Sunday, January 10, 2021

Disappointing and Disgusting

By John P. Smith

Independent Journalist

The gathering of Patriots on Jan. 6 started as a resounding “F*** You” to the Democrats and deep state. Sadly, it ended as a debacle that finished the Republican Party.

Here’s the problem as I see it: Every one of us has watched too many television shows.  In the typical television show, the protagonists run into a problem, and the problem gets worse, and then the bad people have the good guys on the ropes and it looks like all hope is lost.  But then, the good guys somehow pull a miracle out of their asses, vanquish the evil and go on to live happily until the next episode. We keep expecting Trump to pull a miracle out of his ass and save the day.  Frankly, I don’t see that happening.

The bad guys won.

The communist news media (CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX) finally got to show some “violent protests.” I could hear those ass-sucking sycophants screaming bloody murder without having the television turned on.  Oh, yeah, they had a field day with Trump supporters throwing a “violent protest.”

I got news for you media morons: If that was actually a “violent protest,” all those state-sponsored cops and all the security would be dead. Antifa and BLM, who were escorted into the area by police, would be lying in a bloody heap on the pavement. If that was a real “violent protest,” every Congressman, Congresswoman, Senator and Vice President Pence would have been dragged out of those buildings and compelled to confess their sins in front of a hastily constructed gallows. After that, every talking head, editor and writer of communist propaganda would be dragged out onto the streets right behind those treacherous politicians.

THAT would be a violent protest.

What we got was some trespassing into, what could be argued, is our property anyway. And a few people taking selfies, with the cops, inside the buildings. Really?

So we had a million “Patriots” on the ground with an opportunity to make real change and all they did was a little bit of property damage.  I am ok with the minimal loss of human life; I am not ok with nothing being accomplished but giving the rest of us a black eye.  

So the treachery is complete. And the Republican Party ceases to exist. We know how much the Democrats hate Trump. What we failed to realize is how much the Republicans hate him. I have a feeling the Republican leadership all sat around a big table and had a discussion about the best way to “really screw this thing up.” And they succeeded with flying colors.  I don’t think they could have screwed themselves any worse without murdering someone on live television.

Right now, I’m disgusted and irritated. That’s quickly giving way to anger and positive motivation.  First: I don’t have to accept the results. We’ve seen plenty of precedent for that in the last 4 years, now haven't we?  Screw Joe Biden -- he’s not my president.

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Anonymous said...

Well they haven't taken it down, at least as of yet. As usual you are smack on! Dennis