Friday, January 06, 2017

Intelligence Report is a Waste of Taxpayer Money

As a follow-up to my previous Russian Hacking post, here's the latest from the still-beholden-to-Obama intelligence community.

UPDATED: 8 JAN 17: Trump's Chief of Staff says it looks like Hackers did pull data from DNC computers. Not from election machines; not from Federal computers; not from State computers; from Democratic National Convention privately owned computers.

(Right: Vlad Putin in his hacker control gear.) Yep, they're telling you the Russians (probably) hacked Democrat computers. Remember: not election machines, or the FBI or tally machines or any GOVERNMENT computers; they're saying someone hacked into Democratic National Convention flunky computers and released information from the DNC that made the Democrats look bad. (I believe it was more likely a leak than a hack. I appear to have been wrong; they are saying it was a hack. However, wikileaks released emails that shows John Podesta's password was allegedly p@ssw0rd. So if you believe the wikileaks emails made the Democrats look bad, then this should fit right in. Of course, the DNC is denying it.) We know information was released because, well, we all read the information from wikileaks. What information was that? Information about how the DNC leaders stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders, who probably could have beat Donald Trump. (True) Information about how the #asshatmedia was helping by giving Hillary the questions before the debates. (True) How high-level DNC operatives considered most American voters too stupid to realize how they were being played. (True)

Yet, the problem isn't what I would think it would be: The Democrats did all these horrible, dishonest things. They've proven to be lying, cheating, conspiratorial bad people. But, according to our government and their bitches in the #lamestream media, the "problem" isn't that they were lying to the everyone and using celebrities as their personal flying monkeys. The "problem" is that somebody told on them. The report says, intelligence agencies really do know it was done by the Russians. How they know...well, that is classified. But, RT was definitely working with wikileaks. Ya think? They just really need you to believe them when they say it.

This report is a laughable waste of taxpayer dollars. It is nothing but hearsay and speculation. There are no real facts.

Read it for yourself... I feel the best part of the report was the "waffle page" where they use a whole page of waffle language to tell you that while they might say they're "pretty sure," that really only means they're "kinda sure" that what they have assessed is mostly, probably, correct. I don't make this stuff up; it really happens.

Sunday, January 01, 2017

The Laughable Russian "Hack"

By John P. Smith
Reality Cheques Editor

The whole “Russians Hacked the Election” fiasco is laughable.

Here’s a few key points to keep in mind.

1. Our “government” and our “election” was not hacked or affected. No real evidence of this has yet to surface.

2. The Democratic National Convention likely had some emails hacked. No firm evidence of who actually did that, though some trails may lead to assets in Russia.

3. The emails released by Wikileaks; leaked by someone inside the DNC. Not hacked -- leaked.

4. These are the people (Democrats) running the government. We pay them to keep Russians and everybody else out of our systems. If we were hacked and the election affected, it’s because they failed to protect our assets; why are we blaming the Russians?

5. The Russians did what they were supposed to do; penetrate our defenses. Actually, only the DNC’s defenses -- and again -- no firm evidence of that. If we don’t have people doing the same thing to the Russians, our government should be fired.

6. If we can’t keep Russian, or any foreign hackers, out of our election process, national defense systems, etc., the people running the government need to be fired.

7. Hindsight: We did fire that government: Nov. 8. Now we just need to get them out of way and hope they don’t have us embroiled in a half dozen wars before they leave.

8. A lot of the media won’t touch this story except by proxy: They’re reporting on what other media said -- not exactly saying anything for themselves.

9. Until Jan. 21, the DHS, FBI, ETC., all still work for the Obastard administration.

10. Our current government has no problem lying to you, to the media, or through the media, to further their agenda of divisiveness and hate.