Sunday, October 18, 2020

Bread and Circuses

By John P. Smith
Independent Journalist


Here’s a nugget to ruminate on: Big Tech -- including Facebook, Twitter, Google and YouTube, Reddit -- are now censoring the government. Not just the President. They’re actively suppressing the Senate as they try to pass on information via the Senate website. They are literally blocking Senate links to public, published information. These tech giants collaborated and colluded to keep all of us from seeing published, publicly available information on Joe Biden’s family corruption.
The Techligarcy is all-in for Biden and the left. And they do not care if you know.
More disturbing, former bastions of real journalism such as the New York Times, the Washington Post and CNN, cheered and applauded this censorship, going so far as to say it was too little, too late. How can people who call themselves “Journalists” get in that lane and drive? Those people are despicable. Also, they can clearly no longer be trusted to tell the truth or report the news without political bias. Of course, we all already knew this, but this current turn of events really seals the deal. These former institutions of journalistic standards have become parodies of themselves. It's disgusting, and kinda sad, because they still believe they're relevant.

We know better.
I’m personally, deeply offended, that Google, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and the rest of the Social Media Techligarcy believe I’m too stupid to make up my own mind about a news story. These self-appointed censors, fact checkers and editors seem to believe they can limit what I hear, see and read based on their political, ideological and religious views.
The bitch of it is, at this moment in history, they appear to be correct.
Which reminds me of something. Here’s where I see a parallel to this social information  malfunction. About a thousand years ago, the church and nobility of Europe brought about a period in Western history called The Dark Ages. They were dark because the church decreed that only clergy and nobility needed education and to know how to read, write and communicate. This single power play to control the peasants preceded about half a millenia of stagnation, war, starvation and plague. If the clergy told you the Bible said a person was damned to go straight to hell if you weren’t polishing a pew every Sunday, then with no way to prove otherwise, a peasant had little choice but to believe. The Church and the nobility controlled the narrative and the flow of information. It made controlling people easier if those people couldn’t argue from a position of knowledge and reason.
It is an old story, an old game.

My aim is not to tell someone else what to do. I'm simply giving advice based on what helped me. I got to this point because it really pisses me off when some talking head tells me, "Here's what you need to to take away from this ..."

The Techligarcy is controlling the flow of information. We peasants will like it or we can take our plows and shovels and go home. Which is exactly what we should all do. Want to reduce stress in your life? Dump Facebook, dump Twitter, dump Instagram, delete your Reddit shortcuts, dump all your social media. Then, stop watching the news, get off the internet, stay out of Reddit, ignore your news feeds. Watch a movie, listen to music, read a book, visit your family, exercise.

Dump it’ll feel better.
(But, it’s ok to read my blog, because I’m on your side. I'll also admit to a bit of backsliding, as I recently joined Parler. On a positive note, Parler has not censored me and kicked me off the platform for making fun of CNN.)

Wednesday, October 07, 2020

More Questions than Answers

By John P. Smith
Independent Journalist

I've said many times, I won't vote against someone; I will cast my vote for what I believe; a positive voice, small as it may be. I didn't vote for Trump in the last election; I voted Libertarian, I voted what I believe. However, the media shitstorm that erupted after he won the election is like nothing that's ever been seen outside a communist regime. I took a step back, and I looked at Trump like I'd evaluate a boss, or an employee: He's gruff, off the cuff and sometimes politically incorrect. On the other hand, he does what he says he'll do, he gets things done, he genuinely cares about this country and the people, he works hard to do the job despite being constantly under attack, and his actions speak for themselves, regardless of what the media tells you.


The media is lying to you. But, you already know that. Anyone who doesn’t believe it is part of the problem.


For example, how many times are average people going to be misled by the knee-jerk, rabble-rousing, deliberately lying liberal media on how these police shooting events took place? We know they’ve lied to us in practically every instance of so-called police malfeasance. Michael Brown -- Lies. Jusse Smollett -- Lies. Jacob Blake -- Lies. Breonna Taylor -- Lies. Raychard Brooks -- Lies. Trevon Martin -- Lies. Do I need to list more? I’m not saying these people deserved their fates (except Smollett, he deserves everything he gets), I’m saying that the lying media ran these stories with the full knowledge that they were NOT TELLING US all the pertinent facts. Lying by omission is still lying. Or, even worse, lying when they know the facts, but lying nonetheless to push the liberal narrative, should be a crime.


To these liberal media hacks, the truth, the facts, do not matter; only the narrative matters. And when the narrative fits, they spew it with radical fervor. Their disciples wait, with signs and molotov cocktails already loaded and ready, to go as soon as the lying media gives them an excuse. Who are “they?” Antifa, BLM and, apparently, quite a few school teachers. 

I watched both sides of this political conflict for almost three years before picking a side. I believe I've chosen the right side because the Democrats, and the liberal left, have gone on the record in support of Burn, Loot, and Murder. I refuse to support a racist organization. And they are racist. As soon as a group of people put "Black" in front of "Lives Matter," they segregated themselves from the rest of us. We didn't do it; they did. They've subsequently turned into a racial hate group. The Democrats have become the party of Hate. The Democrats hate Trump so much, they will, and have, used every means necessary, with the media backing them, to try to remove him from office. The Democrats don't care about anything else; not you, not me, not people with businesses shut down for no good reason.

I am not affiliated with either major party. For the past 20 years, I've voted Libertarian, because that platform best fit my ideals of how the government should work. Unfortunately, the Libertarian party has been usurped by the radical left. They are now woke; making them a party of separately labeled, crazed, virulent, fist-shaking, fire-bomb-throwing, local-business-looting antagonistic assholes. Just like the Democratic party. 


The Democrats want the power back. And they will do almost anything to get it. Remember: They lied about the election projections, right up until they lost. They lied about Russian Collusion, with full knowledge that they were working with bogus information (and that quagmire is about to open up and swallow a lot of bad people.) They lied to, and about, General Michael Flynn to get him out of the administration. They lied about the bogus impeachment. (I read the transcript of the phone call.) And, they've flip-flopped and lied about the COVID crisis so much, we don't know where they actually stand, other than wanting to keep the economy shut down. Now, after more than three years of unrelenting attacks and disinformation from a horribly biased, dishonorable, despicable media, these lying, manipulative assholes expect people to believe them. The frightening thing is, a lot of people do.


The Republicans, when they show up, tip-toe into the fight, spineless rubes who don't know which way to turn. They appear to be caught up in an unending game of blind man's bluff. They're stumbling around trying to pin something on someone, but they just keep tripping over their own feet and falling down a lot. It’s disheartening to see so many of them genuflect to the rage mob. We have a few who are holding ground, Ted Cruz, Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz...I want to say Lindsey Graham, but he says a lot and does little. 


I know I’m asking a lot of questions and not giving a lot of answers. If I had the answers, I would write them down and mail them to the President. But I don't. I just have more questions.


How do we go on the offensive and not stoop to the level of our adversaries? We’re not protected by liberal prosecutors or mayors. We go on the offensive, the way we’d like to, we can go to jail or maybe we really would ignite a civil war. Nobody on the Trump, conservative, side of the divide wants civil war. I think most of us fear that’s our path. The radical left would welcome it, probably, right up to the point where they had to actually fight. Then they’d leave their wounded and run. And we’d let them go and care for their wounded along with ours, because, afterall, we’re the good guys...right?


Good guys put bad guys in jail.


Here’s what I can’t get a good handle on: Why isn’t someone being prosecuted? We have incontrovertible proof that the FBI colluded with the Clinton Campaign to destroy, cover-up and ignore incriminating evidence. Why aren’t these people in jail awaiting trial? Any one of us peasants caught doing these things would already be serving time at Leavenworth. All we’ve seen is one former FBI lawyer who admitted to “accidentally” forwarding bogus information on Michael Flynn. He got a slap on the hand and, best as I can tell, and everyone’s ok with that?


Well, I’m not.


But, maybe, it’s because the Department of Justice is compromised.  The Mueller Team wiped their phones, destroying evidence, and now it comes to light that Obama’s Ambassador to the Ukraine had a “Hit List” to spy on Conservatives.  Is any of this corruption being investigated?  Why aren’t these people in jail or out on bail instead of still running investigations for the country?  What the hell?


The judiciary is clearly compromised and in bed with the liberal left. If we learned nothing from the General Michael Flynn ordeal, we learned that the judges appointed by Obama are still loyal to Obama and are willing to commit career suicide for his agenda. What is being done, and, what can be done to remove DC District Judge Emmet Sullivan? What this tyrant has done is clearly unconstitutional and does not follow any standard law procedure. He is clearly biased and unethical in the Michael Flynn case, yet, he’s still the judge. Surely, at a minimum, he should have recused himself because he is so clearly filled with hate.  Yet, he’s still the judge. Why? And how do we get him out of there? Why is he still on the Bench? Why don’t the mechanisms in place in the Constitution work? He can be impeached and removed. Why hasn’t anyone tried this? Why isn’t anyone doing anything?


The answer, hard as it is to believe, may be they’re not doing anything because there’s nowhere to go that isn’t already in the hands of the deep state establishment. 


However, we see a light at the end of the tunnel.


Finally, President Trump has told the CIA and FBI to declassify and send out their unredacted documentation on the #Obamagate scandal.  Maybe that will get some traction.  Because special counsel John Durham, who is supposed to be investigating #Obamagate, isn’t doing anything. He’s not going to issue a report before the election because, “It would appear to be politically motivated.”  Well, here’s a thought: Who gives a flying fartcicle! The opposition is throwing every dirty trick in the book at Trump right now and the best Durham can do is...wait? How is that helpful? Or, maybe Durham is in the same category as Chief Justice John Roberts: Someone is holding his family hostage. Maybe Emmet Sullivan is having a similar problem...


More to come...