Thursday, January 04, 2007

Saddam Hanging Sparks Criticism -- No SH**

First, one of the best headlines I've seen all year and I don't even know which news service it came from but it was one of those "No Kidding!" headlines that wassn't worth reading but couldn't be helped. It read: Saddam Hanging Sparks Criticisim. I'm thinking, "No way! Criticisim? From whom?" What a bunch of stupid idiots. He's dead. If there was any man alive today who deserved to be dead, it was Saddam. Criticize it all you want you stupid moronic punks, he's still dead. (Would "stupid moronic" be considered redundant?)

And thankfully that episode in the tale of Iraq is now over. Now if we can just finish what we we're doing and get the hell out of there, things will be better. And I don't want any of you pussy punks to think this is a call for a pull out. I said, "finish what we're doing." We finish the job and then we leave. Frankly, I can see this being another situation in 10 years like Tehran was in the 1970's. We used to have thousands of troops stationed in Iran and Tehran. That all changed with the fall of the Shah. We'll set up Iraq as a small democratic country, only to have the people "elect" a religious fanatic as leader in about 10 years. At which point we'll leave the country alltogether and they will join with Iran in being the pariahs of the middle east.



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