Sunday, September 13, 2015

Those Willing to Help Themselves

By John P. Smith
Freelance Writer

“We must choose between two paths. Either we conclude that Americans have lost control over their government or we reject this information as a mere distortion of history. In the first case we become advocates of the conspiratorial view of history in the later we endorse the accidental view. It is a difficult choice.
“The reason it is difficult is that we have been conditioned to laugh at conspiracy theories, and few people will risk public ridicule by advocating them. On the other hand, to endorse the accidental view is absurd. Almost all of history is an unbroken trail of one conspiracy after another. Conspiracies are the norm, not the exception.” -- G. Edward Griffin, Historian.

I will never again ask an idiot to watch a short 9/11 documentary to get a better idea of why there are so many questions about the attacks. I had one person refuse to watch the documentary, “Because it’s stupid and we already know what happened.”  (It’s easy to tell they are idiots after they open their mouths.) That person did not want a free copy of the video on a free 4GB stick; did not want anything to do with it.  How can an otherwise intelligent, rational, hard-working individual can have such a closed mind?  Mostly, I think, they don’t want to believe it. So they take an out-of-sight, out-of-mind approach.  We all know how well that always works out.  In the end, those idiots have the right to believe what they wish to believe. One person told me, “I just don’t want that kind of thing in my head.” Somewhere a Muslim teenager who feels exactly the same way is strapping on an explosive vest.  My opinion is, much like the aforementioned Muslim teenager, these people will live long enough to regret their shortsightedness; but not much longer.

Some of the alternate media pundits have taken to calling these folks “sheeple.” True, they act like sheep in a herd, following the shepherd out of habit and conditioning, only bleating about the weather, occasionally being knocked back into line for straying from the path. However, I disagree with such a derogatory label. The people are who they are meant to be; they are who they are through their conditioning and indoctrination into the system. Calling them a belittling name doesn’t change who they are; it only changes how they see us. Already, they believe we are a little bit crazy.  That makes them afraid of us.

But really, they are afraid of living a lie.  No one wants to find out that something they have believed most of their life was a deliberate falsehood. I really have worked to convince others to look at the 9/11 attacks with a fresh eye and make up their own minds about whether to believe the story, as told by the government and government-sanctioned media.  Many of them simply don’t want to know. I’m talking about good, hard-working, U.S. citizens who prefer to continue living under the illusion of freedom and democracy rather than put forth the minimal effort it takes to see that what we are being told is not what’s really happening. Those people prefer living the lie. Or, they are simply not ready for anything else.

What is the lie? What is really happening?  I know that based on information I have seen, information available to anyone, we are not being told the complete story about a lot of things.  Here is some of what I have come to believe:

  • I am a slave. I work for the government and the corporations that own the government. (Don’t believe it? Stop paying your taxes and see who really owns your house.)
  • The U.S. government does not care about me, my family or my welfare except to keep me paying taxes. (They steal nearly half of my income from my pay before I feed my children.  I believe this to be fundamentally wrong.)
  • The U.S. government is an evil entity which makes policy decisions based on avarice, covetousness, and greed. They perpetuate war in the name of "peace" and “democracy” for profit and power.
  • The U.S. Government was complicit in the 9/11 attacks and the subsequent cover-up.  
  • My rights guaranteed by the Constitution are continuously being eroded and usurped by the U.S. government in an on-going campaign of control and manipulation.
  • Our police forces are being armed as military instruments of control and will likely be "federalized" in the event of a nation-wide emergency.
  • All Mainstream Media outlets are staffed by government lackeys and liars. All MSM news  information is censored and spin controlled: You are only told what you are supposed to hear; you only see what you are supposed to see.  (Learn more here.)
  • All religion is a form of mind control.
  • Academia is in league with the government, perpetuating the disinformation/misinformation agenda to our children. (Why do you think school attendance is mandatory?)
  • Our Institutions (NIST, Smithsonian, Universities, etc.) that should be working to preserve our heritage have engaged in a concerted effort to suppress, disguise and even destroy information and artifacts that do not "fit" into the narrative of control.
  • Academia, Government and Religion all work together to hide the nature of our origins, our history and our future.  (Now THAT is a true Conspiracy Theory!)

So, here I am, pissing off the government-sponsored liberals because I don’t trust the government that feeds, clothes and provides them cell phones in exchange for their votes. And I'm aggravating the conservatives because I think religion is part of the problem.

News flash: I don’t care.

Actually, most of the conservatives I’ve had this discussion with agree with me on most of these points, except where religion is concerned.  At that point, I am “deceived” and don’t understand what the Bible is “really” saying.  About that: If you believe “the whole Bible is the word of God” then you need to step back and take another look. (Start with world-famous bible scholar Dr. Bart Ehrman, in Misquoting Jesus.)

But the bible-blinded conservatives aren’t even half as bad as the Obama-ass-kissing liberals. I find it humorous that high-minded, open-ended (pun intended) militant liberals who preach that it’s okay to be different have such a hard time dealing with people who don’t agree with them.  Okay, I really don’t find it funny. It’s irritating and I don’t really care for that kind of stupid double standard. A true self-aware liberal would understand that what they should be fighting for is the right of everyone to be who and what they choose to be.  By that definition, I’m as liberal as liberal can be.  As it is, an “open-minded” idiot who can’t understand why everyone doesn’t see things as he does is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

So, if you’re the kind of person who really believes that our government has your best interest at heart and truly cares about you; I can’t help you. If you can’t see beyond your next EBT card and your government-sponsored cell phone, I’m not going to waste my energy trying.  As far as I’m concerned, people who refuse to even look to see what is happening are part of the problem and, no longer worth my efforts.  When those people start to see what is actually happening and do a little research that doesn’t involve CNN, Fox News, NPR, American Idol or People magazine, then, if they ask, maybe I can help.

And, since I’m one of the good guys, maybe I will.  But, it might be too late.  I’m not giving up on everyone or anyone. I will continue to be an advocate of the alternate narrative, but I’m no longer an evangelist. I will not seek out converts; they can seek me. I am done being laughed at by people too indoctrinated into the system to partake of a helping of new information when it is placed in front of them. It is an unfortunate fact that most of the people who read this are not the people who need to hear it.  Then again, maybe by this time next week, I'll have changed my mind again.

"Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses." -- Unknown.

Ain’t that the truth.

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