Wednesday, June 28, 2006

SETI ... ing?

Oops...I verbed a noun, err an acronym. (Poor grammer, or so I'm informed.)

I've come to grips with my creativity failure, finally deciding that it's a "so what" kinda deal. You can't be perfect. (NOTE: Last guy known to be perfect pissed off half the planet and was nailed to a cross.) As such, I've found that writing isn't the only way to be creative, albeit, it is my first choice.

As I'm in a bit of a slump in the writing department, I've decide to move on to other avenues. I'm joining in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. Wouldn't you just love to be one of those guys getting paid a handsome salary to sit for hours watching a scope for a tell-tale blip or listening to outer space noise, trying to hear a string of prime numbers through the cosmic static? Yeah, SETI has their scopes and listeners and all that high-tech gadgetry and...well, so do I. I've created my own device for signaling passing trans-galactic ships. (Plans for this device will be made available as soon as my patent clears. Though I'm sure it will, the patent office maintains that 9-volt AM transmitters, flashlights and hoola-hoops are already patented and this could slow things down.)

If I don't post for a while, assume I've been abducted by aliens.

Don't bother to send search parties.


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