Monday, June 05, 2023

NASA Hilariously "Comes Clean" on UFOs

By John P. Smith
Editor, Apocalypse Watch News

The headlines read: NASA Comes Clean in UFO Hearings!

Anybody who has done any research into the UFO phenomena will have a one-word response to the content of the headlines and the articles about the U.S. government disclosing information on actual UFO phenomena: Bullshit!

We’re talking about NASA and UFOs. NASA comes clean on UFOs…hilarious. Anyone who frequents the alternate-narrative threads on the internet knows NASA stands for Never A Straight Answer. They don’t talk about UFOs, much less answer questions about them. The FAA has historically denied any evidence of unexplained aerial phenomena and has destroyed careers and evidence to maintain that denial.  And, of course, the Department of Defense has sponsored several investigations and studies with the express purpose of “debunking” and denying any such activity.

I always like to have at least two sources for anything I report or write about. A search reveals The Daily Mail, CNN, ABC and a plethora of UK and other world-wide articles on this “historic” conference. I wouldn’t call any of these sources credible, but they are what I have.

What I’ve found in most of the articles is a tongue-in-cheek approach to the whole UFO subject. Something we should all be familiar with. The claims by NASA, DOD and the FAA that they are shocked, mystified, that such phenomena even exists is what is so funny about the whole thing. After 80 years of UFO secrecy and denial, the idea that these organizations suddenly believe is both mystifying and stupid. 

Don’t believe it. My message to NASA, the FAA, the DOD, and the CIA: Stop lying to us. Go back, try it again, and don’t treat us like we’re idiots.

Let me get a bit of a rant on.

These government talking heads and “experts” got on a stage and showed us some grainy footage of a grainy blob in the crosshairs of what has to be the worst video game to show its face in two decades. And they’re all amazed and surprised that such footage exists. Frankly, I am shocked and amazed that they seem to think this is new. This is the U.S. Navy, or Air Force, or Marine Corps we’re talking about here. They have the best equipment in the world. Including the best cameras. Don’t think for a minute this is anything other than a slap in the face to people who want to believe and have the poor judgement to trust the government to tell them the truth.

I don’t care if this footage is real or not. The point is that it is completely useless. This is NASA and the Department of Defense, with the best equipment in the world, and they chose to show us “footage” that could have been done better with an iPhone. Real or not, this footage is meaningless and raises more questions about the competency, and honesty, of the our government than it does about the question of UFOs. There’s plenty of evidence that UFOs are real and there’s plenty of evidence the U.S. government has been hiding and covering up the data for nearly a century.

This conference and the stupid, nonsensical evidence they presented did nothing but reaffirm that our government is making disclosure noises but isn’t serious about telling us anything substantial. For instance, don’t we have satellites that can read a license plate from space? Where are all the UFO photos and footage from those miracles of modern science? They can’t show us a picture of a craft the size of a football field floating over Phoenix? Do they not have satellite imagery of one of the most well-documented UFO events of the modern era? What do you think?

End rant.

What’s the real reason these government agencies -- NASA, the FAA, and the DOD’s newly formed All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office, or AARO -- have changed their stance and decided to discuss these events in a public forum? Something in the official policy has changed. Also notable is the complete lack of any CIA input into this forum. Maybe that’s just a visible lack of input. They’re so deep in this quagmire that their secrets have secrets. My research indicates the CIA compiled and controlled almost all UFO data since the end of World War II.  Where is the Criminal Intelligence Agency while other government institutions are spilling their UAP guts?

So what changed? Why “come clean” now? My take: Fear. The COVID operation failed and they need another avenue of control over the population. UFOs may be that avenue.

What we’re seeing is the Deep State, New World Order, banking cartels laying the ground work for a UFO scare operation in the wake of the faltering, failed COVID Pandemic fiasco. At this time, only the most retarded, brain-washed, indoctrinated idiots still believe the COVID operation was an actual pandemic and not an attack on the world population with a biological weapon. Anyone who hasn’t figured this out yet, let me lay it out: The COVID was accidentally released early, so we really didn’t get the full effect, but it was much like the yearly flu. The actual biological weapon is the vaccine.


belisoful said...

I have an incredible (and real) story to add here. After investigating the registration of anti-gravity craft, NASA Chief of Security called me back and said that they do register anti-gravity craft.

Basically, according to UN Space law, everything that goes into space MUST be "registered" with the government; exactly like cars, boats, planes, helicopters, motorcycles are registered by the State DMV. NASA is the DMV of "space vehicles."

**If they have anti-gravity space craft, they MUST be registered according to the UN. This is a crack in the "classified" iron wall of dis- and mis-information from NASA.**

NASA and the US Dept of State register things that go into space. So these "institutions" absolutely KNOW what is going on and is keeping it from us.

So, I pretended to have an anti-gravity craft that needs to be registered. there must be an official form, no matter how classified, for application to register anti-gravity space craft if they exist. My presumption from this point is that they DO exist. So i am going to LARP that i have one and see what the registration process is that they are hiding from us.

I calling the FAA to get a tail number for my LARPed "space craft". The FAA examiner told me that they cannot register my space vehicle and they gave me NASA's customer service number. I didn't know NASA had a customer service number. Who are NASA's customers? WTF?

The NASA Customer Service number is a voice mail box. I left one message a day for 30 days regarding the registration of my "anti-gravity space vehicle". They never called me back.

Not to be denied a response, i called NASA's General Counsel attorneys to speak with an Intellectual Property lawyer for NASA. They'd have classified clearance to discuss the topic of UN Space Law "anti-gravity" space vehicle registration for the public. no? lol.

The guy wasn't at his desk when i first called, so i called back later; and still not there. I called a third time and he wasn't there so i left a message. I said that if they do not allow me to register my anti-gravity space craft, i'd take the registration and technology to the Russians and Chinese. They took this as a threat. Thankfully. The attorney elevated the conversation to the CHIEF OF SECURITY!@!!

The next day NASA Chief of Security called me back. I did not pick up, forcing him to leave a message. I know for a fact that they created a file on me and tried to figure out the risk i pose to their classified programs being leaked.

Here is the voice mail that NASA Chief of Security left regarding registration of "my" anti-gravity space craft: (1m)

They explain the registration requirements for anti-gravity craft! This is #disclosure, direct from NASA. No one wants to touch this because it IS a **MOST SEVERE-CRITICAL BREACH** of the "classified" iron wall.... all because the UN requires registration of things that go into space.

I do certify under penalty of perjury that this narrative and voice mail is real and true and what actually happened. If you know law, you'd know how serious people need to be to make statements under penalty of perjury like this.

belisoful said...

Now that NASA has officially disclosed that they have anti-gravity here are my questions that MUST be answered by these criminals in government:

1) When did registration of Anti-Gravity space craft start? give me the year and month, you fucking assholes at NASA.
2) Show me the OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT FORM required for application for registration of anti-gravity craft.
3) How many craft are registered? Give us the models, maker/manufacturer, location of manufacture, capacity, and fuel sources (and other info on the MCO). and give this to us NOW, not later.
4) What other technology is being hidden from us?
5) How long will it take for the petro-dollar Fed Note value to go to EXACTLY ZERO given that energy is literally "free" using these technologies?

One of the major players, David Spergel, Ph.D., on the "UAP task force" has been noticed of this. I sent him a letter that he did not respond to. Here is the public Letter to the UAP task force on the subject:

Ephing NASA and government assholes. hiding climate saving technologies, like they are doing, is an abomination of "humanity." these people need to be hanged from the rafters decades ago for hiding this from us.

The "soft disclosure" of these "hearings" is nothing compared to this literal HARD government disclosure being provided by NASA Chief of Security.