Sunday, April 21, 2013

Stop Shoving Your Agenda in my Face

Why do the NHL and the NFL have to come out with a policy supporting the gay athlete?  What’s the whole deal with having a policy in support of a specific lifestyle?

Here’s the whole problem I have with that: LGBTs make up an estimated 4-percent of the population (Wikipedia.)  Their problem with this LGBT society, as a whole, is that they don’t want to be treated differently than anybody else.  They just want to be accepted.  Enacting legislation, or a policy, to prove to the rest of us that an organization, club or team supports the LGBT’s right to be treated just like everyone else is oxymoronic from inception.

See, here’s the thing:  I don’t care whose penis you’re sucking; whose vagina you’re licking; what you’re wearing; or, who you’re doing of either sex.  I know it’s hard to believe.  But seriously; I don’t care.  Most people don’t give a rat’s ass what you do with your privates in private.  I’d say, and this is just my estimate based on my 50 years of interaction with the rest of the planet, but I’d say 90-percent of the people in this country could give less than one tiny turd of a crap about LGBTs and their private or public lives.  So here’s 4-percent of the people who keep shoving their junk in our faces, telling us we have to stop treating them differently.

Now, that still leaves about 6-percent of the population.  These would be the extreme, bible-pounding, judgmental, so-called Christians who truly and fully believe that gays, lesbians, bis and transgenders are a boatload of depraved, demon-possessed, hell spawn all of whom should be locked up, killed or deported -- if they can’t be converted.  I’m not even saying those people are wrong about their opinions -- as everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. But if they claim to be Christians, then they’re doing it wrong.  Sure, most of this country is Christian, but not all Christians are as retarded as the Westboro Baptist Church.  If the WBC, and most of the country, were real bible readers, they’d know they are only to pass judgment on members of their own congregations and leave the rest up to Him. Unfortunately, for everyone, those kinds of people only adhere to the parts of the book that support their agendas, ignoring the rest. Imagine that.

That pretty much covers the whole population.  Sure there are fringe and splinter groups from all walks, but generally, that should sum it up.

Now, let’s recap:  4-percent wanting special treatment so they’re not treated differently; 6-percent wanting to banish them to hell; the rest of us not giving one tiny mouse poop about either group’s agenda, rather just wanting to be left the hell alone and stop being bombarded with super-spin propaganda and being told that if we don't agree with their lifestyle then we're bad people.

Did anybody catch that earlier?  I don’t care -- we don’t care -- what any LGBT is consensually doing to whomever may chose to have it done.  Let me restate that:  We do not care.  Now, please stop telling me that I have to. Because I don’t.  Really.  Don’t care.

Now, having said all that, I will now say this as succinctly, but as loudly, as I can:  STOP SHOVING YOUR JUNK IN MY FACE!