Monday, January 30, 2006

That Blog Won't Post!

I struggled to post my first Blog yesterday. So I finally got it posted today. See "ROM Leaves the Net After 15 Years."

Turns out my proxy server kept timing out my connection, so here I set at the server ... posting another.

I'm irritated at news media in general a the moment: A reporter and a camera man get injured and it's on every channel, and headlining every newspaper. But when Corporal Johnny Johnson gets killed serving his country -- not his TV Network -- he's a statistic buried on the bottom of page 4 or noted as "another roadside bombing in Iraq kills two service men and eight Iraqi police."

The men and women of the military are doing what WE have asked them to do and deserve as much, if not more, respect and attention than a couple of paid thrill seekers.


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