Thursday, January 01, 2015

Every Day Resolution

A Resolution for Today and Every Day

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By John P. Smith
Freelance Journalist

First, I'll try to have a more positive point of view.  I like to think I'm an optomist with a good handle on reality.  I know we live in world where our own government is our worst enemy; where the clergy rapes little boys every day; and little girls are sold as sex slave. It's a world where apathy and lethargy compete with celebrity gossip and sports for the attention of the hypnotized masses.

Yet, it's a world that still has good people in it.  A world where a 90-year-old man -- in the tradition of Ghandi -- defies big government, and repeated arrest, to feed people he doesn't even know; a world where ordinary men go to extraordinary lengths to help neighbors; a world where the compassion of a few, or of one, can overshadow the evil of many.

Because Evil can't be undone, but it can be displaced, removed, swept away. Cold and dark is the natural state of the universe.  But all it takes is one little light in that darkness to give others a beacon of hope, a warm place to gather together for common purpose.

Thomas Paine said, "All that is required for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing." Over-used, oft-quoted and cliche; because it is the absolute truth. He said that at a time in history very much like we live in today; where governments, banks and corporations made the rules and money determines right from wrong.

What can an ordinary man do?

Here's what I can do: I will start being part of the solution and stop being part of the problem. I will be kind and understanding to friends, family and coworkers and chivalrous to strangers -- because everyone has a back-story that I don't know.  I will assume that people are good until they prove otherwise and be prepared to deal with them.  I will educate, inform and enlighten myself; I will see the world as it really is and face that reality.  I will pass the truth on to others.'s a start.

Take care of each other.


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