Thursday, September 24, 2020

By John P. Smith
Independent Journalist


It can’t just be me feeling impotent to do anything in the current political quagmire. The demonic left is on the attack on multiple fronts and all we can do But, we're good at it! They may be winning all the battles; but we have all cool memes!

Somehow, that’s just not enough. It is cold fare that doesn’t even take the edge off the rumbling hunger for action; the need to actually DO SOMETHING. What else can we do? What can we prepare to do, once we’ve had enough and the memes don’t work any more?

The liberals are planning to reject the election results if Trump wins. They have made this clear.  See my previous article for details. (Speculation and Preparation)

Since we know this to be the case, here’s my plan: If Donald Trump wins or loses on Nov. 4, I will accept those results. I will not accept any other result based on late-counted, mail-in ballots. I can only speak for myself.  However, I believe many like-minded men and women will feel the same way. Summary: Trump wins Nov. 4; Trump wins. Biden wins Nov. 4; Harris wins.


If leftist agitators, looters and criminals wish to contest the results of a Trump victory by taking to the streets; this will be the line in the sand. I will gather with like-minded men and women and we will take decisive action to keep our President in his rightfully won office. We will take whatever actions are necessary to remove those criminals from the streets in our cities, counties and states. 


I’m thinking we need to take this a step further. We’ve been playing defense for too long. If we want to stop the tyranny of the Democrats, then we have to stop it before it builds a full head of steam. It’s pretty clear that no one in Washington DC can do anything about it. They can’t even prosecute criminals for documented crimes.

When it is clear Trump has won the election; we take those streets. We all march out onto our blocks with our equipment ready. We dare those wanna-be badass anarchists to try and take it from us. If we see a bus load of them coming down our street, we use whatever force is necessary to march them right back where they came from. We do it with guns, knives, staves, sticks or our bare hands. We keep our street safe. And, if we’re a little too weary to get up and go to work the next day, then by god, we can take one day off.


I understand that this could turn into a complete slaughter of Americans on both sides. It will turn out that way if we are pushed to the limit. That limit, the line in the sand as noted earlier, is the Presidency -- we will not have it stolen. This is a lot like trying to burn my property or steal my stuff; if you think it’s worth your life, come try and take it.


Saturday, September 19, 2020

Speculation and Preparation

How to Prepare

By John P. Smith
Independent Journalist

I am not an expert on civil war survival.

The information below is some of how I have been getting ready.

This article is, of course, a lot of speculation. What is NOT speculation is that the Demoblivots are already laying plans and making changes to cheat and steal the coming election. Moreover, they’ve formulated plans to violently contest the results when Trump wins anyway. This is not speculation: But you have to see this for yourself to believe it. Use a non-biased search engine such as DuckDuckGo. 

  • Look up Hillary Clinton telling Joe Biden not to concede the election no matter what.

  • Look up the “Transition Integrity Project.” Integrity has nothing to do with it. This group is a liberal think tank looking for ways to usurp the results in the coming election. They’ve already started in Pennsylvania and Michigan with Democrat-controlled state supreme court rulings on how to count election ballots AFTER the election. 

  • Look up, “Liberal plans to fight election results” and read some of the articles on how militant groups intend to dispute the results with violence. 

  • Look up how mainstream and social media has already announced that they WILL NOT announce a winner on election night, even if Trump wins in a landslide. The intention is to refute the results. 

This isn’t a joke. It’s a real situation that you have to see for yourself to understand what’s coming.  Find the information above and read it. Look at it. Understand it. These are their words and their plans.

In the short term, if you’re not ready now, you may not have enough time to fully prepare. At a minimum, have food and water for a month for everyone. WWW.FEMA.GOV has an emergency supply checklist that will help jog your memory when you shop.

Their list doesn’t include firearms and ammunition. Having those will be helpful if things really go wrong. Know how to use and care for your weapons: If the fight comes to your door, leave it outside the door if you can. If the fight comes in your door; shoot until you run out of ammunition. Then you fight with whatever you have left.

My thought is that if you don’t have the following, you are already way behind:

1 rifle

1 shotgun

1 handgun

A couple hundred rounds of ammunition for each of the above.

A dozen hours of practice using each of the above.

Next: If you don’t have a month of food and a source of clean water for every person in your household right now, you’re way behind.  Why do you need this?  If the shit hits the fan and we actually break down into civil war, we will do several things immediately:  We will stop the food shipments into the liberal-run cities. We will cut their water supplies and we will take their electricity away from them. My belief is that they’ll run out of food in less than two weeks and then they’ll start eating each other. Those who don’t want to be food, will try to go to where the food is -- which is where we are. So, to keep that influx of needy bodies out of our food supply, we blow and/or barricade and guard all the bridges and patrol the rivers. We turn back, or eliminate, anybody coming across the water armed. Non-combatants will be treated as refugees. If they have a place to go that will take them (family, friends, ect.) then we’ll do our best to help them reach that destination. 

Now, while all this is going on and we’re in the process of killing each other, and the idiots in the formerly liberal-run cities are busy eating each other, it’s a good bet some of our enemies (I’m looking at you China) will consider that they may never get a better opportunity for a military incursion. It’s the whole Red Dawn scenario, but with a real possibility of it actually happening.  Imagine, if you will, that Mexico suddenly looked up at California and saw every bit of the southern part of that state in shambles with populations fleeing by the thousands.  Maybe they’d think, “Now’s the time to take some territory.” They might also look at Texas, but they know better. And Canada...just kidding...Canada...really? I guess they could take the upper peninsula of Michigan but no one would notice until the Michigan militia kick them right back up north and put out a news release.

As noted above, this is not a definitive list and I am not an expert. Much of what I’ve said here is what I have done myself. (I didn’t actually use the FEMA checklist, but everybody’s gotta start somewhere. Also, their advice on chlorine bleach is spot on.)

I've made a lot of speculation and assumption. Consider your preparations like insurance or a spare tire for your vehicle. Even if you haven't used it before; it's there when when you need it. If you're prepared to defend yourself and your family and you have a month of food and water set aside: Even if nothing happens, you still have all that insurance.

Monday, September 07, 2020

Be ready. Be prepared. Be vigilant.


By John P. Smith

Independent Journalist

    Be ready. Be prepared. Be vigilant.

    We’ve started calling the Democrats and their militant sycophants the Intolerant Left. That’s accurate. They hate us. The irony is palpable. They’re so open-minded and welcoming of nontraditional lifestyles and ideas, that they will physically beat anyone who doesn’t see things their way. Anyone who shows patriotism or support for President Donald Trump is labeled as the enemy.

    Democrat mayors and governors, either too stupid or too afraid to do their duty, have allowed their militant cohorts to act like spoiled children. They’re breaking their own toys and blaming us. I mean us. The single focal point of their hate is President Donald Trump. But they hate us, too. Because we disagree with their hate, we don’t believe it’s deserved, therefore we are also targeted.  

    The democrat lapdog media gives them all the support they can muster. It is all about repeating the narrative until everyone believes it. This is the reason Hillary Clinton lost the last presidential election. These media idiots bought into their own bullshit narrative. They started to believe it. Until the truth was revealed in the election apocalypse of 2016. Then, it turned out that no matter how often you tell yourself that lie -- it’s still a lie. And the media does nothing but lie. They don’t give a flying fart-cicle about the truth. The recent "hit piece" in The Atlantic about how the President disrespected fallen soldiers is only the latest example of outright lying. It's a lie; but it fits the narrative. Only the narrative matters because it pushes the agenda.

    What is the agenda?

    The immediate agenda is to get Donald Trump out of the White House. Once that’s accomplished, it’s on to globalism and state socialism. Their big problem is that Trump is about to win in a historically huge landslide. The Democrats know it and they’re already working to soften us up to disavow the results. Their plan is to never concede the re-election to Donald Trump. They will see this country burn first. 

     Aren’t they already doing that?

    And how do Democrat mayors or governors who are under actual physical attack by Burn, Loot and Murder still refuse to call them out for what they are: Terrorists? There’s an old saying that people would rather be wrong than admit they’ve been fooled. In this case, they’re doubling down, because they’ve certainly been fooled and they were wrong in the first place. Burn, Loot and Murder is attacking them IN THEIR HOMES and they still won’t make a move to stop them? At some point, we have to just call them stupid. They are not being held hostage; they are willingly complying with the demands of terrorists and thugs. And now that they have let it go on so long, it has metastasized into a malignant, festering cancer that will be really hard to excise.

    One positive in this whole fiasco: The Burn, Loot and Murder mob is only destroying their own cities. They have, so far, only looted cities run by democrat mayors and councils. Is it because they don’t have bus fare to get to a Republican city? Or because they know that’s a bad plan? I can’t see where burning your own home is a good plan. Especially when President Trump just canceled your Federal insurance. Idiots.

    So, let me be clear:  The ammo is completely bought up. The shelves are empty of guns. We Second Amendment supporters are welcoming a huge number of new gun owners. While you Burn, Loot and Murder thugs and Antifa Asshats were out destroying your own neighborhoods, we were busy, too: Combat boots pulled out of the back of the closet. Rifles, shotguns and handguns cleaned and polished -- after practice. Backpacks kitted and stored by the ammunition. Yeah, we’ve been quiet; but we’ve been busy.

    Post election day, when the police are told to “Stand Down” and let the losers have the streets, that’s when WE STAND UP and clear them ourselves.

    Patriots, be ready.


Wednesday, September 02, 2020

    The “Silent Majority” better stop being so silent.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease, the old adage says.

Never has that been more true than today.

    As I write this: 31 AUG 2020: A militant, vocal, dangerous and violent insurrectionist movement, led by BLM (Burn, Loot and Murder) and Antifa, but constituting a very small percentage of population, have bullied and extorted government leaders and major businesses to bow to their outrageous and unconstitutional demands:

  • Major political parties: The Democrats
  • State Governors: Washington, Oregon, New York, California
  • Mayors of major cities: Seattle, Portland, New York, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Kenosha
  • Congressmen and congresswomen: Nancy Pelosi, her low-IQ squad, and others
  • Senators: Chuck Schumer and his band of bigots
  • Big businesses: Amazon, Google, Pepsi Co., Square Enix, Toms, UbiSoft, and dozens more have donated to and “stand with” the BLM and Antifa movements.
  • Major sports leagues have “taken a knee” and bowed to this movement.

    My problem: I disagree with discrimination to the core of my being. Make no mistake; this is discrimination. The race-baiting and division comes from the protesters and their supporters. And the people and organizations listed here have jumped into that cesspool of hate and divisiveness with both feet. We can't be silent any more. Tell them what we think and how we're going to deal with this problem if it doesn't stop.

    I’ve made it easy to tell these organizations exactly how we feel about it:  Feel free to cut and paste this into your social media feeds.


    Just so that we’re clear, the following organizations will no longer receive any of my time, money, attention or patronage:

  • The National Basketball Association (NBA): I will not watch another game, in person, or on television, until this organization publicly states, “All Lives Matter.”

  • Major League Baseball (MLB): I will not watch another game, in person, or on television, until this organization publicly states, “All Lives Matter.”

  • The National Football Association (NFL): I will not watch another game, in person, or on television, until this organization publicly states, “All Lives Matter.”

  • NASCAR: I will not watch another race, in person, or on television, until this organization publicly states, “All Lives Matter.” 

  • The National Hockey Association (NHL): I will not watch another game, in person, or on television, until this organization publicly states, “All Lives Matter.” 

  • News organizations: CNN, MSDNC, ABC, CBS, NBC, Politico, Buzzfeed, the Washington Post, the New York Times, etc.  Any news organization that has gone to bed with BLM and Antifa, and/or shown outright political, racial and cultural bias and bigotry, doesn’t deserve my time, money, attention or patronage. These are disgusting, evil people who refuse to tell the truth. If you listen to what they say and you believe it; you’re part of the problem.

  • Politicians who bow and pander to the BLM and Antifa movements: Not a penny, not a minute, will I devote to you or your cause. Because you cannot be impartial and you practice discrimination and bigotry, you will be replaced.

  • The Democratic Party: These people, in league with the media, are running their election platform on hate and divisiveness. They are bullies and malcontents. Their message is if you don’t support their platform, they will beat you up, take your job and ruin your life. They hate anybody who supports the president and who doesn’t bow to their strong-arm tactics. 

  • Businesses: I will do my best to use the products and services of local businesses that do not discriminate rather than global conglomerates (such as Google and Amazon) which have proven that they are politically and racially bigoted and biased.

Well spoken.


    YES: BOTH AMAZON and GOOGLE, I use every day...until I find alternatives. The problem being, WE let it get to the point where we DO NOT have alternate options...Sometimes there’s only one place to shop. This is my problem until I fix it.  We gotta start somewhere.

  • Alternatives to YouTube:  BitChute, Brighteon, Twitch

  • Alternatives to Twitter: Parler

  • Alternatives to Facebook: Dump Facebook. Just get off it. It will suck your soul out of your body.  

  • Alternatives to Google Search:  DuckDuckGo (non-tracking, unbiased search engine) 

    Also of note, I’ve never been a hockey fan and this group almost had me since all my other sports got the political, pandering knee bug. But, not wanting to be left out; the NHL also took a knee.  And lost a potential fan. Probably a lot of them.

    In conclusion: I’m tired of hearing about the silent majority but not hearing anything from them. (pun intended)

    Saying nothing, solves nothing. Actions speak louder than words; but loud words get everyone’s attention.  Let’s tell them what’s going to happen if they don’t fix it, before we start firing shots.

    The title of the recent Keanu Reeves movie, John Wick Chapter 3, Parabellum, sums up my philosophy quite succinctly: If you want peace; prepare for war.