Saturday, April 01, 2023

Trump has the MacGuffin

By John P. Smith
Apocalypse Watch Editor

(Note: This is an update, companion article to Apocalypse Watch Episode #99: Trump has the MacGuffin. Available here.)

They, the Deep State, finally managed to indict Donald Trump for something. Best I can tell, it was for stealing his own money.

It should be abundantly clear by now that nobody in the Deep-State DNC, the DOJ, the criminal media or even the Republican Congress gives a flying fartcicle about facts. They've finally managed to indict Donald Trump and you can bet yer grandma's underwear, they will find a way to make it stick. 

If they get Trump in a court room, he will be convicted of something worthy of jail time. This is the Deep State playing the long game. He may end up under house arrest -- because he's still got to have Secret Service protection -- but they will hobble his presidential campaign.

This has been going on since 2015: When Trump won in 2016, it blew the hell out of their plans and they had to start over in 2020.  They (the deep state, DNC, DOJ, Criminal Media) learned their lesson in 2016. They got better at cheating the election counts and made it work for them in 2020. Now that cat’s out of the bag and they’ve played that card (mixing metaphors), then they need a new plan. Well, this is the new plan.

It’s been the plan since 2020, when it was clear to most of us that Trump would run again. While in the White House, Trump got hold of something, records, recordings, documents, that are sure to create turmoil for the Deep State if made public. He has something the Deep State wants. Or wants back. 

The FBI raided his home in Florida, ostensibly looking for “classified documents.” They’re still “investigating” him for having classified documents. Pence had classified documents. Is anybody investigating him? Biden had a dozen caches of classified material…is anybody investigating him?

This whole “charge Trump for stealing his own money” fiasco in New York is yet another attempt to get at something Trump has. They want a legal reason to dig into his personal records. The completely unconstitutional push to get Trump’s lawyer-client-priveledged tape recordings put before the grand jury in New York is another example of how far these criminals are willing to go to shut Trump up.

In movie parlance, it’s called the “MacGuffin.” An object everyone in the movie wants to get their hands on, but nobody in the audience knows what it is. Trump has the MacGuffin.

I’m going to speculate a little.

First, I think Trump had whatever information he has before he lost the election. He lost (was cheated out of) the election, in my opinion, primarily because he planned to release the MacGuffin. Once the deep state understood he intended to release it after re-election; they didn’t care how much cheating it took to put Biden in office. And cheat they did; and they’re (Democrats/Deep State) still up to their asses in damage control because the corruption was so blatant. So Trump “lost” the election. But he kept the MacGuffin for 2024.

Next, we see Trump being censored in every conceivable way. Social media, print media, radio, television: The hate the deep-state controlled media harbors for this one man tells us a lot. The deep state owners, financiers, advertisers, and on-screen puppets are doing everything they can to prevent Trump from telling everyone exactly what he knows. Fox won’t even cover him anymore. Yet, not one criminal media network has a problem covering Ron DeSantis, or Nikki Haley. It appears the criminal, Deep State media is paid to hate Trump and paid to convince the rest of us to hate him, too. It’s obvious we’re supposed to hate him as much as they do. Unfortunately, a lot of shallow, gullible people hate him because they’ve been told to.

Anybody who’s done any research into conspiracy culture figures out pretty quick what happens to people when they make too much noise or get too close to the truth. They get “Arkancided.” Or they get disappeared. Or they suddenly lose all credibility through some stupid and senseless social debacle. Or, the government suddenly finds child pornography on their personal computer. The point is, they don’t stay a problem for long.

Yet, Trump is still doing his thing. He’s holding rallies. He’s got his own social media. Why is he still walking around? Why hasn’t he committed suicide by shooting himself twice in the back of the head? Because he’s got the MacGuffin. And it’s on a dead-man’s switch.

Now I’m going to speculate a lot. My list of: “What’s in the MacGuffin briefcase.”

Of course, my go to:

The UFO File: Before you dump this for the next one, take a minute: Dr. John Trump, uncle of Donald Trump, was a physicist and coworker at MIT with Dr. Vannevar Bush, who headed the Office of Scientific Research and Development for the U.S. military during WWII. With a background like that, V. Bush was a shoe-in to be the handler of the biggest national security secret just after the war: the UFO information being collected by the CIA and military. Donald Trump was close with his uncle John. John Trump was an electrical engineer, physicist and all-around science guy. 

            As an associate of V. Bush, John Trump was the guy sent to New York City in 1943 to go through Tesla’s papers when the inventor died. V. Bush is the guy who basically invented (and then warned us about) the military industrial complex and who was most likely to be called when something UFO happened. John Trump, trusted associate and coworker at MIT, was V. Bush’s go-to guy. And John Trump and Donald Trump spent time together as family for years. 

            It doesn’t take a huge stretch of the conspiratorial imagination to think that Donald Trump knew a whole lot about what’s in the UFO file before he ever got into office. He had an inside track on what to look for. I think he got confirmation of a lot of what he was told by his uncle and now he has the documents to prove it. This information has been covered up for at least 75 years, and the Deep State wants it back.

Probable MacGuffin number 2. 

The Epstein Client List: Epstein was killed in prison to keep his mouth shut. It was so sloppily,  blatantly obvious that when it came time for Ghislaine Maxwell to be shut up, maybe they didn’t think they could get away with it twice. Or, someone needed a hole card. She’s currently being held in what can only be called protective custody in a minimum security facility for her own safety and the peace of mind of those she could burn. She’s being used as an extortion lever to keep the rest of the guilty in line. She was found guilty of sex trafficking minors. But nobody seems to the have the list of clients. Somebody is protecting a long list of child molesters and rapists and they’re using Maxwell as the backstop to keep a lid on an explosive release. Maybe Trump took that list with him.

Here are some other possibilities:

  • JFK Assassination records
  • RFK Assassination records
  • MLK Assassination records
  • 9/11 records and data proving inter-governmental and inter-agency complicity
  • Incriminating information on Obama, Bush, Hillary or Bill Clinton
  • DOJ malfeasance, with names
  • Proof of Election Fraud
  • Compromised (treasonous) Congressmen, Congresswomen, Senators, other officials
  • Black Budget Illegal Military Operations
  • Secret Space Program (Trump did create the Space Force for a reason…)
  • Breakaway Civilization: In space, or coexisting in Antarctica
  • Alien Technology (Anti-gravity, Zero-point energy, medical miracles)
  • Ancient advanced technology,
  • Atlantis
  • Human origins, Mars or other.

            Whatever Trump has that the Deep State wants, it must be explosive enough to warrant numerous investigations and millions of dollars spent to try to pry open the former president’s private data. They can’t get rid of him as easily as they have countless others, like Epstein, because he’s got a release trigger set in case something like that happens. Plus, if they finally make a martyr of him, there will be a violent backlash.

The “get Trump” mentality of the criminal media and the DOJ is clearly motivated by money, first, and political ideology, second. We’re seeing the persecution of a single individual on an unprecedented scale, with practically the entire government of the United States focused on discrediting, derailing and politically disabling one man. 

            Hardly seems fair. So we have to wonder: What does he have that they want so badly?

(John P. Smith is a DINFOS trained journalist living in northern Arkansas. He is host of the Apocalypse Watch and Johnny Watcher shows. Visit the website for more information and links to the most recent podcasts.

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