Monday, August 15, 2022

Situation Update 15 AUG 22: Trump Raid

By John P. Smith
Independent Journalist


I have so many pages of notes on all the craziness going on that I don’t even know where to start. Every scrawled line on my pile of papers could, and should, be the lead in a relevant news story.

Unfortunately, I only have time to write one, today. There’s plenty of information out there for those who seek it. Beware, the junk conspiracies! Even more so, the lies and manipulation of the criminal media. 

Many of my notes were used as talking points in two video podcasts I released over the weekend. I’m happy to say that the Apocalypse Watch show, speculation and ruminations from high-tech rednecks and educated hillbillies, hit our first 1K views for a single show. And still climbing. (Links to the videos below.)

Today, however, I want to express grave concern that this raid on Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate is exactly what it appears to be and a whole lot more. The Conspiratorium is going nuts over this raid. Speculation runs from it being Trump’s plan all along to FBI agents trying to plant incriminating evidence to stop Trump’s 2024 bid for the Oval Office. (Likely, in my opinion.) The criminal media, crowing victory, already has Trump in jail or executed.

So, what exactly is it all about? My opinion: The raid is a message to all of us. The gloves are off and if the deep-state cabal (DNC, FBI, CIA, NSA, OUSOB, ETC.) can unconstitutionally raid a former U.S. President, then all us loud-mouthed, non-compliant, working-stiff, uneducated, middle-class low-lifes don’t stand a chance when they come for us.

Message received. Content rejected.

We can look at this raid in two ways: It’s either an act of desperation by a cabal that knows its time is coming to an end after the November elections. Or, it’s the actions of a cabal that believes they are untouchable, a law unto themselves. It’s probably both. They’re desperate to curb Trump’s popularity and they think they can get away with it.

I don’t think they will, this time. This deep-state action, and what follows, is going to light a powder keg like the world has never seen. Why? Because if our corrupt government tries to arrest, jail, or otherwise infringe, limit or stymie Donald Trump, 70 million voters will take exception to that. At this point, we’re all a boiling cauldron of distrust and discontent, and when fuel hits that fire, it’s going to blow.

My advice is to keep watching. Prepare: have protection available; have emergency food and water available. If you’re with a group, assume that if there’s more than two people, you’ve been infiltrated, so take appropriate precautions.

Just a few more thoughts: Anyone planning to go to wherever the FBI attempts to arrest Trump, understand they will know we’re coming and expect all fuel stations to be closed and bridges blockaded. Anyone planning to go to Washington when there’s too many patriots surrounding Trump’s location, remember the same. 

Oh, and if there’s a plan, I'd like to know it.

Video podcasts released 13 AUG 22:


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