Sunday, November 27, 2016

Dakota Access Pipeline Research

The Dakota Access Pipeline: Some research…

First, ask yourself this question: Would rational adults subject themselves to being pepper sprayed, tasered and hosed down with water cannons in sub-freezing temperatures if they had agreed to allow the pipeline to cross their land?

Next, ask yourself why you haven’t seen both sides of this story on mainstream media, if you have seen anything at all.

This is a clear case of big business, big oil, bullying landowners, small governments and even the Federal Government to get what they want. Energy Transfer Partners, the huge conglomerate building the pipeline, has bought mercenaries and law enforcement agencies to push their agenda.  They have no problem using physical force on peaceful protesters.

Here are some good places to educated yourself on the situation in North Dakota.

369 News, an Independent journal, released a summation of the conflict in North Dakota.

The Standing Rock Tribe released a recording of one of the meetings were they told the representatives of the corporation they had serious issues with the pipeline route through their territory. (I have listened to this entire recording. It is mostly friendly discussion, but tribal leaders expressed their concerns clearly and specifically.)

Earth Justice, another independent journal, while definitely not exactly balanced in their coverage, has developed a timeline of the escalation of the crisis. The page here contains links to all the legal documents filed by both sides, including the lawsuit brought by the Dakota Pipeline conglomerate, Energy Access Partners, against the Federal Government basically telling them they require access and the government must grant it.  

Below is a PAID ADVERTISEMENT on Google Search by the Dakota Access Pipeline conglomerate. (It is total propaganda.)

Lastly, this is a pretty good article about how “Independent” journalists are viewed by law enforcement, especially when they’re telling the story from the perspective opposite the “official” view.

Now, go out and do your own research, form your own opinion and take action.

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