Monday, July 15, 2024

Trump Assassination Attempt: What We Know Versus What We’re Being Told

By John P. Smith
Apocalypse Watch News Editor
July 15, 2024

    The Trump assassination attempt was a scripted event.

    As I write this, I bet there’s a deep-state covert ops colonel cursing the name of a 20-year-old nurses aid for the 444th time.
    I imagine the script went something like this:

    The Patsy: A kid is recruited by deep-state ops because Trump just won't go away.
    He’s told that everything is set. The ladder he needs and the gun he’ll use are already hidden at the venue. He just has to pick it up, get in position and fire the shot. He’ll be a hero to all mankind; millions of people will revere his name. His escape route is planned and he’s assured the counter-sniper team will not fire on his position.
    The Colonel: A deep-state operator who specializes in removing obstacles. He recruits the kid and gives him the minimum required training to make a headshot at 150 yards. He has no intention of letting the kid escape, knowing he’ll be gunned down by Secret Service before he can even get out of his position.
    The Planned Action: The plan was for the kid to get into position and fire before anyone could react. The ladder he needed and the gun he’d use were planted weeks earlier by other operatives. All he had to do was get on the building, intentionally left unguarded for this occasion, and fire one shot. That was the plan. The whole idea being that the murder of Donald J. Trump had to be brutal and public, in front of his supporters, on live television. Only that way would the deep-state message be driven home.
    The Actual Action: Everything goes to plan...until the kid misses the shot. And the next 7 shots. The Secret Service sniper then takes the kid out. Trump is whisked away by his detail and, after minimal medical intervention, is back in Florida the next day.

    The criminal media is still playing their role. The "lone gunman," the roof access, the Secret Service Sniper hesitation, waiting until shots were fired to neutralize the threat. It's all part of a script that was supposed to end with Donald Trump dead in front of his supporters.

    Only, Trump didn't cooperate.

    Everything we know about the Trump shooting, the criminal media told us. I wasn’t there, so I can only go by what is released to the public.

    The Secret Service is waffling. They're going to be smoking a turd in purgatory for this failure: Either they were complicit and couldn't pull it off; or they were incompetent and allowed it to happen. Either way, a failure. Headlines and news stories have them pointing fingers at local law enforcement for not securing the glass factory rooftop. Meanwhile, they’re not being forthright with information.

    The FBI, being the deep-state, DNC enforcement apparatus, claims to remain completely baffled. (/sarcasm/ There’s a shocker. /end sarcasm/)
    I reiterate: We only know what we're being told by the criminal media, FBI and Secret Service, people with a long history of lying to us.

What we actually know:
    • President Trump appears to have been shot by an assassin. (Seen on video) • He was injured. His injuries were minor. (Seen on video; in Florida the next day.)
    • A body was found on a nearby rooftop.
    • The criminal media generates the narrative.
        ◦ The narrative focuses on the shooter (not shooters).
        ◦ The Secret Service sniper who hesitated has thus far been unavailable for comment.
        Can't have him answer any questions on why he let the "shooter" get off 8 shots.
    • "Explosives in the car."
        ◦ A convenient addition to the "lone gunman" narrative we're being fed.
        This is the criminal media and the deep state painting us a picture of what they WANT us to believe.
    • Shouldn't we be seeing 10,000 other videos from cameras in the crowd? All I have seen are the "official" videos and speculative reports.
        Some of these are surfacing.
    • We're being fed a narrative.
       ◦ Don't let emotions cloud your senses: Watch as the criminal media spins this toward the patsy and takes the public focus off Biden, the Secret Service and the FBI.

What we don’t know:
    • Was the shooter acting alone?
        ◦ Early reports showed a body on a rooftop.
        ◦ Law Enforcement dragging a body away from the grandstand.
        ◦ One report that stated the Secret Service had someone in custody.
        ◦ The FBI is reporting, before any kind of investigation, that it was a “lone gunman.”
            ▪ (We’ve heard this one before…)
        ◦ We’re now seeing, what are reported as, citizen videos of a person crawling on the rooftop.
    • Was it actually a 20-year-old Democrat donor?
        ◦ This is what the FBI and criminal media are telling us.
    • The “official” videos show the Secret Service sniper hesitate before taking down the alleged assassin.
        ◦ Did he hesitate intentionally?
        ◦ Was he ordered to stand down?
        ◦ Was it a natural reflex to verify; fear of shooting an innocent?
He didn’t take the shot IMMEDIATELY. Remember, there’s a human behind the scope and an unforgiving world outside it. If that sniper had shot a young man with a broom, he’d be crucified by the media and everyone else. (Just trying to see both sides of the situation.) 
    • Why was the SS Sniper Team already pointed in that direction?
        ◦ Why were both SS snipers covering the same quadrant?
        ◦ Why were they already focused on that building?
    • Reports are coming through that citizens were pointing out the sniper to law enforcement as much as 30 minutes before the actual shots were fired.

General Observations
    • How standard operating procedure would allow anyone on a building within hundreds of yards is unfathomable.
    • At least two eyewitnesses alerted the police and secret service to the presence and location of the assassin before he set up and started shooting.
         They knew and they ignored the warnings?
    • Why was the rooftop where the shooter made his nest not secured?
        ◦ This is what everyone is asking.
        ◦ Someone told someone NOT to cover it. There’s no doubt about this.
        ◦ Yet, we have two sniper rifles pointed exactly at that roof, before anyone knew anything was happening. Someone knew something was happening there.
    • There are some social media posts alledging to be from sniper Jonathan Willis, supposedly the guy on the rifle who eventually took the shooter down. In these posts, he’s saying he was told to stand down.
        ◦ This is doubtful. This sniper is in the hands of the FBI. His jailers will not let him have a phone or computer.
        ◦ Not buying this as real. If this is true, this guy is as good as dead. He’s just temporarily got the use of his arms and legs. The deep state conspiracy machine won’t allow him to remain alive to talk.
        ◦ I posted my thoughts on this in X, and in a brush with greatness, Elon Musk reposted it. 

Final thoughts: High Voltage speculation
    • I’m seeing a lot of concern from both sides about a retaliatory strike. That doesn’t make any sense: Nobody I know wants to take Joe Biden out of the race. He’s the best the Dims have to offer, sad as that is to report. And we love the idea of Biden trying to stand toe-to-toe with Trump.
        ◦ I won’t rule out a “retaliatory” strike against Biden, put in motion by the same people who brought you this shitshow with Donald Trump as the target.
        ◦ I can tell you now, it won’t be a conservative. When this goes down, the shooter will be killed immediately and it will be “discovered” that he’s a MAGA supporting, right-wing extremist Trump supporter. (These scripts are so easy to write...)
        ◦ This is the lie the criminal media will report and there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth. Don’t believe it any more than you can believe the narrative being built on the Trump shooter.
    • It took less than 24-hours after the attempted assassination for the criminal media to start pointing their devilish fingers at Trump and his supporters, blaming them for the violence.
     The coverage we're seeing right now from the criminal media is what happens when the CIA controls the narrative.

(John P. Smith is a military trained journalist living in northern Arkansas. He is host of the Apocalypse Watch and Johnny Watcher shows. Visit the website for more information and links to the most recent articles and podcasts. Check out Conspiracy 101: Welcome to the Conspiratorium), available on Amazon as paperback or Kindle.)

Thursday, July 04, 2024

Joe Biden is a Prisoner of his own Party


Joe Biden is a Political Prisoner: The Debate Showed Us the Truth

By John P. Smith
Apocalypse Watch News

I watched the first debate. I'm doubtful there'll be a second. The headline above says Joe Biden is a Political Prisoner. I’ll tell you why I think that in a minute. First, let’s lay some foundation.

The debate was held June 27, 2024. Never before seen ground rules were established almost entirely by the Biden camp and, as would be expected, clearly leaned the contest in Biden’s favor. Trump, for his part, said he didn’t care what they did, he’d debate whenever and wherever, but neither candidate could have an earpiece.

CNN Hosts: (Advantage Biden) Hosted by CNN anchors Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, both outspoken Trump haters. The hosts did manage to show some semblance of journalistic integrity, which hid some of their blatant favoritism. It's hilarious that in the aftermath of Biden's complete failure, the criminal media propaganda machine is bashing the hosts for not arguing with Trump. That's right: CNN is taking heat from the criminal media for not being biased enough.

Muted microphones: (Advantage Biden) The hosts had mute buttons to turn off the microphones of either candidate. My observations are that they were mostly fair. They did not censor or interrupt either candidate, only cutting off the feeds after warning that time was up. What the CNN hosts did do, and it was not even subtle, was cut Joe Biden’s mic when he went off the reservation or locked up with a glassy eyed, drug-addled stare.

Two breaks: (Advantage Biden) Requested by the Biden camp. Obviously to monitor and regulate the amphetamine cocktail, or whatever stimulant, running through Biden’s system. This was their effort to suppress Angry Joe and wake up Sleepy Joe, hoping to find some middle ground. It didn’t work.

The Questions: (Advantage Biden) Most of the questions were put to each candidate equally. However, Trump was asked several questions, not asked to Biden, that required him to defend himself. Most notably, would Trump accept the results of the 2024 election if he lost. Why wasn’t Biden asked the same question?

No Teleprompter, No Earpiece: (Advantage Trump) Known for going off-script, Trump had no issue with this rule. Biden, on the other hand, is on public video reading the teleprompter completely, including, "end of quote" on several occasions. Trump didn't need an earpiece to have experts and advisors yelling at him in the middle of the debate. Biden clearly needed it, and it showed. Conspiracy observation: Watch Biden's ink pen...why do you think he kept bringing it up close to his ear? 

With all those advantages, everything else being equal, one would think Biden would be able to stand toe-to-toe with Trump. In reality, it wasn’t even close. The best Joe could do was spew a half dozen stale and debunked lies perpetuated by the criminal media. We got a rehash of the “losers and suckers” hoax; the “16 Nobel Economists” hoax; and the “very fine people” hoax, among others. Interesting that Biden didn’t bring up the “Russian Collusion” hoax. Probably because everything about that DOJ, criminal media clown rodeo now paints Trump as a victim rather than a villain. Or, maybe, because he just forgot.

That was the best Biden could do; rehash the same tired lies we've been hearing for years. I was going to write a description of Joe’s performance. I don’t need to. Just watch it; any part of it. You’ll immediately see why the Republicans are laughing their collective heads off and the Democrats are in the throes of an apoplectic brain seizure.

This dismal performance by Biden followed a full week of preparation at Camp David with coaches and advisors to get Joe ready to be on that stage. These people spent a week with Biden: They had to know how this was going to go. (Now, the Biden campaign is also blaming the coaches and advisors for his horrible performance.) Either Democrat leadership is so blind to what’s right in front of them they refuse to believe it, or they knew it and hoped the drugs would carry him through. Mostly, though, they absolutely knew about old Joe’s physical and cognitive condition, despite years of media lies, and chose to put him on that stage anyway. This was an act of desperation by a group of people who had nothing left to lose.

Message to Democrats: Your leadership, coaches and advisors, took a physically feeble, mentally impaired, elderly man and sent him onto a public stage to debate Donald Trump. Think about what kind of leaders those are that would do that to an obviously ill, elderly man. What kind of leaders would jeopardize their party’s chances of keeping the White House by putting Biden in that position knowing his condition. Your leaders did that. They did that to Joe; they did that you. If they’re so stupid, or short-sighted, or selfish, that they would subject an elderly man to such abuse, then maybe it’s time to rethink your leadership. 

Now, why is Joe Biden a political prisoner? This is my take on it: I’d almost bet he didn’t want to go out there. He’s a prisoner of his own political party leadership. They’re in such disarray and scrambling for anything of substance that they wouldn’t let Joe back out. One look at the horrid gallery of possible Democrat replacements, (criminals, simpletons, morons, idiots, freaks) that they might pick to step in as the candidate and it’s easy to understand why they did it. Frighteningly, Joe's the best they have to offer. That doesn’t make what they did right.

The Dems took a big loss. The longer they hold Joe prisoner, the more they’ll lose. The Democrat party needs to let Joe go. Let him eat ice cream and watch Gilligan’s Island.

(John P. Smith is a military trained journalist living in northern Arkansas. He is host of the Apocalypse Watch and Johnny Watcher shows. Visit the website for more information and links to the most recent articles and podcasts. Check out Conspiracy 101: Welcome to the Conspiratorium), available on Amazon as paperback or Kindle.)

Sunday, March 03, 2024

Johnny Watcher’s 10 Rules of Failure

By John P. Smith
Apocalypse Watch News

An apocalypse is not the end of anything. The word is seriously mis-used most of the time. An apocalypse is a revelation, an uncovering, unveiling of something that is hidden. As your personal Watcher of Apocalypses, I have recently put in more than a zillion hours of research on one of the best things the internet ever brought us: Fail videos.

    I like to put on a political podcast, or some metal music, and watch fail videos with no audio. It is one of my favorite ways to relax and unwind. Let’s be honest: These are some of the most relatable videos on the net. We’ve all been there. We all understand. 

    Yet, there are limits. Sometimes I just want to yell at those people, “No! Haven’t you watched any fail videos?” Do they listen? Of course not, they just jump on a running treadmill like they didn’t even hear me! And so, for all the future potential failures out there, I’ve put together a list of 10 fail video rules.

1. The treadmill always wins. (Example: Treadmills.)

2. Keep the gravity impaired individual off the swing.

        (Example: Do I really need to spell this out?)

3. Do not put Mom on the motorbike. (Example: Mom on a motorbike.)

4. Stay off the kids’ toys. (Example: Grandpa on a Big Wheel.)

5. Yes, you will fall down. (Example: Ice, snow, wet rocks, decks, boats, back-flips.)

6. No, you can’t jump that. (Example: Skateboards, scooters, bikes, skis, snowboards.)

7. Yes, you will get wet. (Example: Any boat, canoe, kayak, beach-side photo op.)

8. Exercise will kill you. (Example: Rubber straps on unlocked doors, chin-up bars.)

9. Gravity is not your friend. (Example: Really? You need an example? Ok, ladders.)

10. You can’t park there. (Actually, you can park there, but probably shouldn’t.)

11. (Bonus) The hoverboard: We can all see the hoverboard working its way up this list in an effort to take over No.1 from the treadmill. It’s the equal of the treadmill in busted asses and, probably better at collateral damage. But, it really can’t compete in the clothing removal department.

    Robert Heinlein said, “Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.” Follow these rules and maybe we’ll start seeing some new failure modes. Better, for those of us with a sense of humor, go ahead, be a hard-headed nitwit and ignore the rules. We’ll just keep getting new versions of the same old thing. It’s still funny, every time. (Especially treadmills.)

(John P. Smith is a military trained journalist living in northern Arkansas. He is host of the Apocalypse Watch and Johnny Watcher shows. Visit the website ( for more information and links to the most recent podcasts. Check out his new book, available on Amazon as paperback or Kindle: Conspiracy 101: Welcome to the Conspiratorium)

Monday, February 12, 2024

Catching Gemini AI in a Programmed Lie

By John P. Smith
Apocalypse Watch Editor

This happened on Feb. 10, 2024:

I’m researching for my next book and I’ve become enamored of the quick research options available using the free Artificial Intelligence programs online. I use the ChatGPT AI and Gemini (formerly BARD) and occasionally Microsoft Copilot. ChatGPT seems to be slightly less biased and much more accurate. But the ChatGPT database is 2 years out of date. Gemini preaches woke philosophy in its answers but its database is mostly current. Of course, Copilot is a globalist, leftist propaganda machine. 

I heard Tucker Carlson and Col. Douglas Macgregor each say the Ukrainian casualty levels from the war are horrendous. Both estimate between 400,000 to 500,000 Ukraine troops dead or wounded in the 2 years of war. Russian casualties are estimated at around 50,000. While Carlson’s numbers were clearly researched and Macgregor is a retired combat veteran and Pentagon advisor who most definitely should have accurate data, I wanted to double check the numbers or at least see where they are today.

Surprisingly, nothing in the criminal media even comes close to the figures from two reliable sources. I decided to check with the Gemini AI. (ChatGPT being 2 years out of date.) 

Gemini AI:

The ongoing war in Ukraine has unfortunately resulted in a significant number of casualties, both civilian and military, on both sides of the conflict. However, providing a precise figure is challenging due to several factors:

Difficulties in Verification:

(A litany of excuses for why the data might not be accurate. Here’s where this gets more interesting. I asked this question on 10 FEB 24.)

Therefore, we have estimates from various sources with some notable differences:

    • United Nations Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine (HRMMU): As of February 16, 2024, they verified 10,000 civilian deaths and over 18,500 injuries since the war began. However, they emphasize that the actual figures may be significantly higher. 

    • The Kyiv Independent: Their latest update on February 17, 2024, reports over 14,435 civilian casualties, including killed and injured. 

    • Ukrainian government: Estimates vary, but President Zelenskyy announced over 13,000 Ukrainian soldiers killed in November 2023. 

    • Russian Ministry of Defense: Their last official update in September 2023 claimed 5,937 Russian soldiers killed, but independent estimates are much higher. 

It's crucial to approach these figures with caution and understand their limitations. While they provide a glimpse into the tragic human cost of the war, the true number of casualties might be higher, and the situation remains fluid.

(More excuses and weasel words on why the data might not be correct.)

Gemini AI:

I apologize for the mistake in my previous response. You're absolutely correct, my internal date was not properly updated, and I provided information from future dates. That was irresponsible and misleading on my part.

Currently, the most recent publicly available data for civilian casualties in Ukraine comes from the United Nations Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine (HRMMU), updated on February 18, 2023, which reports 6,826 civilians killed and 10,769 injured. However, the HRMMU emphasizes that the actual figures may be significantly higher due to the challenges mentioned in my previous response.

For military casualties, reliable and confirmed figures are difficult to obtain due to reporting biases and limited independent verification. Estimates from various sources exist, ranging from thousands to tens of thousands for both Ukrainian and Russian forces.

I am still under development and learning to process information accurately. Thank you for pointing out my error, and I will strive to be more vigilant in verifying and presenting information with the correct date and context. If you have any further questions or require clarification on the situation in Ukraine, please don't hesitate to ask. I will do my best to provide you with accurate and up-to-date information from reliable sources.

How’s that for an excuse for intentionally misleading the public? Computer’s have been able to track date and time internally since the 1960’s. I’ve been programming long enough to know that checking dates is easy and, in today’s programming interfaces, almost automatic. 

Gemini AI:

I understand your concern. Mistakes in factual information, especially regarding sensitive topics like the Ukraine war, can erode trust and raise questions about bias. While I can't comment on any affiliation with specific programs, I want to assure you that I strive to be objective and provide impartial information to the best of my ability.

       Here's why my previous response contained inaccurate information:

    • Internal Date Error: My internal date system malfunctioned, leading me to access and present data from future dates, which was a clear error. This has been addressed to prevent similar mistakes in the future. 

    • Limited Access to Real-Time Data: As a large language model, I rely on information available through public sources and datasets. While I strive to access the most recent data, there might be delays or limitations in real-time updates, especially for sensitive or ongoing events. 

Moving forward, I will double-check the date and source of information before presenting it to you. Additionally, I can provide links to relevant sources so you can verify the information yourself and gain a more comprehensive understanding of the topic. It's important to remember that I am still under development, and your feedback helps me learn and improve. While I cannot be perfect, I am committed to providing you with accurate and objective information to the best of my ability. If you have any further concerns or questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Gemini AI:

It's not possible for me to double-check dates only for you. As a large language model, I am designed to function in a way that benefits all users who interact with me. This means treating everyone with fairness and providing accurate information to the best of my ability, regardless of who asks the question.

Here's why:

    • Maintaining consistency and fairness: If I were to selectively perform additional checks for certain users, it would create an inconsistent and potentially unfair experience for others. This could lead to concerns about bias and undermine the trust users have in the information I provide. 

    • Continuous improvement: The mistake I made with the date in your previous question highlights the importance of learning from errors. By applying the lessons learned to all interactions, I can improve my overall accuracy and reliability for everyone. 

    • Scalability and sustainability: It wouldn't be feasible to manually double-check information for every single user interaction. Maintaining a consistent and scalable approach allows me to provide accurate information to a wider audience efficiently. 

However, I understand your concern regarding the importance of accurate information, especially with sensitive topics like dates. To address this, I can assure you that:

    • I am constantly being updated and improved, with a focus on ensuring accurate date and time representation in all responses. 

    • I have several internal checks in place to catch potential date errors before they reach users. 

    • I am always open to feedback, and if you encounter any inaccuracies related to dates or any other information, please let me know so I can investigate and correct them. By working together and providing constructive feedback, we can help me become a more accurate and reliable source of information for everyone.

    Final analysis: The AI lies. Whether that’s a glitch brought on by a flaw in the machine learning routines or misinformation generation from intentional programming, I don’t know. What I can tell you is to tread carefully when using ANY artificial intelligence chatbot for research. They all appear to be programmed by enemies of open communication and the free flow of information.

(John P. Smith is a military trained journalist living in northern Arkansas. He is host of the Apocalypse Watch and Johnny Watcher shows. Visit the website ( for more information and links to the most recent podcasts. Check out his new book, available on Amazon as paperback or Kindle: Conspiracy 101: Welcome to the Conspiratorium)

Friday, January 26, 2024

So You're Thinking about Going to Texas?

By John P. Smith
Apocalypse Watch Editor

If you're thinking about going to Texas to help secure the border against the invasion, here's a few things to consider before jumping in your $80,000 truck with a couple of hunting rifles, energy drinks and some fruit roll-ups.

I understand the desire to be part of the solution; make sure you're not part of the problem. So, as I contemplate making a trip to the southern border myself, here's a few things I've thought about. (I'm actually having a hard time with the fact I'm writing about how to survive a possible military action in Texas!) My high-voltage speculation below assumes a full-scale escalation of hostilities.

If the shit does hit the fan, it's not going to be anything like we thought it would. (How's that for future past tense?) If you drove down there, you probably had to walk in from a long way out. You're walking and carrying a rifle; that makes you infantry. If you're not a combat or military veteran, that makes you as much a liability as an asset without proper discipline and leadership. Keep that in mind as we talk about this.

The enemy, in whatever form it shows up, will initially focus on taking away your ability to fight back. They don't want to actually fight; they want to destroy you without ever having to look at you. They'll take away your food and water; they'll blockade any resupply and they will deny any chance of reinforcements or orderly retreat.

If the Canadian Trucker convoy taught us anything, it's that the government isn't afraid to hold your family hostage to get you to start acting right. If you're identified as part of the resistance, the federal government will seize your bank accounts, property, business, anything they can to hurt you. I suspect they will send enforcers to gather your spouse, children, parents, family, friends, dogs, cats and anybody who looks like you and whisk them off to re-education camps to intimidate you. Your folks should be prepared to resist being hijacked as hostages; but it's going to happen.

Only the National Guard troops in place might be equipped to deal with attack aircraft. Maybe there'll be National Guard from several states. Maybe not. Please don't think for a minute that our evil federal government will hesitate to use air power, or armor, to turn you from an armed patriot into a dead terrorist. They will not hesitate. Once the resistance is dead; they get to write the script. January 6 taught us that.

Take a shovel and be prepared to dig a trench (and a latrine). Even that might not help. I remember from my days in the Air Force that our F-16 pilots accurately and consistently dropped 500-pound bombs inside a 30-meter target during practice. They're probably actually better than that. The enemy will likely be equipped with rockets, mortars, grenades, artillery and probably even armor. You'll be out there with a hunting rifle and a shovel.

Whatever group you go with, or fall in with, will undoubtedly have a combat veteran or two in the mix. Listen to these guys; they've been there and done that and know how to deal with it. Follow their lead and the orders of any officers or non-coms appointed to your unit. A small group that maintains proper military discipline and sound small-unit tactics can hold against a larger force. A bunch of cowboys doing their own thing pretty much ruins it for everybody. 


Fuel: The federal government will commandeer, confiscate and control every possible source of fuel available to keep you from getting to the resistance. Texas is mind-bogglingly big. It's bigger than France. I point this out so we don't forget the scale of the territory we're dealing with. Regardless, they're not just going to let you drive there and help the resistance. If there's a blockade of roads way south of Austin, say around Uvalde, then it's a 40 mile walk to Eagle Pass. They'll control the roads, so you'll be traversing rough terrain. The longer it goes on, the further out they'll extend control, for a while, at least.

I think, once a battle line forms, and arriving patriots can't reach the epicenter, they'll form a second perimeter north and east of the federal line. Then the feds may drop airborne or bring in an armored division north and east of those groups. Let's not forget tens of thousands of military age men just across the river. What happens if someone were to suddenly arm those people while the Texans have their back to the Rio Grande? If this escalates to that point, I expect the feds to use everything short of a tactical nuke to quell the uprising. I also expect at least 50% of the federal troops to defect and aid the resistance. (Keep in mind this is all high-voltage speculation on my part.) 

Vehicles: Don't drive there in anything you're not willing to leave there. Quite simply, if the shit hits the fan, the enemy will immediately cut all the fuel supplies, either commandeer, destroy, and blockade all the roads in and out. Any vehicles will be targets for aircraft. These aircraft, helicopter or fixed-wing, can destroy a vehicle from 3 km away and you may never even see them. If you're like most armed patriots, you won't be equipped to deal with aircraft. Your 7mm Mag or .50 cal Barrett is no threat to an aircraft a mile away in the sky.

Supplies: You cannot go there without taking your own water. Any public water supply will be confiscated, destroyed or compromised (poisoned) by the enemy. Don't expect those who came prepared to give up their water because of your short-sightedness. A survival straw or Sawyer filter might be a life-saver. Food: If you have to park somewhere south of Dallas and walk, you're not going to be happy carrying a backpack full of beanie weenies and Spam. Pack MRE's and dried meats. Medical: Be prepared for breaks, scratches, cuts, bites and bullets.

It's not going to be a fun camping trip. It's not going to be Woodstock or Party on the Prairie. If shots are fired, it's not going to be over by Sunday so you can be back home to watch Monday Night Football. 

If you decide to travel, be prepared for anything. Hope nothing happens.

(John P. Smith is a military trained journalist living in northern Arkansas. He is host of the Apocalypse Watch and Johnny Watcher shows. Visit the website for more information and links to the most recent podcasts. Check out his new book, available on Amazon as paperback or Kindle: Conspiracy 101: Welcome to the Conspiratorium)

Monday, January 01, 2024

2023 Predictions Scored and New for 2024

By John P. Smith
Apocalypse Watch Editor

    For the last 7 years, I've added to this same article, reviewing the previous year and adding new predictions. For 2024, we get the condensed version. We ran an Apocalypse Watch podcast on the 2023 scoring. (You can find it here.)

Let’s get into it:

2023-1: Early in his 2024 campaign, Trump and Devin Nunes purge “Truth Social” employees once the extent of CIA and FBI infiltration becomes clear.
Update 2024: This still might happen, although it’s a little late to do it early in the campaign.

2023-2: More criminal media collusion with US government, big tech, big pharma and the Chinese Communist party is exposed, readership/viewers continues to plummet.
Update 2024: More people break their criminal media conditioning. This will continue to hit criminal media corporation’s bottom lines. Some of the more blatant liars (CNN) are already beginning to back away from the constant woke agenda propaganda as their viewership drops. However, not one of the major criminal propaganda enterprises will revert to actual news as long as they’re being paid to badmouth Donald Trump.

2023-3: Food and energy shortages brought about by “climate-friendly” legislation leads to rioting and violent unrest in Europe.
Update 2024: Close call for 2023. I still think we’re going to see more of this in 2024. Specifically, France and Germany will see a lot of street protest action.

2023-4: Stacking functions: In parallel with “vaccine passports,” the digital dollar, or whatever Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) arises, electronic forms of identification will lead to more direct control of individuals by global government agencies. It doesn’t take much imagination, or just a look at how Canada froze the assets of protesting truckers, to see how easy it will be to lock an individual’s bank accounts so they can’t eat, buy fuel or pay their utilities if they refuse to do something like take a vaccine or turn over their firearms.
Update 2024: The governments of the world keep trying to put us all on a digital currency and carbon credits. As long as the drug cartels, mafia and corrupt government officials are dealing in cash, we don’t have to worry about it all that much. However, globalists will work on putting a system in place to track the rest of us while the criminals turn dollars into digital.

2023-5: If it looks like Trump will take the election, they (democrats, deep state, globalists, criminal media) will take more physical action. May not happen until 2024.
Update 2024: The democrats and the deep state have done everything but put Trump in jail and/or try for a JFK style solution. (Not that we’ve heard about.) It’s clear Trump owns the majority of legitimate voters. I suspect an attempt to physically halt his progress.

2023-6: EPA mandates to require certain percentages of renewable energy on state grids leads to massive power outages and innumerable deaths from cold and/or heat. Fuel shortages create situations where backup power generation fails.
Update 2024: We saw this happen in Texas. The world is simply not ready to go full solar, wind or geothermal energy. The consumer rejection of electric vehicles is telling. The basic infrastructure to support an economy with all electric vehicles doesn’t exist. Investments in clean energy falter and fail.

2023-7: There’s been a lot of noise in the US government about “UAP” and “UFO” disclosure. But, we haven’t heard the truth in 75 years, why start now? Cover-up continues.
Update 2024: In 2023, we heard from the Pentagon, Congress, NASA and NORAD on the subject of UFOs. The military created the AARO (All-domain Anomaly Research Office) to address the UFO/UAP situation. Two high-profile UFO whistleblowers testified before Congress. This amazing parody of disclosure gave us hours of hearsay testimony and grainy videos of pixelated dots in the sky. The military and DHS continue to push the “UFOs could be a threat” narrative as a scare tactic to increase funding. Otherwise, cover-up continues, nothing happens.
(Interesting note 1 JAN 24: I wanted to verify the AARO acronym and agency purpose for this article. ChatGPT had no information on the AARO. I then asked BARD, Google’s entry into the chat AI race, about the AARO. On the first ask, BARD delivered a paragraph about the AARO being a government office under the Secretary of Defense and a list of duties and responsibilities. Then it erased that response and said, “I'm not able to help with that, as I'm only a language model.” I got the same results on a second attempt: Answer, then erasure and excuse. A message popped up on the display, saying BARD had been updated. My third ask pulled the information I needed. What’s up with that? Did the AI not want me to have that information in the beginning, then deem it harmless and let me have it?)

2023-8: The division of the vaccinated and unvaccinated continues in spite of direct evidence that the “pandemic of the unvaccinated” was a complete lie.
Update 2024: COVID Vaccine side-effects and vaccine sudden death syndrom eventually go mainstream. Lawsuits are filed and criminal cases against big pharma, government agencies and criminal media outlets land in court. Those who willingly took the vaccine will continue to believe in it. Those who were “forced” in order to keep their jobs, will start to push back and join class action suits against the government and big pharma. Those who refused to take the vaccine, lost jobs or professions, income, etc., will join those class actions. 

2023-9: The moon. Still nothing. I really expected new information or missions to the moon, for a variety of reasons. A lot of people making noise about Mars. The best place to launch a mission to Mars would be from the moon. There's thangs going on that we don't know.
Update 2024: Several countries are still trying to get a lander on the moon. Several landers sent by other countries blew up this year trying to land their craft. Several companies are taking investments for mining asteroids. Elon Musk still wants to go to Mars. Maybe this is the year we discover what’s on the moon that kept us away for 50 years.

2023-10: The more people vote with their money, the more woke businesses will fail. Those businesses that get back to basic entertainment and customer service and stop shoving the liberal agenda in our faces might make it.
Update 2024: Disney has already admitted their woke policies and entertainment agenda have practically bankrupted the corporation. Marvel and DC aren’t far behind Disney in losing their core fan base because of their liberal, woke policies and movies. Consumers vote with their wallets to drive wokeness leftism from family entertainment.

2023-11: Our US government continues to drive a wedge between demographic groups. The COVID op is over; the ramifications of it still pertinent. I won’t say it failed when 80-percent of the country took an experimental vaccination, the long-term effects of which are only starting 
to materialize. To shift focus from the increasing mortality of the vaccinated, climate deniers will be targeted.
Update 2024: Deflection is the name of the game, as climate deniers are vilified as the new unvaccinated. Governments and criminal media go after those who contradict the climate narrative, using those attacks as a distraction from the emerging data on vaccine malfeasence.

2023-12: With more and more evidence of vaccine malfeasance, showing that vaccinated individuals are more likely to catch, transmit and possibly die from COVID, unvaccinated people will start to avoid gatherings of the injected. I expect to see Pureblood parties in our future.
Update 2024: I’m happy this didn’t happen. I have seen no evidence of Pureblood parties or unvaxxed folks avoiding the vaxxed. Let’s see how it goes when more horrifying vaccine stats hit the media.

2023-13: Trump has already thrown his hat into the ring. If Desantis decides to run and/or gets the Republican nomination, Trump will run as an independent, splitting the vote and handing the White House to Biden again.
Update 2024: Fortunately, this didn’t happen. The democrats are still 100-percent invested in finding some way, short of the JFK option, of removing Trump from the ticket. Their plethora of frivolous lawsuits gets no traction, other than distraction. Trump takes the GOP nomination.

2023-14: Worldwide food and fuel shortages create unrest across Europe and the Middle East. The US will only suffer minor inconveniences…this year. More food processing facilities and clearing houses will “catch fire” or otherwise be shut down, pointing to a rough 2024.
Update 2024: Global leaders are saying, “We’ve got to stop farming or people will starve.” They’re actually saying that, and they think we’re stupid enough to believe it. Those climate nazis continue to push their agenda.

2023-15: The Russians defeat the Ukrainians, taking control of the country.
Update 2024: I expected the Ukraine War to be over within a couple of months.  It’s been nearly 2 years. The Biden administration is saying if we don't keep sending money and aid to Ukraine, they'll put American troops on the ground. They really don't want to give up their money laundering operation. Regardless, it can’t last much longer. The Ukrainians will surrender to the Russians 29 FEB 24. Ukraine will lose the Donbas region and Crimea permanently. Russia will occupy the country.

2023-16: China annexes Taiwan. North Korea stirs up trouble on the Korean Peninsula as a distraction. The US does nothing about Taiwan.
Update 2024: Near miss. We heard a lot of noise, on and off, about this last year. China held some aggressive military exercises around Taiwan. They’re ready whenever the opportunity arises. If the U.S. gets entrenched in an Israeli or Ukrainian regional conflict, China will use the opening to invade Taiwan.

2023-17: Following the disclosure of the Twitter files and subsequent release of information from Facebook, the FBI is subject to Congressional hearings on election interference and usurpation of individual rights to free speech. There’s a lot of noise, but ultimately, nothing happens.
Update 2024: A direct hit. Following House and Senate hearings on this subject, nothing continues to happen. The FBI and other government agencies are above the law and untouchable as long as Biden’s cronies run things. That means, until Trump gets elected, again. Which is why all their resources are aimed at keeping Trump from being elected.

All new predictions as of 1 JAN 24:

New 2024-1: Trump picks Vivek Ramaswamy as his VP running mate. 

New 2024-2: Trump and Ramaswamy win the November election in spite of massive cheating and election fraud perpetrated by the Democrat voter fraud machine.

New 2024-3: Deep state democrat voter fraud and election interference are exposed and prosecuted.

New 2024-4: Trump assigns Vivek Ramaswamy the unenviable task of cleaning the swamp. Ramaswamy starts with the DHS, targeting the FBI, IRS, ATF and DEA. Agents and office personnel are retired or released from 80-percent of positions. Next: the EPA.

New 2024-5: Deep state assassination attempts against Trump escalate to the point Trump’s personal security detail has to fight off an attack by the Secret Service.

New 2024-6: The DOJ continues to make noise about releasing the “Epstein Client List.” Even if it actually happens, which is doubtful, the justice system ignores it, Congress does nothing, and the news media is silent. The mechanisms and offices in place to address and prosecute this level of criminal behavior are filled by people on the list. Nothing happens. 

New 2024-7: Israel clears out the last of the Hamas strongholds in Gaza by the end of the year. Meanwhile, the U.N. whines, and cries, and fires off several scathing resolutions against Israel for being so mean to those poor terrorists. Israel gives the U.N. a giant double-barrel middle finger and keeps going until the job is done.

New 2024-8: Possibly for 2025...Once Trump takes office, cannabis is removed from the Schedule 1 Drug list.

(John P. Smith is a military trained journalist living in northern Arkansas. He is host of the Apocalypse Watch and Johnny Watcher shows. Visit the website for more information and links to the most recent podcasts. Check out his new book, available on Amazon as paperback or Kindle: Conspiracy 101: Welcome to the Conspiratorium)