Sunday, February 12, 2023

The Chinese Balloon Debacle and UFO Flap

By John P. Smith
Independent Journalist
12 FEB 2023, Arkansas

Following the Chinese spy balloon debacle, North American forces have subsequently been involved in two separate UAP/UFO shoot downs a week later. Why are they telling us any of this? What would be a better distraction than Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (aka Unidentified Flying Object) attack?

Not buying any of it.

This is a distraction. There’s always an agenda and nothing good is going to come out of this ridiculousness. We all know why the deep state, criminal administration and specifically, Joe Biden, need a distraction. A quick list:

  • The FBI/DOJ is in front of Congress being grilled on the weaponization of their resources against American citizens.

  • There’s a huge House investigation into the Biden Crime Family. There’s more and more evidence of election fraud in 2020 and 2022 elections.

  • The vaccines are killing people and nobody is investigating any of that even as more and more doctors and researchers blow the whistle.

  • The U.S. and NATO are about to give Ukraine modern tanks and fighter aircraft that are going to escalate our involvement in the growing war.

  • Seymour Hersh exposed the CIA and Biden Administration for blowing up the Nordstream II Pipeline. An act of war on Russia.

Of course these people need a distraction. After the complete failure of NORAD and our defense system for North America allowing a Chinese spy balloon to completely traverse the United States and parts of Canada, we’re suddenly amazingly proactive in dropping aerial threats. That doesn’t make any sense. 

The whole balloon scenario doesn’t make any sense. We’ve had protocols in place since the end of World War II for dealing with attacks via balloon. This isn’t a new thing. We’ve been attacked from weaponized balloons before. In 1945, a Japanese balloon bomb killed 6 civilians in Oregon. The U.S. military has had plans for dealing with them for 75 years. Instead of following protocols, the Chinese balloon was allowed to collect data for over a week.

Photo Right: F-22 Arctic Raptor, likely the type of aircraft used to shoot down "unidentified" threats over Alaska and Canada. (Stock Photograph)

It wasn’t a big deal according to the Biden Administration and criminal media. But, why let it pass at all? All we’ve heard are stupid and nonsensical excuses thrown out by the administration and the military. Why not it drop over Alaska or Canada, like the next UAP/UFO threat we’re being told was removed from the sky?

Over Alaska, a U.S. forces F-22 fighter reportedly shot down a UAP/UFO that looked like a small car. (Do some UFO research and you’ll find references to this kind of vehicle.) Why was it safe to drop one over Alaska now? But not the known Chinese Spy Balloon? There’s something hinky going on.

Next, one day later, we had U.S. and Canadian forces shoot down another UAP/UFO that, according to reports didn’t “act like a conventional aircraft and had no visible means of propulsion.” This was shot down at “high altitude” by another F-22. What exactly does that mean? The balloon was at 70,000 feet (21,300 meters). Shooting down a balloon, or any conventional craft at that altitude is standard practice. (Gary Powers was at about 80,000 feet when the Russians took his U-2 out of the air in 1960.)

But there’s a difference between a balloon over South Carolina and an actual UAP/UFO. I don’t believe a conventional fighter craft, regardless of how advanced, could shoot down an interdimensional, interstellar or interplanetary craft at any altitude. It’s possible these weren’t conventional fighters, but that’s not what we’re being told. If our aircraft shot it down, it belonged to someone on this planet.

Reporting these military actions only makes sense if the deep state has something to gain. The CIA and U.S. government have covered up evidence of UAP/UFO incidents for the past 80 years. What better way to distract from all the congressional investigations and whistle blowers than to suddenly disclose some of that information? Why should we believe them? Show us some evidence and maybe we’ll consider it.

My opinion: I don’t believe anything we’re being told is the truth. As far as I’m concerned, the government and criminal media burned that bridge a long time ago. However, if there is any truth to the pile of crap being paraded out by the criminal media, several scenarios come to mind when looking at what they’re telling us happened and how it’s being presented.

First scenario: They’ll never tell us what it really is, but we’re going to be told it’s either Chinese or Russian spy drones. Like the Chinese balloon, this could and should be considered an act of war. We’ll never really know what they shot down, if they even dropped anything from the sky. We’re being prepped to support an escalation of the U.S. presence in the Ukrainian War. 

Second scenario: If these are real objects, and the jury is definitely still out on that, then my guess is someone is testing our response times and procedures. The most likely culprits being China. Maybe Russia or Iran. Right now all we’re getting is fluff on how awesome our defense system is and how heroic Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau are for “ordering” the destruction of these objects. That’s what we pay them for. 

Third scenario, and this is a giant speculative leap: The military is planning a takeover to get Joe Biden and Kamala Harris out of the command structure. The military can declare a war emergency, activate the Continuity of Government (COG) program, and put Air Force Gen. Glen VanHerck, Commander, North American Aerospace Defense Command and United States Northern Command, into his designated role as wartime leader of this country. (That’s a real thing, don’t take my word for it, do your own research.) This takes Joe Biden and Kamala Harris out of the command structure and allows the military to execute the war. Afterall, we are being attacked from the air by China and “unknown forces.” 


All possibilities, but my initial guess still stands. This is smoke and mirrors to get this country even deeper involved in what is looking to be World War III. 

(John P. Smith is a DINFOS trained journalist living in northern Arkansas. He is host of the Apocalypse Watch and Johnny Watcher shows. Visit the website for more information and links to the most recent podcasts.

Wednesday, February 01, 2023

Warren Zevon Nominated

By John P. Smith
Independent Journalist

Warren Zevon, my favorite singer/songwriter, has finally been nominated for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I don’t want to hurt his chances of induction by offering up the opinion that I think the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a stale joke. But, I can only be me.

Induction into the Hall, stupid as it is, can only help to bring some positive exposure to this creative, haunted, genius singer and songwriter. Several books have already been written about his, “Dirty Life and Times.” (The Wind, 2003) So, I don’t need to do it here.

But I do believe an introduction is necessary. Zevon died in 2003 from lung cancer.

Most people only know Zevon from the novelty hit, “Werewolves of London.” Sure, it’s a great, catchy tune, but not one of his best and definitely not indicative of the body of his work.

Born in 1947, Zevon was a musical prodigy, trained as a classical pianist in his formative years. Eventually, he dropped out of high school and moved to Los Angeles after some minor success as a singer and songwriter in the duet Lyme and Cybelle. Zevon worked writing jingles for commercials and as a session musician for several years, finally scoring a solo record deal for the album, “Wanted Dead or Alive.” (1970) While not a commercial success, Zevon spent six more years as a session musician, hanging out in the Laural Canyon scene, until his friend Jackson Brown agreed to produce another record. 

The self-titled, “Warren Zevon” (1976) is a masterpiece of classic rock. Even being named one of the top 10 albums of the 1970’s by Rolling Stone magazine. (Back when they were actually worth reading.) Anyone who does not have this album, go get it right now. Listen to it and you’ll begin to understand the world as Zevon brings it to you. It’s a world of sadness and hilarity. A world of jungle work, injured clowns, and mutineers. A world of headless mercenaries, philosophical musings, and unethical alter boys.

I can’t find the quote to attribute it, but I once read in an article about Zevon something like, “He’s not the kind of artist who writes a love song because he needs one for the new album. He writes a love song because he has to.”

I’ve been a fan of his work since I was in high school, buying an 8-track (yes, I am that old) of “Bad Luck Streak in Dancing School”, for the song, ”A Certain Girl.”  I was listening to Zevon and none of my classmates even had a clue who he was except for, “Werewolves of London.” Werewolves was from Zevon’s 1978 album, “Excitable Boy,” which was the best-selling release of his career, staying in the top ten on the Hot 100 for six weeks. 

This is where my personal connection to this underappreciated artist comes in. Zevon struggled with alcoholism throughout his career, managing to stay sober from the late ‘80s to the early 2000’s. I picked up the Zevon release, “Sentimental Hygiene” when it finally made it to my Air Force Base in Japan in 1987. I loved it; all of it. My friends hated it. It wasn’t Europe or Def Leppard or Van Halen, so they weren’t interested. To me, it was different and spoke to the heart and soul about being alive and appreciating what you have instead of just about sex, or girls. 

I put myself in alcohol rehab in 1989. And believe me when I tell you that military rehab is as close to prison as I ever want to get. On the “Sentimental Hygiene” album is a track called, “Rehab Mountain.” A song Zevon wrote about his own time in the Big House. I read a short article -- I don’t even remember where -- with Zevon telling how that song was about his time in a celebrity rehab facility. Even though, at the time, I felt like my life was over, listening to Zevon sing about being in the same predicament for the same reasons, made it a little easier to cope. If a creative genius like Zevon had the courage to face his demons and deal with an alcohol addiction, surely I could too. Now, 33 years sober, I occasionally fire up, “Rehab Mountain” just as a refresher and reminder of how things could -- and still can -- be different.

In later years, I’d come to appreciate Zevon even more, as I picked up more of his albums. (I have all of them. I know, big surprise.) He is a master of the quotable lyric: “And his hair was perfect.” or “Life’ll kill ya; then you'll be dead.”

Slippery lyrics that will make you think: “I’m very well acquainted with the seven deadly sins; I keep a busy schedule, trying to fit them in; I’m proud to be a glutton and I don’t have time for sloth; I’m greedy and I’m angry and I don’t care who I cross.”

Emotional lyrics that you understand because you’ve felt exactly that way. “Accidently like a marytr; the hurt gets worse and heart gets harder” or “I’m just going to slam myself against the wall; because I’d rather feel bad than not feel anything at all.”  And, “The moon has a face; it smiles on the lake; and causes these ripples in time; I’m lucky to be here with someone I like; who maketh my spirit to shine.”

My kids grew up listening to Zevon. I knew I’d raised ‘em right when I got into the vehicle one day and my youngest daughter was jamming to the songs off the “Life’ll Kill Ya” album. His music has been part of my healing and recovery. It’s been a part of my family history, with my kids picking up the mantle to continue the Zevon tradition. Now my grandson is named John Warren Jackson.

I keep wanting to say it’s not important whether Warren Zevon makes it into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But, really, it is. It’s important to me. It’s a long-overdue oversight and he should have been there at the same time as Bob Dylan, The Byrds and Jackson Brown.

(John P. Smith is a DINFOS trained journalist living in northern Arkansas. He is host of the Apocalypse Watch and Johnny Watcher shows. Visit the website for more information and links to the most recent podcasts.