Sunday, September 01, 2013

The Soup Sandwich

By John P. Smith

I’ve been watching a lot of conspiracy videos, reading forums and news feeds lately. And accessing other, more informative, types of news. I rarely watch the cable or network channels -- that’s not news.  Discerning what is real and what is bullshit can be a problem.
I have no doubt that there’s some hinky stuff going down in the world.  Weird shit is happening all over.  From what I have gathered, most of the conspiracy theories are based on information without solid context.  Perhaps based on the truth, but not all the truth; in many cases, we just don’t have the missing link that ties it all together into a giant world government meat grinder sucking us toward inevitable global enslavement.  Not yet; not anyway.  Maybe it’s out there.
I try to keep in mind that I’m researching.  I’m not looking for a needle in a haystack; I want to know everything that haystack is made of...needles, pins, bullshit, cowshit, horseshit, hay, grass, weeds, vines, briars, sticks, leaves, dirt, rocks, snakes, bugs, spiders, ants, and etc.
But remember, it’s the internet.  I can show you a quote on the internet by Abe Lincoln reminding you that anybody can (and anybody does) put out bullshit on the internet.  We use the term TMI often nowadays to indicate that someone is telling us more than we want to know.  That condition is also possible when researching and discovering what is available on the internet about what’s “REALLY” going on out there.  Look too much and suddenly it’s like having to put together a 5000-piece jigsaw puzzle without seeing the picture.  It’s just not easy to get all the pieces in place to see the whole thing.

I also think that maybe we all want to see a global conspiracy come to light because of the even-more-frightening alternatives.
It could be that we’re hurtling willy nilly through space with no one at the helm.  That is kinda scary, in a way.  Or, humans aren’t in control at all.  There’s “evidence” to support that theory. The Nibiru theory holds some water with some science to back it up.  Literally hundreds of documents, photographs, photocopies, eye witnesses, recordings, etc., are out there to back up whatever theory needs support.
That being said, logic dictates that we consider another alternative: Our government, the governments of the world, are so blatantly incompetent they’ve dug themselves into a pit, using the tools of greed and selfishness, that now they can’t climb out even by standing on each other.  They’ve messed it up so bad, there’s no way it can be fixed.  They didn’t do it on purpose; that would require thinking ahead and considering consequences. No, it just turned out that way because they’re a bunch of stupid, selfish, greedy dickheads who also happen to be our bosses.
Do we believe in an all-encompassing conspiracy with diabolical, evil geniuses plotting to enslave us?  Or, do we believe that our planet is fucked up like a soup sandwich because the people running the show are just plain stupid?

Which do you choose?

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