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Is There Anybody Out There, Part 2: Answering the Call

 Is There Anybody Out There? Part 2: Answering the Call

Author’s note: A few weeks ago, I wrote an article postulating my belief about an underground organization of patriots forming in cells across the country in preparation for the expected usurpation of the 2024 election. That article, Is There Anybody Out There?, Part 1, is available on my blog, Reality Cheques: Is There Anybody Out There? 

By John P. Smith

Apocalypse Watch Editor

What can I expect when I join my fellow patriots in an armed resistance to the current tyrannical, evil, deep-state-controlled regime?

In short; hardship, chaos and hell.

I end every podcast with the words: “Remember, we’re all in this together. We have to take care of each other. Nobody stands alone.”

Everyone is watching the Indictment of Trump, knowing it’s a ploy by the established government to get him out of the presidential race in 2024. I wrote an article a few weeks back stating I believe an underground organization is forming to deal with the aftermath of the 2024 election. I haven’t heard from them and, probably, neither have you; but they’re out there, forming one small pocket at a time. When we all finally come together, our evil government will know the real meaning of insurrection. Remember, a revolution is an insurrection until it’s successful.

Being successful in such an endeavor will require teamwork and cooperation. I can’t do it by myself and neither can anybody else. We have to work together. Sure, we can all be doing our own thing, for now. But when the time comes, we will each have to become part of a larger whole to make the changes that need to happen. It’s not going to be easy and it’s not going to be pretty. 

This job falls to us because nobody is coming to save us. We have to do it ourselves.

When we get the call to join our fellow patriots in stopping the rise of tyranny from our national leadership, we need to be ready. Keep in mind, I’m not an expert on wilderness survival or grand overall strategy. I was a Staff Sergeant and a journalist in the military. So I’m vaugely familiar with small unit tactics, command structure and supply chains. As such, I can only tell you what I’m doing to be ready for the call. Anybody reading this who has better ideas, get them out there so we’re all on the same page in dealing with what is sure to be a horrific, frightening, bloody fight for survival.

Here’s what I think we need, as a minimum, to be ready:

At Home: Have an emergency food and water supply. Individual needs will depend on who you have to take care of in addition to yourself. If I get the call to aid the effort, I’m going to want to make sure my family is taken care of while I’m gone. Take care of your family, be prepared for at least a month without any source of food, water or power when they’re told to “shelter in place.” Or, when the government uses your family as a weapon against you.

What if I don’t make it back? Better have a plan for that, too.  

Those who answer the call: At the beginning, I believe it’ll be bring what ya got.

I recommend every individual intending to respond have the following:

Handgun: 9mm or 45 ACP with two or three spare clips and as much ammo as you think you can carry on your person for five miles. Probably 50 rounds.

Semi-automatic rifle: Chambered in a standard round, 7.62x39 mm or 5.56x45 mm and as many rounds of ammunition you think you can carry for five miles. Assuming a 20-30 round magazine, three loaded mags, one in the weapon and two spares, and enough to reload each one time. Somewhere between 120 and 180 rounds. (I just ran into this article on preparing for rifleman duty. The author says have 6 or 7 mags. As a Marine tactical instructor, he’s probably more right than I am. Research and practice, people.)

Shotgun: For home use. A pump or semi-automatic 12-gauge shotgun and as many rounds of 01 or 00 buckshot ammunition you can afford. This weapon stays at home with your family. Make sure you’re family understands how it works and knows how to use it. Don’t just go over it with them one afternoon and think it’ll be good to go. Take them out and have them practice with it as many times as possible. That goes for you, too. Be familiar with your weapons. Ensure they’re sighted for accuracy, cleaned and well-maintained. Practice so that you know how the weapon reacts, how you react to the weapon and can swap mags, clear jams and transport it safely.

Backpack: You’ll want a military grade backpack and, probably, a tactical vest or belt. The average weight of the gear carried by U.S. Marine Infantry is between 100 and 135 pounds. That’s a hell of a load. And we’re not Marines, are we? (Not all of us, anyway. I was in the Air Force!)

You’re going to have to carry your own weight. You’ll want enough food, water and clothing for three days. An emergency medical kit. Some good boots: Not tennis shoes or slip on comfort soles. Good, leather, lace-up, water-resistant boots. Whatever else you decide will be necessary; remember, you're going to carry it. Don’t bring canned goods. They’re heavy, noisy and unwieldy. Buy some MREs from the local surplus store, or order some online. 

And, practice. Don’t put your kit together and shove it in a closet thinking you’re good to go. You are not. Spend some weekends and afternoons carrying all of it. Walk a mile wearing it. Evaluate your performance, make necessary changes, and do it again. I understand it may be problematic to walk around the neighborhood armed like a stormtrooper. I drive to a friend’s farm 30 miles away to do my thing. Because of that, I also know someone who thinks and practices just like me.

Enough lecturing. Anyone who doesn’t get the picture by now doesn’t want to.

We’re going to have to save ourselves.

Trump will either win or lose the next election, but we’re the team that’s going to have to solve the actual problem. If he loses, it’s sure to be because of cheating, just like in 2020. Only better, because they really know how to do it, now. If he wins, the deep state will deploy their terrorist cells of Antifa, BLM and anybody else they have on the payroll to start burning, looting and murdering. We will have to deal with that, as well, because there’s nobody else to do it.

Which brings up one last thing. They will come for you and your family. Our evil government now has more armed agents than we have troops in the Marine Corps. They have a good reason for all that firepower: You and me.

When I go, I can only assume they will come for my family. I do not take this as a reason not to answer the call; It is the reason I’m going to answer. I fully expect my bank accounts to be locked. My pensions to be stopped. My water and power to be cut off. And my family to harrassed, interrogated and possibly even kidnapped and interred because I’m willing to put myself on the line to fight tyranny.

 I don't write these things to scare people. You should already be scared, knowing that your government doesn't give a single flying fartcicle about you. We're nothing to them but revenue streams and slave labor. Knowing that if you don't toe the line and do as you're told, you're considered part of the problem and will be corrected or eliminated.

If the government we pay to protect and defend us is so degenerate, immoral, and evil that they will go after the families of people who disagree with them, then that’s not the government we want.  It’s time to change it.

And don’t think that they don’t know who you are and where you live: You have a mailbox.

(John P. Smith is a DINFOS trained journalist living in northern Arkansas. He is host of the Apocalypse Watch and Johnny Watcher shows. Visit the website for more information and links to the most recent podcasts.

Monday, June 05, 2023

NASA Hilariously "Comes Clean" on UFOs

By John P. Smith
Editor, Apocalypse Watch News

The headlines read: NASA Comes Clean in UFO Hearings!

Anybody who has done any research into the UFO phenomena will have a one-word response to the content of the headlines and the articles about the U.S. government disclosing information on actual UFO phenomena: Bullshit!

We’re talking about NASA and UFOs. NASA comes clean on UFOs…hilarious. Anyone who frequents the alternate-narrative threads on the internet knows NASA stands for Never A Straight Answer. They don’t talk about UFOs, much less answer questions about them. The FAA has historically denied any evidence of unexplained aerial phenomena and has destroyed careers and evidence to maintain that denial.  And, of course, the Department of Defense has sponsored several investigations and studies with the express purpose of “debunking” and denying any such activity.

I always like to have at least two sources for anything I report or write about. A search reveals The Daily Mail, CNN, ABC and a plethora of UK and other world-wide articles on this “historic” conference. I wouldn’t call any of these sources credible, but they are what I have.

What I’ve found in most of the articles is a tongue-in-cheek approach to the whole UFO subject. Something we should all be familiar with. The claims by NASA, DOD and the FAA that they are shocked, mystified, that such phenomena even exists is what is so funny about the whole thing. After 80 years of UFO secrecy and denial, the idea that these organizations suddenly believe is both mystifying and stupid. 

Don’t believe it. My message to NASA, the FAA, the DOD, and the CIA: Stop lying to us. Go back, try it again, and don’t treat us like we’re idiots.

Let me get a bit of a rant on.

These government talking heads and “experts” got on a stage and showed us some grainy footage of a grainy blob in the crosshairs of what has to be the worst video game to show its face in two decades. And they’re all amazed and surprised that such footage exists. Frankly, I am shocked and amazed that they seem to think this is new. This is the U.S. Navy, or Air Force, or Marine Corps we’re talking about here. They have the best equipment in the world. Including the best cameras. Don’t think for a minute this is anything other than a slap in the face to people who want to believe and have the poor judgement to trust the government to tell them the truth.

I don’t care if this footage is real or not. The point is that it is completely useless. This is NASA and the Department of Defense, with the best equipment in the world, and they chose to show us “footage” that could have been done better with an iPhone. Real or not, this footage is meaningless and raises more questions about the competency, and honesty, of the our government than it does about the question of UFOs. There’s plenty of evidence that UFOs are real and there’s plenty of evidence the U.S. government has been hiding and covering up the data for nearly a century.

This conference and the stupid, nonsensical evidence they presented did nothing but reaffirm that our government is making disclosure noises but isn’t serious about telling us anything substantial. For instance, don’t we have satellites that can read a license plate from space? Where are all the UFO photos and footage from those miracles of modern science? They can’t show us a picture of a craft the size of a football field floating over Phoenix? Do they not have satellite imagery of one of the most well-documented UFO events of the modern era? What do you think?

End rant.

What’s the real reason these government agencies -- NASA, the FAA, and the DOD’s newly formed All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office, or AARO -- have changed their stance and decided to discuss these events in a public forum? Something in the official policy has changed. Also notable is the complete lack of any CIA input into this forum. Maybe that’s just a visible lack of input. They’re so deep in this quagmire that their secrets have secrets. My research indicates the CIA compiled and controlled almost all UFO data since the end of World War II.  Where is the Criminal Intelligence Agency while other government institutions are spilling their UAP guts?

So what changed? Why “come clean” now? My take: Fear. The COVID operation failed and they need another avenue of control over the population. UFOs may be that avenue.

What we’re seeing is the Deep State, New World Order, banking cartels laying the ground work for a UFO scare operation in the wake of the faltering, failed COVID Pandemic fiasco. At this time, only the most retarded, brain-washed, indoctrinated idiots still believe the COVID operation was an actual pandemic and not an attack on the world population with a biological weapon. Anyone who hasn’t figured this out yet, let me lay it out: The COVID was accidentally released early, so we really didn’t get the full effect, but it was much like the yearly flu. The actual biological weapon is the vaccine.