Sunday, September 30, 2018

The Failure of Social Media

Why I’m done with Social Media.

Short answer: It’s not social and it’s not media.

Social media, in its infancy, was designed to bring people together. And it was great for that. My best friend from the Air Force found me on Facebook 20 years after our last meeting on a snowy runway in northern Japan. But, social media has evolved into something it should never have been. Now that’s it’s reached its teenage years; it is divisive, contemptuous and thinks it knows everything.

When Alex Jones got kicked from all the major platforms, I blinked. But, he is kinda a loud mouth and reminds me of pulpit-pounding Baptist preachers. Seriously, I’ve suspected for years that he is actually controlled opposition: The guy whose whole purpose is to make those of us who follow the alternate narrative look really stupid. (When the talking heads on the mainstream news outlets are moving their lips; that’s the narrative. And, when their lips are moving; they’re lying. The alternate narrative, often believed to be closer to the truth, is what they’re not telling us.)

Whether that’s true or not, we should all be worried: Jones’ removal from multiple outlets within hours of the first was not a coincidence. Apple, Google, Facebook and, eventually, Twitter removed Jones from their available media feeds in a concerted, controlled and targeted attack on a single person. Twitter silenced Jones for “one week” (Much like I was silenced; I got put in Twitter time-out.) but eventually @Jack caved in to the pressure from the other “social media” giants and dropped him entirely. (No, I don’t have any “proof” of that. Anybody who has proof I’m wrong should publish it in defense of Twitter.)

Again, I wasn’t too concerned. I’m not a table-bashing, spittle-spewing, angry activist like Jones. So when they took Jones off the air, no one was really surprised. A lot of wrong-thinking people cheered at the deplatforming of Alex Jones. So, a few days later, after I defended Jones’ right to speak his mind, I too, was removed from Twitter. I voice my opinions (usually) with terse verbiage and very few swear words. I was pulled from the stage, ostensibly, because I was mean to #CNN. I pronounced an opinion of the former news organization’s low IQ and lack of interaction with reality.

The liberal censor bots at Twitter, unable to appreciate a well-developed, hard-hitting analogy, flagged this as “hateful conduct.” And thus, I was once again put in Twitter time-out. Does this look any more hateful than what #CNN says about the President every day? I don’t think so. I don’t watch moron media like #CNN, but I do see their headlines on my news feeds, even when I’m trying to ignore them. They are blinded by their hatred of President Trump. As noted before, this is the news organization that had to fire a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist for lying.

Of course, it occurred to me that the analogy I used is a two-way street. I understand how blind retards and Alzheimer’s victims could be upset that people might think they work for #CNN. I get that; I really do. And my sincere apologies to those groups of people for dragging them into a comparison with a bunch of low-rent losers.

In all seriousness, my opinion is that my defense of Jones’ was the content that caught the attention of the censor bots. Then they used the above Tweet to turn me off. Once they came for me, nobody cared. I don’t have a huge base of followers and I’m not a prolific writer of micro blogs. And, now, I never will be on Twitter. The agenda here from the censors being; stop him before he gets to the children. Twitter wants to get me straightened out and preaching the party line, or get me off the platform. This whole thing would almost be laughable if it wasn’t so freaking scary.

I have used Twitter since October 2012. I was put in timeout once before for telling a liberal whine bag that he was stupider than a bag full of hammers. And, while that was kinda mean, I believed it to be true. So, for my second “offense” I was required to delete the offending tweet before I was allowed back on the platform. So, I did. And I’m done with Twitter. Just like I quit Facebook two years ago. Like I quit Google+ last year. Anyone who would like to still follow me, can find me on Minds, OnStellar and Steemit. (Until those platforms are usurped by the militant, open-minded liberals who can’t tolerate anybody who doesn’t believe as they do.)

So, now, here’s my rant: Twitter took away my voice because they didn’t like my message. But think, people: They not only took my right to say it, explicitly and unilaterally, but they also removed everyone else’s right to hear it. Now any subscriber out there who agreed with me and liked my content, no longer has it available. Now nobody gets to hear my message, whether they want to or not.

Even better, in the best tradition of Pavlovian conditioning, I was offered a reprieve if I’d just, get with the program, “delete the offending Tweet,” and then I could go play with the other kids! I did so, but only so I could get my last licks in before deleting my content. Then, I’ll take my toys and go to another playground.

Social media has lost its way. It is no longer about bringing people together. It’s about controlling the dialog so people only hear what they’re supposed to hear and see what they’re supposed to see as dictated by the whims of liberal, government-friendly, corporate leadership. Television has been that way since the end of World War II -- only now, they don’t care if we know they’re lying. Ask #CNN.

Social media divides people -- socially, personally, theologically and economically. And now, we have social media mega-corporations dictating what can and cannot be published based on their own belief systems. Even more disturbing: These corporate giants can, and are, working together to target individuals whose messages they disagree with. People are being deplatformed with no adjudication. No right of appeal. Just someone in an office cubicle whose opinion is that the message doesn’t need to be published and other people don’t need to hear it anyway.

Twitter and Facebook will become like your local church. Eventually, everybody will be singing from the same hymnal. Any dissenting voices will be silenced and forcibly removed.
Alex Jones isn’t alone. His removal was more public than most. Everybody saw it.  Most people said nothing.

Remember this meme that’s been on the internet for a hundred years? Martin Niemöller’s poem, published by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

“First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out — because I was not a socialist.
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out — because I was not a trade unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out — because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me —
and there was no one left to speak for me.”

They came for Alex Jones. Then they came for me. They will come for you.

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