Tuesday, October 25, 2022

News Out of Cycle but not Over


By John P. Smith

Independent Journalist

Let’s take a short look at a few things that held the top of the news cycle, have fallen off, but are still happening and still a problem. We’ll finish up with some easy logic speculation about the upcoming mid-term elections.

Let’s start with: CDC votes unanimously to add the C19 vaccine to childhood school vaccination requirements. This is frankly frightening. Anyone can see how dangerous this vaccine is, and these supposedly educated doctors and nurses still voted to force this poison on children. Either these people form a part of a world-wide coterie of evil masterminds focused on depopulating the planet or they’re in it for the money. It’s probably both. Worse still, after a few innocuous rants and stern looks of disillusionment from the alternative media, this news story just went away. These are our children! And the best we can do is, “Aw, shucks! It sucks, but what can we do?” We can pull out kids out of those so-called schools. That’s a start.

The C19 Vax isn’t a vaccine…so what is it? Basically, logically, if someone receives the shot, but they can still catch the virus and still transmit the virus, then, they’re not vaccinated. That’s pretty simple. The criminal media refuses to cover any of the data from studies or acknowledge what other countries are already doing: banning the C19 Vax for children and, in some cases, altogether. This story actually keeps popping back up in the alternative media feeds. Problem is, there’s plenty of junk conspiracy in the mix to make it nearly impossible to get a handle on what’s really going on. However, listening to medical doctor after doctor raise alarms about the debilitating and deadly side effects of the vaccine is pretty convincing that there’s a problem. I have seen a several peer-reviewed studies showing the efficacy of the vaccine against the virus or supporting the well-known claim that it reduces the effects of the virus. But I can’t get over the feeling, the idea, that maybe that was more about money than about actual patient care. The shocking number of deaths of young athletes, performers and doctors has totally not been linked to the vaccine at all…such a link is studiously, criminally, avoided at all costs. But, since when did we need public service announcements telling parents how to identify myocarditis in children under 18? Well, that answer is easy: Since about March of 2020.

COVID is now no reason to stay home from work. The vaccine doesn’t stop it. “It’s just out there.” Like the flu. Employers are now telling people that they can’t stay home. Now it’s a lot harder to get a work-from-home holiday by getting the covid. At the height of this nonsense, when I worked for a liberal European company, I got 14 days of work-from-home for rubbing against someone who had rubbed against someone who tested positive. That really happened. Now, everyone has pretty much had enough of it and you better just get your ass to work.

Pfizer CEO gets covid for the 2nd time. (You really can’t make this stuff up.) This tells us that either he knows the vaccine doesn’t work and he didn’t take it. Or he knows the vaccine doesn’t work because he did take it. Nobody but me is talking about it, though. 

FBI Raids Mar A Lago: This whole thing is still in the DOJ percolator, but not the news cycle. If the DOJ was going to charge Trump, they would have done so already. Now it’s too close the election day for them to really get any traction with it…unless…that’s the plan. Hit Trump with charges the day of the election, or day before, and see how the results are affected. It’s fallen out of the news cycle, and, like everything else, it’s just not being reported. It’s still out there.

Trump subpoenaed by the J6 Witch Hunt: He WAS subpoenaed to appear before the Witch Hunt Committee. The announcement barely made a dent the news cycle headlines. Will he appear? I doubt it. Those Witch Hunt committee members have to know that any attempt to arrest Trump will lead to civil disobedience on an unprecedented scale. 

Nord Stream I Pipeline still shut off. Nord Stream 2 still leaking, not delivering gas. Nobody’s talking about it. They are talking about energy prices in Europe: Right now, Europe is flush with Natural Gas thanks to a combination of full storage facilities, lower demand and mild weather, among other factors. This has eased concerns of yet another spike in heating and power prices, at least for now. That lower demand is because heavy industry is still suffering and, in many cases, shut down and NEVER expected to recover. The only reason this is hitting the news cycle is because prices are actually dropping. Otherwise, out of sight, out of mind. This whole pipeline sabotage story dominated the news cycle for a few days. Now, even after Swedish authorities found an underwater drone full of explosives near one of the pipeline feeds, nobody really cares. Speculation as to who destroyed the pipeline wandered all over the world, but no one has claimed responsibility. Nor are many, if any, analyzing how this particular attack introduces a whole new level of global economic warfare. 

Strategic Petroleum Reserves at the lowest in decades. Diesel reported to be at 25 days at current usage rate. Nobody’s raising an alarm about this. Diesel fuel, which is much easier and cheaper to produce than gasoline, costs about twice as much. Seriously, diesel fuel can be made from coal, from corn oil, vegetable oil, etc., yet, we’re paying twice as much for it on the open market than much-harder-to-produce gasoline. Something’s definitely out of whack here. All that aside, remember, if the trucks stop running, so does everything else. Food and drugs don’t get delivered, material and supplies stay in the warehouse or at the port. 

Antifa and BLM have been awfully quiet: Did the Dims stop paying them?

How about 2020 Presidential Election Fraud: Practically every day, alternative media sources produce another truckload of damning information, lauded as the smoking gun to prove Biden lost the election. Of course, that won’t be seen anywhere on the criminal media outlets. When it is mentioned, it’s only used to further condition and indoctrinate people on how the election was fair and balanced and to show that those “election deniers” are unstable, dangerous domestic terrorists. This has become much like the UFO op run by the government/media conglomerate since the 1950’s. (So, they’ve had a while to work the kinks out of it.) Deride and ridicule those who witness, claim to witness, or just claim to believe the UFO (election fraud) phenomena is real. Convince the average citizen that those people who believe such are a bunch of uneducated, inbred idiots who are lucky to be able to count to 20 with their shoes off. Push that agenda until everyone is conditioned and indoctrinated to poke fun at and disbelieve anyone with a UFO (election fraud) story. And, make damn sure people stay shut up so they don’t get that same treatment. That’s how it works. That’s how it’s working on the 2020 election.

Now for some jet-powered speculation: Nov. 8 election. Remember when we all thought Donald Trump would win reelection in a landslide? And then we saw the evidence of outright fraud in the process in key states, watched key counts stop with Trump ahead, and start again with Biden in the lead? And now Trump is not in the Whitehouse. With that in mind, how do we feel about this coming election cycle being the “day of reckoning” many alternative news outlets seem to think it will be? Hopium in the Conspiratorium. Lots of polls show and pundits claim many of the state governors and Congressional seats will soon be filled by non-Democrat persons. Don’t get your hopes up too high. Maybe I’m wrong. But seriously, the deep-state Democrats know they can get away with it. They’ve already perpetuated this con on the largest scale possible. And not one person has been federally indicted, tried or jailed for fraud in the 2020 presidential election. Not one. Why would anyone with a system that works, stop using that system?

Sunday, October 02, 2022

Ramifications of the Nord Stream Pipeline Sabotage

By John P. Smith
Independent Journalist

I started this blog so I could drop truth bombs, or at least tell the truth as I see it based on my research, reading and reasoning. The only truth bomb I can drop right now is that we don't have any idea what really going on.

Reading through my news feeds, I find so much ridiculous nonsense muddying the waters that it is difficult to know what is real and what is junk. For instance, some feeds claim that U.S. Special Forces are actively engaging FEMA in Florida to prevent FEMA operatives from looting valuables from abandoned houses. Or, how about former CNN talking head Brian Stelter being executed for treason in Guantanamo last week?No, he's going to work at Harvard.

To borrow a quote from our drug-addled pseudo-leader: Come on, man! This type of information is put out by people who don’t want us looking for the truth, or solid facts, in the dung-heap of information that is the internet. Unfortunately, if we’re looking in that dung heap for a nugget of reliable information, then we’re going to get our hands dirty and probably have to bury our head to find it. The criminal (legacy) media cannot be trusted, so we’re left with alternative sources and sometimes, they’re worse than the mainstream.

But, I digress.

Let's look at the Nord Stream pipeline sabotage: First, keep in mind, all we know is what we're being told. That boils down to a lot of speculation and not a lot of facts. I, personally, have not seen any giant gas leaks in the Baltic sea. I've seen photos and videos of something bubbling in the water but have no way to solidly verify what I'm actually seeing. (below) The criminal media has barely touched on this (Fox, somewhat) and none of them that I'm aware of have discussed the far-reaching ramifications of this event. (Maybe they have, but I refuse to give them any of my research time.)

For the record, I believe this actually happened, based on alternative media reports. So, if it actually happened, why isn't anybody in charge seriously worried about Germany and Europe losing a significant percentage (about 35-percent) of their natural gas supply? From what I have seen, everyone is pointing fingers, but no one in leadership is offering solutions.

I don't play the fear porn game. So this below is speculation and simple chain-link reasoning: I'm not going to speculate on who might have sabotaged the pipeline because at this point, it's screwed and can't be unscrewed.

Natural gas is used to heat homes, hospitals and businesses. It's used to run manufacturing operations, industrial processes and electrical generation facilities. Losing 35-percent is going to be a hard it on any economy. Rationing is sure to be a first step in controlling this disaster.

Logically, Europe is now looking at manufacturing and distribution shutdowns, including food and water, because companies and industries will not be able to afford to operate with the huge price increases for energy that are sure to follow. After this, millions of people will likely be out of work and unable to pay for heating and food.

What’s going to happen when these citizens are faced with freezing temperatures and starvation? In my opinion three scenarios, depending on the individuals:

People who have prepared, who saw this coming, will ride it out until spring. They will be vilified by friends, neighbors, the media, and the government as hoarders and selfish bastards who are part of the problem.

People who are not prepared will have two choices: Comply or die.

Scenario one: Petition the government (globalists) for help. When that happens, don't think for a minute that help will be free. There will be a price. Those who take the government handout will do as they're told; take the shot, turn over weapons, work where they're told or they will not eat.

The second scenario: Cut wood or steal fuel for heat and food for sustenance, taken by force if necessary. Deforestation could run rampant, to the point authorities consider it looting and a shoot-on-sight crime. Roving bands of brigands and freeloaders will commandeer food, fuel and water supplies, leaving those unable to defend themselves at the mercy of the elements, or the globalists. Government forces and organized communities will clash with organized crime gangs in furious firefights to control resources. It could turn medieval, really fast.

(I just realized I'm out-lining the plot of practically every dystopian novel ever written.)

Again, this is all speculation, based on what I perceive to be happening from my research.

Make no mistake: This is a man-made disaster perpetuated by the global elite to make people suffer. The top-down goal is to depopulate. Read that as: Kill as many of those useless feeders as possible with a secondary goal of turning those who don't have the decency to just die into subservient peons dependent on the state to survive. At that point, a person has the option to do as they're told or die...or turn rogue and fight.

There will be blood. Europe is going to suffer, if a solution is not found.

As we all know, what happens in Europe eventually makes its way to the States. How long until we here in the States meet the same fate? The seemingly stupid policies of the current administration are stupid by design. Anyone who doesn't yet believe there's a food shortage coming isn't watching or thinking clearly or just doesn’t want to believe it. Do a little research into the global war on carbon dioxide, and now the war on nitrogen. (Yeah, that's a thing!) Read some reports about the Dutch farmer protest and why they were angry. Hint: Their government regulated them out of their slim profit margin, making it impossible to farm at a profit. Then, the government offers to buy their farms.

Maybe, as I like to end on a positive note, what happens in Europe will stay in Europe and serve as a catalyst to get Americans off their complacent asses and take action here before it's too late. It may already be too late. I’m already reading reports of rising natural gas prices, which will, of course, increase electrical energy costs. We are not prepared as a nation, as a community, or as individuals for what's coming. I know I'm ill prepared, and I'm probably better equipped than most.

At a minimum, if you've read this article or watched the video, I implore you: Go get a couple of 5- or 10-pound bags of rice and beans, some canned meats and vegetables, and stock some drinking water. And, of course, have an alternate way of cooking if electric and gas are not available. If it comes to pass that it's not needed, give it someone who can use it or enjoy it, several times, cooked with some roast beef or chicken. You've really got nothing to lose.

Was this a truth bomb? Only time will tell. Seriously, I hope I'm wrong and Europe weathers this storm with the resilience and determination European peoples have demonstrated for centuries. Unfortunately, I don't expect that, as Europe is a socialist cesspool whose people have abandoned their roots and history.

Well, so much for a positive ending.

(John P. Smith is a DINFOS-trained journalist currently living in northern Arkansas. He is host of the Apocalypse Watch podcast and the Johnny Watcher Show.)

Website: www.apocalypsewatch.news

Email: editor@apocalypsewatch.news