Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A Whole Month Gone By?

I don't recall time passing so quickly when I was younger. Must be a middle-age thing. Seems like I've just got over the near-death experience with the flu ,,, and a toe fataile ... broke the right pinkie toe good and plenty.
Oh sure, I'd love to be able to say I was sparring during Jujitsu class and had a bad fall, or had a kick blocked and took the injury. But no. The answer is much more mundane and, let's face it, boring. I inadvertantly stubbed it on a chair walking through the house. Reality is often harsh. But it's still funny.
Ever notice that the best commedians take their material from real life? I've considered the "stand up" as a form of employment but, all things considered, my life isn't funny. In fact, it's kinda boring and, in the past, has sucked really bad.
(But I'm much better now!)


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