Sunday, October 25, 2015

Why You are Afraid of Guns

By John P. Smith
Reality Cheques

Here’s a simple question:  Why are you so afraid of guns?
The simple answer: Because you’re told to be.

In the last 10 years, fewer people have died in mass shootings in this country than people killed over any one 3-day weekend in automobile accidents. Yet, we aren’t afraid of automobiles. We have no problem at all crawling into a 4-wheeled death trap and rushing into traffic at 70 mph.  Why is that? Let’s briefly examine how such a dichotomy might have come to pass.

The short answer: If you are afraid of guns, it’s because you have been conditioned to fear guns. You’re also being conditioned to fear Climate Change, Water Shortages and Terrorists, even though you have absolutely no first-hand proof that any of these so-called crises are real.  All you know is what you have been told.

What you’re being told is that you should be afraid. You’re being conditioned to believe that guns are bad and that people with guns are bad people who are part of a huge problem. It’s a manufactured problem, created by the mainstream media and architects of control from government and industry. It’s the old Problem, Reaction, Solution paradigm we all know so well. It’s simple Pavlovian conditioning. Most people will run into the theory of Pavlovian Conditioning in high school or early college.

This really is psychology 101: The Pavlovian Response.  Every time the news media talks about guns, they talk about why you should be afraid of them. They tell you how they’re so unnecessary. How they’re dangerous. They talk about why guns are so bad and why Gun Control is necessary. You will never hear a single word of support for citizens owning guns. These people are part of the machine: They do not care about you or your rights as an individual. They preach fear and death and paralyzation and brain damage. These liars want you to be afraid and to fear guns. When enough people are afraid and cry out in fear for the government to “do something,” well, the government will. They will ban assault weapons. They will ban magazines that hold more than 10 shots. They will ban. And they will ban. And they will ban until, one little step at a time, we have nothing left with which to defend ourselves. That’s how it works.

Even the television shows get in on the conditioning, evoking that same fear/response every time someone, other than a cop, pulls a gun.  We’ve all watched this scene in some mind-numbingly stupid television series: A guy in a crowd pulls a gun. Some woman screams, “Oh, my God, he’s got a gun!” Everyone screams and runs.  You’ve just been fed; and then heard the bell.  Be afraid.  Fear the gun.

Did you ever notice that the news media is always telling you the best way to avoid something or the best way to prepare for a catastrophe? They have all kinds of good advice about how to avoid being scammed at the mall, or how to be ready for the coming winter storm, or how to safely change a tire on the side of the freeway. Yet, with all the gun control dialog in the news, have any of them ever told you the best defense against someone shooting at you from across a room? No? Not surprising. The very best defense is to not be there. The best defense for that situation when being elsewhere is not an option turns out to be to have your own gun and be a better shot. You won’t hear that. That’s not part of the dialog. All you’re supposed to hear is that all guns are bad; they can’t be used for good...except by the government.

Yes, when using a gun it is important to understand what you’re doing and why. Be certain your defense does not endanger others unnecessarily. You must respect the gun: Understand what it can do to you and to somebody else. And, just as important, what it can do for you. Guns are the great equalizer. Before guns, basically the biggest and strongest could have their way with the smaller and weaker. Bring in guns of a size an individual can wield, and now, the playing field is leveled. A well-trained 115-pound woman with a handgun can take out an untrained 300-pound thug everytime. The odds are no longer in favor of the thug; brute force falls before intelligence, training and practice.

So, next time you watch a television show and see huge screaming crowds running from a guy with a gun, understand that it is a conditioning exercise. When the mainstream media’s teams of professional liars start telling you what you should be afraid of and why you should live in fear, remember, they are conditioning you.

If you typically watch mainstream television, you are being conditioned, manipulated and controlled. Ween yourself from it. Stay off mainstream television for a month, you’ll be surprised how clearly you can see when you’re vision is not shrouded in the media’s fog of fear.

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