Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Drones in America

By John P. Smith

This drone thing: I'm seeing a lot of fear out in the world about how the big, bad, mean old government is going to start using Drone aircraft to spy on us. Really, there are much more effective and less intrusive ways the good old government is already spying on us. But, then again, we know the government is run by retards and they are likely believe that using Drones to search and destroy U.S. Citizens is a good idea.

First: Why the fear of Drones? My opinion: It's so impersonal. War, fighting, even spying, is a time-honored and glorious pass-time where one man versus another in some form. With drones, it's not so. There's a nerd in a bunker somewhere piloting a killing machine with nothing more at stake than a reprimand for losing an expensive aircraft if something goes terribly wrong...for him. For whomever he's tracking, it's all about life for death. Very impersonal. Then again, the navies of the world have had to deal with that since the invention of the submarine and guns that could fire over the horizon.

These Drones everyone is so afraid of? Built by the lowest bidder.

The U.S. infantry has some pretty good “common sense” rules about conflict.  One of those being the first rule of gunfights:  Have a gun.  Only slightly less well-known is the rule that if the enemy is in range, so are you.

So when the big mean government sends drones after you because you have the audacity to sell milk straight from the cow or some equally heinous crime, remember the two rules above.

If you’re armed, you can fight back.  If you’re a hard-core bootlegger of wholesome, healthy, non-government-certified, raw milk, and have finally raised the ire of Big Brother to the point where he’s sending drones down on you, destruction of government property will be the least of your worries.  

The point here: These drones are aircraft.  Granted, they’re small and fast, but they can be shot down with small arms.  They will fall out of the sky.  They can be armed with missiles or rockets, but they still have to get close enough to shoot at you.  When they do; you can shoot at them, too.  (This does have some drawbacks, as some drones can actually shoot at you from as far away as 5 miles.)

But those guys only get one shot.   And, they have to find you first. Odds are, you will not be alone. Keep in mind, also, that there are a lot more of us with guns than the government can ever build drones.  

The possibility of knocking the drone down without gunfire also exists: A directed Electromagnetic Pulse might just do the trick.  The drawback of that being, your electronics will likely stop working also.  And, surely somewhere on the internet, one can find and purchase a Stinger missile or two...

At least you’ll be fighting back.

If you are not armed; that’s a problem for you.  Your government won’t care.  Sure, you’re the victim of an attack and can be righteously indignant and very angry with your government.  Of course, that won’t do you a whole lot of good when you’re a bullet-riddled corpse in a two-bedroom farmhouse on a small plot of land with a couple of outbuildings, including the infamous dairy barn.

(The government will call it a “compound” and feed the media the grisly details of your standoff with the law and how the house accidentally caught fire and burned up, destroying any evidence that you and any friends died of anything but your own stupidity.  Then they will have it bulldozed and hauled off as soon as possible.  (Surely I’m not the only one who sees this pattern...))

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