Sunday, October 01, 2017

I Blame the Media

   Our mainstream media, really all media outlets, are in desperate need of a complete reboot. They are no longer serving their primary function, therefore, they are no longer necessary. If they are not necessary, then they are part of the problem. The first step is solving any problem is acknowledging that the problem exists. The media, in its current incarnation, is one of the biggest problems we're facing as a society today. 

   Three distinct groups are directly responsible for the horrible state of affairs. I lay the blame at the feet of the liberal media, the democratic party (the government) and people who intentionally choose ignorance over uncomfortable truth. It's not just the news media; it is all media, including social media. Not just collections of idiots like CNN or MSNBC, but the hee-haw gangs at FOX, Breitbart and Drudge along with the hacks at the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. As I like to point out (to anyone who will listen), they all shovel bullshit from the same pile. It's all still bullshit; they just throw it in different directions and call if fertilizer.

   That's is exactly what they're doing. The news media--virtually all genres--pushes the agenda of divisiveness. These people, who are supposed to be telling us the truth, have become nothing more than a collection of opinionated, lying talking heads.  Their clear objective is to keep us divided and looking at each other. Why? Because when we stop looking at each other; we start seeing them for what they are; vampires. They are blood sucking ghouls whose ravenous machine runs on the negative energy of hate, discontent, violence and anger. 

   One laughable story happening at this time: The NFL is learning now what the DNC learned about a year ago. In a nutshell: We're tired of the bullshit. We the people have had it with fake news, asshat-media and every damned idiot with a byline telling us how awful our President is.  We have had it with snobby jerks with liberal arts degrees telling us what we should be thinking.

   In the case of the NFL Kneelers, they (the #asshatmedia) have taken what started out as a simple gesture to call attention to a serious national issue and blown it up into a crisis of divisiveness. The vampires have fanned the flames of division, opinion and emotion until this small gesture has become a savage national street fight. The reason for the first protest is long since forgotten. That really is sad. And the media is fully at fault. (Warning, sarcasm: What a brave choice Colin Kaepernick made, coming out in favor of peace, justice and brotherhood when, clearly, everyone else was against it.) 

   A few years back, the push was to make it "illegal" to burn the flag in protest. I may disagree with that choice, but I prefer to let the flag-burners do so rather than infringe on their right of free speech. The Constitution guarantees Citizens the right to voice their dissatisfaction with the Government. I disagree with the forum these NFL asshats have chosen to send their message. I disagree with the disrespect they are showing to every Soldier, Sailor, Airman or Marine who ever wore a uniform. And, I think the NFL Kneelers are a whining lot of selfish, egotistical, uneducated morons who have fallen victim to peer pressure and left-wing stupid. But they still have the right to voice their dissatisfaction. I, therefore, retain the right to tell them to kiss my ass while they're on their knees. (And if you think about; isn't being on their knees kinda what they're protesting in the first place?)

   The divisiveness created by the over-hyping and mass coverage of a simple gesture is exactly what the liberal media wants. Often nowadays, they cover (read criticize) other media that is covering the same event differently. Instead of getting news, we're getting opinions, with charts, graphs and bold lettering, on how AsshatMediaCorp disagrees with IdiotsRUSbroadcasting on their coverage of an otherwise irrelevant event. (Irony: 
What am I doing here?)

Meanwhile, all of them are yelling epithets of hate and disrespect toward the President, every sentence a lie wrapped in weasel-word rhetoric. The "Russian election hacking story" is THE example of this kind of stupidity.  Every time an asshatmedia outlet comes up with a "concrete" story on how the Russians changed the outcome of the election; what happens? It turns out to be complete bullshit. CNN "fired" (allowed to resign) three journalists, including one Pulitzer Prize winner, over this exact malfunction. Yet, those idiots still keep yelling about it; and they still keep coming up empty. Here's my advice to all the dumbasses who are still chasing this non-story: Drop it. We're tired of hearing your lies and your retractions. Let it go; it didn't happen. You're an idiot if you keep trying to tell us it did. Link to CNN Story:

   It's almost like the media has an agenda and they're working really hard to get 'er done.  My opinion: the asshatmedia is still mad about losing the election and they just won't let it go.  Maybe, when we've fired them all, they'll figure it out; we don't need them; they need us.

   The whole purpose of mass media is the passing on of information. Give subscribers information they may need to help make their daily lives a little less troublesome. In this respect, the media is completely unnecessary. But unnecessary like a spare tire: it is completely superfluous until you need it. And we do need the media to do their job and work for us. Their moral purpose should be bringing injustice, ethnic, religious, sex or racial bias, into the light for examination. It is not the job of the media to fix problems. It is their job to report news and information. If they can bring an issue to light that needs fixing; that's what they should do.  But leave the fixing of problems to people who are paid to do that.  (See that SALON headline up there? Why didn't you see that little bit of information in the mainstream media?"

  Borrowing a classic line from a motion picture milestone: We're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore. We're sick of it.  We, as former subscribers, listeners and viewers, have had enough. We've had enough of the lies and misinformation.  We've had enough of the sleight of hand and misdirection.  We've had enough of opinion being reported as fact.
If you've had enough; here's what you do: Start doing nothing. Don't watch news; don't watch the dramas; don't turn on the game. Don't watch mainstream television, listen to mainstream radio, read mainstream news. Take away their food source and these vampires will change their ways or they will wither and die.

  We've had enough of arrogant, smug, liberal-educated asshats telling us what we're supposed to think  We can think for ourselves. Just tell us the truth.