Monday, September 02, 2013

Something Not Gloom and Doom

Afternoon Exercise: 2 Sept. 2013

I started with a good warm-up and stretch.
I jogged across the road and took a dozen swings.

Then I went for a walk/jog along the trails behind the house.

Beside one of the paths, I ran into this big girl straight out of my worst nightmares.

I tried several takes at getting a close up of a bee on a flower in one of the fields, but couldn't seem to get the focus right. Moving on, I was hoping to see some other creatures, besides Shelob up there. Nash stirred up a big red squirrel, but that guy was moving just way too fast for me to catch a shot. He high-tailed it up a hickory and was out of sight before I could even get the camera turned on.

Further down the trail, I found muskadines ripening on the vine, some of them nearly ready; some not so much. And some intermixed with green persimmons.

Finally, I was left with this not-so-gentle reminder of just who's running things around here...

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