissing the CCP’s ass while people were dying of a flu created in a Chinese lab. Everyone with a single working brain cell knows the pandemic was a scam and the major focus of the scam was to get people to take a vaccine. A vaccine that isn’t a vaccine; you can still catch the virus and still transmit the virus. Ergo, not a vaccine. The political, professional, media and social media attacks on doctors and health professionals who dared question the narrative tell the story. How many deaths were caused by medical administrators blocking early treatment with drugs that were known to work – hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin? Why block known prophylactic therapies? Because they didn’t want to cure the disease; they wanted it to hurt as much a possible. And force us to take an injection that has turned out to be part of the problem.

  • Election Fraud at the presidential level. People keep harping on how, “Trump won that election!” I keep correcting them, “Trump lost because the Democrats cheated.” Regardless of the results, we now have overwhelming proof that the fix was in to put Biden in the Whitehouse. Also overwhelming proof that the Department of Justice, the Supreme Court and most Secretaries of State are ok with that result, as long as it got Trump out of Washington. We cannot let this happen again, now that we know these people are capable of it. If it takes armed guards monitoring the drop boxes, then that’s what needs to happen.

  • Inflation and rising fuel prices due to intentional economic malfeasance. I’m now paying twice as much for fuel and almost that much for food because of the moronic buffoonery of the current administration. Start pumping oil you nitwits! This isn't an accident. It's intentional to make U.S. citizens uncomfortable and unhappy.

  • The usurpation of the criminal media by the DNC. Turning a once-respected institution with a long-standing reputation for truthful reporting into a world-wide laughing stock carrying an unsurmountable credit deficit. All they’re good for any more is spewing propaganda filled with hate and divisiveness. As a former member of the media, to me, it’s heart-breaking and infuriating that this has happened to one of our most powerful tools for maintaining our freedom through calling out government bullshit.

  • Holding political prisoners and targeting voices of dissent. The January 6 political prisoner debacle is shameful and frightening. That our degenerate, corrupt government has to unconstitutionally hold people for years without a trial for nothing more than non-violent trespass tells the story of exactly how worried they are about people who don’t support the agenda. This witch hunt is led by the Unselect Committee of political thugs. These are essentially the same group who brought you the now fully debunked and discredited Russian Collusion Hoax, the Mueller Investigation and two moronic impeachment trials. Make no mistake; these are political prisoners; they're doing anything to keep Trump out of office and these poor schmucks got caught up in for touring a government building.

  • The weaponization of the Department of Justice for partisan political power. The current illegitimate administration only has to point and the DOJ will take down anybody who voices dissent. It’s clear the fake Biden administration, the corrupt FBI, and Department of Homeland Security are not averse to targeting individuals who rock the boat and speak out against the narrative. Here’s a quick list of some who’ve been targeted and jailed for voicing an opinion the administration disagrees with:

    • Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn -- entrapped by the FBI and prosecuted based on the lies of Federal Agents.

    • Carter Page  -- entrapped by the FBI and prosecuted based on the lies of Federal Agents.

    • Roger Stone -- DHS (FBI) sent more than 30 armor-clad FBI agents, including scuba divers, a tank and a CNN news crew, to wake up a 70-year-old man at 5 a.m. and put him in cuffs for the cameras.

    • Julien Assange -- persecuted and imprisoned for having the audacity to print information handed to him by a DNC staffer. He did nothing unlawful. All he did was accept a willingly transmitted file. You can bet, as soon as the FBI, DHS, CIA, DNC get him in a jail cell in Washington, he’ll suffer an Episteinesque suicide.

    • Steve Bannon -- Calling out bullshit every day. Now being indicted by the J6 committee, even though he wasn’t one of the tourists.

    • James O’Keefe -- Project Veritas has been shoving truth up the ass of the administration for several years. And now, he’s suffering FBI raids and DHS surveillance. All for telling the truth.

    • Tim Pool -- Raid after raid by the police and FBI. All for telling it like he sees it.

    • Peter Navarro -- Arrested for refusing a subpoena to the J6 committee. He wasn’t even in Washington that day. But he’s had the audacity to call bullshit on the J6 fiasco and so suffered a public cuffing and shackling to put him in his place. This is a 72-year-old retired economics professor, but the administration doesn’t even care about that.  They’re showing everyone what will happen if you buck the narrative.

Plenty to be angry about. This is a short list. I could make a more lengthy list, but that’s not the point.  I know why I’m angry. Do you know why you are? Focus on it; use it.

Direct that angry energy into thoughtful, directed, deliberate action. Prepare yourself. Prepare your family. If you don’t have emergency food, a fresh water supply and weapons you are familiar with, you’re already way behind.

Get yourself ready.  Practice.  Practice.  Practice.  With guns. With knives. With clubs. With your bare hands. Grow your own food.

Practice saying, “NO! You cannot search my house.”

Practice saying, “NO! I will not hand over my firearms.”

Practice saying, “NO! I will not comply!”


We all need to use the anger as a lever to raise us up from lethargy.

No one is coming to save us. I figured this out on my own. You should, too. I’m going to have to save myself. You’re going to have to save yourself. Ironically, we can’t do it alone. No one is coming to save us, but working together, we can save ourselves.

Focus that anger and be ready.