Saturday, March 15, 2014

Video Blog Links 15 MAR 2014

Video blog: 15 MAR 2014

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Yesterday was Pi day!
I totally missed it.  So today is:

Brutus Day: 15 Link
Buzzards Day: 15 
Ides of March: 15
International Sports Car Racing Day:15 
 (3rd Saturday)
International Day of Action Against Canadian Seal Slaughter: 15  
National Quilting Day: 15 
(Always 3rd Saturday) Link
True Confessions Day: 15
World Consumer Rights Day: 15 
Corn Dog Day: 15
 (3rd Saturday)

(Most of this information comes from the Brownielocks website.)

A few things to talk about.

How the hell do you lose a Boeing 777 in this day and age?
Either:  It fell in the water and we haven't found it yet or, somebody took it.
I'll leave the speculation on who might have taken it to the rest of the internet - they're already doing a fine job with that.

OBAMA:  He actually did something right.  I bitch about what an idiot he is and how tyrannical his government is becoming, so when he actually gets something right, as a journalist, I feel obligated to acknowledge it.  Upping the minimum wage for some salaried workers, such as fast food managers and salaried clerical staff, is a good thing.  It will directly help hard-working people I know.  This in no way means he's not an idiot -- it just means someone gave him good advice.

Which brings me to the next point: I'm not anti-government.  I'm anti-STUPID government; I'm anti-TYRANNICAL government; I am anti-POLICE STATE government; I am anti-NANNY STATE government.  I believe government should serve the people, not the other way around.  And I don't believe I should have to pay 40-percent of my income to the government at all, much less have them steal it before I've been given a chance to feed my children.  That is wrong. There may be someone in Congress and the Senate from my district and state, but they sure as hell aren't representing what I, and my fellow workers, want because the government is stealing my money. If I don't let them steal it, then they fine my company for not stealing for them and then jail me for keeping them from stealing my money.  That's totally wrong.

I am not anti-tax, either, but I believe individuals and corporations should be taxed at the same basic rate and everyone, regardless of income, pay a flat tax of about 5 percent of income.  Dump all the loop holes and all the credits and adjustments and all that stupid crap that keeps the IRS in business.  Every earner pays 5 percent.  We could abolish the IRS.  That 5 percent would keep us in good roads and pay for a military to defend our borders.  The rest of that money that we're not giving to the government to squander would be used in the U.S. economy to actually help with economic recovery.  Giving money to people who don't work is not the correct way to jump start the economy.  The best way to improve the economic situation in this country is to stop stealing money from people who actually work.

We have yet another kid, Columbus, Ohio, I think, suspended for pointing his finger like a gun.  Zero Tolerance policies are tools to keep educated idiots from having to make decisions.  They are STUPID (I said that in capital letters).  We have put these idiots in charge of educating our children and this is the best decision they can make when a kid is being a kid?  It’s ridiculous and retarded and these idiots should be removed from their positions and replace with people willing to think for themselves.

That’s all I got.