Sunday, November 29, 2015

Democrats Push to Prevent Gun Sales to Terror List Suspects

By John P. Smith
Reality Cheques Editor

This is a sophomoric attempt at a trick.

These gun-control retards think they’re smarter than we are.  Hey, Libtards!  We know who is on the terrorist watchlist. People like: Me. I’m an 8-year military veteran, strong, vocal advocate of Constitutional rights (not just gun rights) and have publically stated that I will not give over my weapons without a fight.

It is my firm belief that if a group of people come to my home and demand I give over my legally purchased property because I’ve been placed on a list as a danger to society, as far as I’m concerned, that’s theft. I’ll fight it.

Here’s another thing, gun-control cowards: If you put me on the terrorist watchlist and won’t let me buy guns or ammo legally; I will buy them on the black market.  If you morons have learned nothing else from the War on Drugs and, before that, Prohibition, you must have figured out that making something illegal doesn’t make it go away. It creates a secondary or even tertiary underground economy where sales are off the record and not taxable.  Personally, I can’t wait for this to happen because I hate paying taxes. Meanwhile, until I am FORCED by unconstitutional legislation to use the black market, I will buy all my weapons and ammunition legally and in the open, as I always have.

And, until I find a viable alternative, I pay my taxes on time and in full, under duress and bitterly opposed to doing so. I believe when the government forces us to pay them before we feed our children, it is worse than just robbing us on the street. Most people don’t feel like they’re being robbed, because they never see that money. If we had to go cash our checks and then go pay taxes every week, most people wouldn’t do it. They would see it for what it is; theft.

Mainstream Media will support this effort with everything they have. Few are the advocates of individual rights in the visual media ranks. They are all about fear and control. Every news story you see promotes fear of some group or element of society. Fear this!  Be afraid. But look! The government is doing something about it! We’re going to take away rights from everyone because some of you are afraid.

The Mainstream Media, like our bastard of a President, only promotes fear and divisiveness. If we’re all working together, we will not need them.

That is their fear.

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