Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Automotive Components Factory for Sale!

We workers at the Heber Springs, Ark., plant of Superior Industries International, Inc., Automotive Components Division, found out about two weeks ago that the company has put us up for sale. (Anybody out there with a spare $45 million...take note!) The factory has more than a $100 million in assets installed, but Superior is determined to dump it because it's losing money.

However, a French company that make the same components is taking a hard look at us. It looks like they're going to buy. (I've never worked for any non-American company, so this'll be new.) If all goes well, they'll lop off the management head and leave me (a technician) in place and programming my computers. If they do as they've done in France, we can expect jobs to start falling off ... through attrition ... as they automate the factory (the way Superior should have done in the first place.)

I'll keep posting as news arrives. Hopefully, I won't be posting during a stint of unemployment.


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