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Scoring 2022 Predictions: New 2023

Scoring: 2022 Predictions; New Prognostications for 2023

By John P. Smith

Independent Journalist

For the last five years, I've added to this same article, reviewing the previous years and adding new predictions. This year, I’ve shortened this up with summaries of the previous predictions. To see the LONG thread from 2017 to 2022, go to the article here

Prediction 1: Summary (Jan. 1, 2017): Clintons indicted for crimes. Discontinued = Didn’t happen.

Prediction 2: Summary (Jan. 1, 2017): Obama over-reach (Still happening), Trump 2nd Term. Discontinued = Didn’t happen.

Prediction 3: Summary (Jan. 1, 2017): Donald Trump will create a new paradigm in Government-to-people communication by continuing to bypass biased, untrustworthy, criminal media.

Jan. 1, 2022: A lot of talking heads have been fired or removed from their jobs, but they're replaced with liberal clones who are often worse than the original.

Score: The rise of Truth Social and popularity of Rumble make this a win.

NEW 2023: Early in his 2024 campaign, Trump purges “Truth Social” employees once the extent of CIA and FBI infiltration becomes clear.

Prediction 4: Summary (Jan. 1, 2017): Mass media and their owner/backers will attempt to forward legislation to prevent “Independent Journalists” from deploying news and opinion.

Score: The suppression of dissenting voices on major social media platforms makes this a win. The release of the Twitter Files showing government/big tech collusion to ban information contrary to the official narrative is icing on the cake.

NEW 2023: Let’s be real about this. With Elon stepping down as Twitter CEO, all the information obtained from the “Twitter Files” will become irrelevant. Information contrary to the official narrative will be allowed and no judge, government agency or decent human being will step up to correct it. Nothing happens. Our Consititutional rights to free speech and open discussion continue to be eroded because the only people who can stop it are us and we not angry enough. Not yet.

Prediction 5: Summary (Jan. 1, 2017): The demise of CNN. 

Score: Hasn’t happened yet. But they are dying. No more predictions on this thread.

Prediction 6: Summary: Fake News (Jan. 1, 2017): 

Score: Definite win. We all know how this is playing out. See Prediction 7.

Prediction 7: Summary (Jan. 1, 2017): Criminal media loses the trust of the people.

Jan. 1, 2022: While it's taking longer than I thought, the mainstream, liberal, legacy, criminal  media conglomerates are steadily losing viewership and eroding the public trust.  For instance, an article from AP tells the story of how media outlets are failing. Interesting coming from the Associated Press, which has turned into one of the most insidious culprits in biased reporting. I predict a further decline in trust in "traditional" media sources and more people turning to independent alternatives. 

Score: Direct hit. All Criminal Media are suffering.

NEW 2023:  As criminal media collusion with US government, big tech, big pharma the Chinese Communist party is exposed, readership/viewers continues to plummet.

Prediction 8: Summary (Jan. 1, 2017): Suppression of a new 9/11 investigation.

Jan. 1, 2022: As much as I'd like to see a real investigation of the 9/11 disaster, I'm not holding my breath. The Deep State has this locked down and the criminal media supports them. If the failure to release the Kennedy Assassination papers even 60 years after the CIA had him killed is any indication, the truth of what happened on 9/11 will not be told during my lifetime. 

Score: Failed. Not even on the radar. End of thread.

Prediction 9: Summary (Jan. 1, 2017): Truth in Climate Change narrative.

Jan. 1, 2022: Climate Change? What? It's still taking a backseat to the failed Corona Pandemic op.  Prediction: As long as they can keep virus "variants" as the primary mechanism of creating fear, they will let Climate Change lie in wait. As soon as the virus op finally peters out, Climate Change will be front and center in the fear-mongering media output.

Score: Direct hit. The virus op is failing and we see the climate change narrative coming to the forefront again.

NEW 2023: Food and energy shortages brought about by climate-friendly legislation leads to rioting and violent unrest in Europe.

Prediction 10: Summary (Jan. 1, 2017): The “Cashless Society” will be a big issue. This is a mechanism of control and it will be pushed at us hard.  Trump will not be a player; this push originates from the U.N., central banks and world governments.

Jan. 1, 2022: As a mechanism of control, this is near the top of the agenda.

Score: On point.

NEW 2023: Stacking functions: In parallel with “vaccine passports,” the digital dollar, or whatever Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) arises, these forms of identification will lead to more direct control of individuals by global governmental agencies. It doesn’t take much imagination, or just look at how Canada froze the assets of protesting truckers, to see how easy it will be to lock an individual’s bank accounts so they can’t eat, buy fuel, pay their utilities, if they refuse to do something like take a vaccine.    

Prediction 11: Summary (Jan. 1, 2017): Mass shooting and gun control.

Jan. 1, 2022: Prediction: This is an easy one. Anything that happens along these lines will be embellished and exaggerated to instill fear of guns. Any time someone with a gun prevents a killing or major mass casualty incident, the liberal asshat news media will find a way to convey that person in a negative light.

Score: Mostly on point.

NEW 2023: I expect a mass shooting at a Trump rally.

Prediction 12: Summary (Jan. 1, 2017): Assassination attempt on Trump.

Jan. 1, 2022: Prediction: I'm almost tempted to double down on this one. If Trump throws his hat in the ring for 2024, we might just see it happen. 

Score: Yet to be determined.

NEW 2023: If it looks like Trump will take the election, they (democrats, deep state, globalists, criminal media) will take more physical action. May not happen until 2024.

Prediction 13: Summary (Jan. 1 2017): Economic chaos.

Jan. 1, 2022: While the Biden administration is doing everything they can to crush small businesses and financial independence in the middle class, right now we're still making it despite the Dim's best efforts.  Prediction: I'm tempted to say it's all going to go to hell just so I can be proven wrong. As it is, as long as they have the Corona op to fall back on, the economy will continue to circle the drain.

Score: Direct hit. Inflation, rising prices, reduced manufacturing and oil production tell the story.

NEW 2023: EPA mandates to require certain percentages of renewable energy on state grids leads to massive power outages and innumerable deaths from cold and/or heat. Fuel shortages create situations where backup power generation fails.

Prediction 14: Summary (Jan. 1 2017): UFO/Alien disclosure.

Jan. 1, 2022: Prediction: I believe this will be the year the Corona Op finally dies and the Alien Invasion Op starts.  Said it right here!

Score: Failed. Alien Invasion op never got started.

NEW 2023: There’s been a lot of noise in the US government about “UAP” and “UFO” disclosure. But, we haven’t heard the truth in 75 years, why start now? Coverup continues.

Prediction 15: Summary (Jan. 1, 2018): Trump, US debt and the wall. A quagmire of political corruption, drug trafficking, human trafficking and money laundering.

NEW 2023: States (Texas, New Mexico, Arizona) will take regional action to close their borders.

Prediction 16: Summary (Jan. 1, 2018): Robotic/AI citizenship and integration into society.

Jan. 1, 2022: 2019 was the year of the AI scare. No more predictions on this thread.

Prediction 17: Summary (Jan. 1, 2018): Vaccines: We will be more and more “encouraged” to take the flu vaccine. Meanwhile, whistleblowers will come out with unimpeachable evidence that vaccines create disorders in children. This evidence will be ignored by the criminal media.

Jan. 1, 2022: This prediction was pretty darn close. We're not quite there yet, but they'll keep pushing the division between pro/anti-vaccine camps. They (deep state, socialists, communists, Democrats, take your pick) could not get any traction with the BLM/Antifa/White Privilege narrative so they added the Vaxxed versus Unvaxxed division. The idea being as long as we're looking at each other, no one is looking at them.  Prediction: This will continue. I would not be surprised if the UFO Scare Op doesn't generate another way to divide the populace. For instance, by blood type.

Score: A hit and a miss. The early prediction of division of the vaccinated was dead on. However, the addition of the Alien Menace has yet to materialize.

NEW 2023: The division of the vaccinated and unvaccinated continues in spite of direct evidence that the “pandemic of the unvaccinated” was a complete lie.

Prediction 18: Summary (Jan. 1, 2018): Delusion will replace genetics as “infinite” genders are allowed in group settings.

Jan. 1, 2022: This has continued to be one of the big agenda issues for the liberal left. So much so that liberal teachers and coaches are allowing "transgender" athletes to compete in sports based on their sexual preference rather than their genetic makeup. Oddly, this seems to be a one-way street: Boys who want to be girls competing in women's sports.  I haven't seen any articles or instances of girls wanting to be boys competing in men's competitions. Meanwhile, transgender "girls" are breaking records and kicking ass all over the country. Prediction: Enough parents will get angry enough to remove school boards, teachers and coaches who encourage this kind of behavior. Or, more possibly, parents will simply refuse to let their female children compete -- which makes the whole thing a throw-back to Dark Age social mores -- and ends up in a state where "biological females" don't get to play sports but transgender girls do.  

Score: Yeah.

NEW 2023: States and local communities are pushing back on this stupid situation. I predict we’ll eventually see a third grouping of “transgender” athletes made almost entirely of boys wanting to be girls. If this doesn’t happen, women’s sports will be completely destroyed by biological males competing as women.

Prediction 19: Summary (2020 Prediction): Trump wins the White House again.

Score: Fail. End of thread.

Prediction 20: Summary (2020 Prediction): The Moon.

NEW 2023: Still nothing. I really expected new information or missions to the moon, for a variety of reasons. A lot of people making noise about Mars. The best place to launch a mission to Mars would be from the moon. There's thangs going on that we don't know.

From 2022: (Numbered in order)

Prediction 2022-1) Media and production companies such as Disney, DC and Marvel Comics will continue to "get woke" until they actually wake up to the fact that nobody's buying their bullshit. Profits for these institutions will continue to plummet. Each will have to decide to start selling what the consumer is willing to buy; or fail. Prediction: DC and Marvel will regroup and live; Disney will continue until they fail -- probably not this year.

Score: Direct Hit.

NEW 2023: The more people vote with their money, the more woke businesses will fail. Those businesses that get back to basic entertainment and stop shoving the liberal agenda in our faces might make it. 

2022-2) For me, 2021 wasn't a bad year. Nobody was shooting at me and I wasn't forced to shoot at anybody. As far as I'm concerned, in these times, that's a good year. I don't know if we'll make it through 2022 with the same success record. We're headed for a hot conflict. It won't be ignited by draconian quarantine mandates or government over-reach. Prediction: The hot conflict will start when one group of citizens take matters into their own hands and deny essential services (health, medical, consumer goods, manufacturing materials)  to another group based on media misinformation and government propaganda.

Score: Fortunate fail.

NEW 2023: Our US government continues to drive a wedge between demographic groups. The Covid op is completed. I won’t say it failed when 80-percent of the country took an experimental vaccination the ramifications of which of only starting to materialize. To shift focus from the increasing mortality of the vaccinated, climate deniers will be targeted.

2022-3) Prediction 2022-2 got me thinking.  Prediction: Unvaxxed citizens begin refusing to work with Vaxxed individuals when it is proven that the vaccine increases the possibility of catching and spreading the virus or variants

Score: Near miss. 

NEW 2023: With more and more evidence of vaccine malfeasance, showing that vaccinated individuals are more likely to catch and transmit Covid, unvaccinated individuals will start to avoid gatherings of the injected. I expect to see Pureblood parties in our future.

2023 NEW Predictions:

2023-1) Trump has already thrown his hat into the ring. If Desantis decides to run and/or gets the Republican nomination, Trump will run as an independent, splitting the vote and handing the Whitehouse to Biden again.

2023-2) Rising fuel prices will push rail and trucking concerns to strike.

2023-3) Worldwide food and fuel shortages will create unrest across Europe and the Middle East. The US will only suffer minor inconveniences…this year. More food processing facilities and clearing houses will “catch fire” or otherwise be shut down, pointing to a rough 2024.

2023-4) More disclosure of catastrophic vaccine injuries leads the government, big pharma and criminal media to attempt further coverup of the vaccine malfeasance. 

2023-5) On top of the food and fuel shortages, European citizens will revolt against their respective governments due to vaccine mandates and malfeasance.

2023-5) The Russians defeat the Ukrainians, taking control of the country.

2023-6) China annexes Taiwan. North Korea stirs up trouble on the Korean Pennisula as a distraction. The US does nothing about Taiwan.

2023-7) Israel strikes the Iranian nuclear facility.

2023-8) Following the disclosure of the Twitter files and subsequent release of information from Facebook, the FBI is subject to Congressional hearings on election interference and usurpation of individual rights to free speech. There’s a lot of noise, but ultimately, nothing happens.

(John P. Smith is a DINFOS trained journalist living in northern Arkansas. He is host of the Apocalypse Watch and Johnny Watcher shows. Visit the website for more information and links to the most recent podcasts.

Sunday, December 04, 2022

Zombie Apocalypse: This Time We're Serious

By John P. Smith
Independent Journalist

It is the Zombie Apocalypse

A few months ago, I wrote a tongue-in-cheek piece about how we’re in the zombie apocalypse and it didn’t look anything like what we expected. (You can find that article here.

Well, this time I mean it.

We are smack in the middle of a zombie apocalypse right out of the most dystopian nightmares anyone’s managed to come up with. For example, Steven King’s “The Stand.” Pretty close. Richard Matheson’s “I Am Legend.” Really close. The Resident Evil movies and games. Pretty close. “Contagion.” Pretty close.

What do I mean when I say “Pretty close”, or “Really close?”

In the movie “Contagion,” 2011, the virus starts in Hong Kong supposedly from a bat transferring a virus to a pig and then to humanity. (Sounds very familiar. Except in the movie the CDC works heroically to find a cure instead of obfuscating vital information and pandering to the evil bastards who released the virus.) We now know the bat theory has been debunked a hundred times and the Wuhan Lab leak is how the virus actually started.

In King’s “The Stand” the virus came from a U.S. Research facility in Northern California. It didn’t turn people into brain-sucking zombies, but it did kill more than 99-percent of the population. 

In Matheson’s “I Am Legend,” the actual mutating virus was the result of a cure for cancer. And the resulting Darkseekers were more of a new species of human rather than blood-hungry zombies. They were actually more like vampires.

In Resident Evil, the zombie virus escapes from the laboratory of a huge mega corporation deep under Racoon City. These are flesh-eating zombies whose bite is infectious.

There are just a few that I can think of that I’ve personally read, watched, played. The common theme is a virus being released and much of humanity suffering and dying or being transformed into zombies or vampires. It just sounds too much like science fiction to be true. Maybe that’s why we’re having such difficulty getting our head around the idea. 

With the CoronaVirus, none of those massive deaths ever happened. I’m not saying C91 wasn’t real. I had it. Several of my friends died of complications from the virus. But, it was no more dangerous than a seasonal flu. The news reports from the criminal media droning on about bodies piling up and people being left dead in the streets turned out to be another lying narrative to make people afraid. It worked. It worked so well, that approximately 80-percent of the people in this country actively sought the cure. 

And, it’s the cure that’s the problem. Corona virus was just another seasonal flu and should have been dealt with accordingly. The fear mongering and scare tactics of the criminal media turned C19 into something it wasn’t in the imagination of the people. In collusion with big government and big pharma, the criminal media became the face of an all-out effort to get people to take the vaccine. That, in itself, should be a red flag. The vaccine is the problem.

Watch the documentary, “Died Suddenly.” Then consider what’s going on. Don’t take my word for it. If you think the documentary is fear porn spread by a boat-load of lying radical right wingers, that’s ok. Disregard it. Instead, read some headlines: 93 young Canadian Doctors, died suddenly. Congressman’s daughter, 17-year-old Gwen Casten, died suddenly. Julie Powell wished death on the Unvaccinated, until she died suddenly. Athletes, musicians, pilots, military men and women, nurses, movie stars…if you ever look at the news, you can’t miss these headlines. The number of young people falling ill, or dying, from heart and circulatory ailments should alarm anyone. 

These people are victims of vaccine malfeasance. Make no mistake about it. The blood of the vaccinated is tainted and the vaccine is poison. But they’re dying, not turning into zombies.

Not yet.

Let’s go out on the high dive, with only our toes on the platform, ready to backflip into the swirling, chaotic maelstrom of the conspiratorium.

Imagine if there’s some unseen causal link between the vaccine and all these sudden deaths?

What might it be? How about any kind of substantial electromagnetic field? What if it can be triggered by a shock of static electricity from getting clothes out of the dryer? A satellite signal? That would pretty much reach everybody. How about 5G: Did all these random people who “died suddenly” take the vaccine and then sit too close to a 5G internet hub? What about diet? Certain foods, cosmetics or drinks that catalyze the MRNA to initiate the transformation. 

That’s my theory. The vaccine creates a reaction with human blood, but it has to be activated by some kind of external catalyst or signal. Right now, it’s just killing people; I'm speculating that will change.

We know something’s hinky with the vaccine. There’s plenty of proof already reported that it’s causing illness, still-births and death. I believe we’ll start seeing something even more sinister as the long-term effects start to show.

Be ready.

(John P. Smith is a DINFOS trained journalist living in northern Arkansas. He is host of the Apocalypse Watch and Johnny Watcher shows. Visit the website for more information and links to the most recent podcasts.