Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Was the 2020 Election stolen?

 Was the 2020 Election stolen by the Biden Campaign?

By John P. Smith
Independent Journalist

In a word: Yes.

If you believe Biden won the election by garnering more of the popular vote, then you’ve been deceived.  The mainstream media lies. If you haven’t figured it out, then you need to open your eyes.

Answer this question:  You have video evidence of your domestic partner in bed with your best friend. How many times do they get to lie about it before you throw them both out of your life? The correct answer is NONE. If you came up with any other answer, then you’re the problem. Why would you treat media outlets any differently? Why do you still allow them into your house and help them pay their bills? It’s a form of madness, proven many times over, that people would rather live with a lie than admit they’ve been tricked.

Mainstream media is in bed with the liberals.  They will lie right to your face about anything that advances the liberal narrative.  Social media is no better.  What started out as platforms to interact with the entire planet on a whole new level has been usurped by the globalists to funnel lies and disinformation. It is tragic.

So, when these lying institutions tell you Joe Biden won the election, why would you believe them?

Here’s my take:

I believe what I see myself.  I do my own research.  I listen to all sides of the narrative.  We have been shown thousands of examples of outright fraud, vote flipping and inexplicable behavior. The attorneys Lin Wood, Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell have collected, literally, thousands of affidavits from poll workers and observers, who have sworn under penalty of prison, specific instances of fraud and unethical behavior they saw during the election.

Clearly, election fraud was rampant on the Democrat side. Notice that the errors in the counting and tabulation never favor Trump?  Actual errors from non-partisan counters and observers would, statistically, be split 50/50 between the two.  The 100% error rate in favor of Biden indicates that someone has their thumb on the scale.

If that’s not enough to make you think something funny is going on, how about Biden capturing more votes than there were registered voters in the contested precincts? 

I won’t speculate about the Dominion voting machines and hacking because, so far, everything I’ve read and seen on this issue appears to be a false narrative designed to muddy the water.  I’ve seen three different code snippets on social media claiming, “this is how Dominion flipped the votes.”  As a programmer, I can tell you that all three would do what is claimed.  The problem is that the code was in three different languages:  C++, Visual Basic and Python.  Fake news.  No real evidence, yet.

I have several predictions: 

1. Trump has alternate electors in 5 of 7 contested states.  He has alternate electors in Michigan, but the Soviet governor of Michigan brought in state police to block off the capital and not allow the electors in to cast their votes.  (Not making this up; look it up for yourself.)  However, all Trump needs is 5 of the states to have conflicting electors.  This will set up a situation where the Senate WILL NOT ratify the election.  Who is President Pro Tempor of the Senate? The Vice President.  If the Senate refuses to ratify the election because of the evidence of fraud, then, per the Constitution; the House of Representatives elects the President, and the Senate elects the Vice President. It’s not a matter of majority in the House, however, because each state gets one (1) vote.  Right now, Republican states have about 30 votes to 20 for the Democrats.  The Senate elects the Vice President by simple majority. 

2. When Trump wins; the BLM and Antifa asshats will hit the streets burning, looting and murdering. The best way I can see to deal with this problem is to protect your life and property with the most efficient means available -- and leave the looters in the streets.

3. If somehow, Biden still wins, bad things are going to happen.  We are not going to take it.