Tuesday, August 13, 2013

An open letter to Government at all levels

By John P. Smith

To Our Retarded Government:

Be Afraid.

We’re buying every round of ammo that’s hitting the shelves, from .22 plinker to 12-Gauge shotgun. The suppliers aren't making any less.  We’re just buying it all.  You've forced our hands and now we’re making certain we’re ready.  We’re making certain than when we are forced to act -- and we will be forced -- then we’re prepared to give as good as we get.

Here’s some history for you to think on while we continue to stock our ammo cans:

You didn't win with the prohibition of booze. Instead, the government put millions of dollars into stifling and stopping the production, distribution and consumption of alcohol. Meanwhile, a vast underground, non-tax-paying black market flourished and grew.  Most of it, to no one’s surprise, in the hands of criminal cartels with ties to the mafia and other underground empires.  You should think about this as you consider the war on drugs.

Maybe you could learn from your mistakes; not have history repeat.  But you didn't do that.

You didn't win with hemp.  You’re almost there; but, you’re mostly just too stupid to know when to throw in the towel.  Seriously?  You’re so stupid and inefficient that you couldn't win a “war” on people who are, if propaganda is believed, lazy and unmotivated.  How could such a thing happen?  We understand you have billions of dollars invested in losing the war on drugs.  We understand you have thousands of people working to lose the war on drugs.  Why not just go ahead and lose the war on marijuana, save those billions of dollars on enforcement programs and take those thousands of government drug enforcement agents, who are presumably about to be left jobless, and have them start patrolling the border?  You know, the border? Where illegal aliens keep crossing into our country?

Now that you've had time to think about those two failures to stifle the American spirit, maybe you should reconsider your position on firearms.  You’re sure as hell not going to win where guns are concerned.  If you’re so unorganized and retarded that you can’t beat drunks, druggies and stoners, how do you actually expect to win a war on guns?

You should worry.

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