Saturday, November 07, 2015

Saying Nothing Solves Nothing

(Photo Courtesy of Google Images)

By John P. Smith
Freelance Writer

Like Fox Mulder in the X-Files, I want to believe. In fact, I do believe. The UFO phenomena is real.  Plenty of researchers have gathered the data proving that something is flying around in our skies that we don’t understand. Now, I need solid proof.

In this day of 20-megapixel phone cameras, super-intelligent space probes and high-definition satellite imagery, why the hell don't we have a decent photo of alien beings, alien spacecraft, or alien artifacts on the moon?  Haven’t we all waited long enough?

I look for evidence. Real evidence. So far, all I’ve found is junk. However, I believe part of that is by design.  For instance, this is the best we can do for close-ups of interesting phenomena on our own moon?
(Photo courtesy of NASA)

Photo analysts and ufologists say the area in the center of this photo shows an alien craft or landing site on the moon for craft not built by modern humans.

Give me a break!

We can do this with the two-decades old Hubble Space Telescope.

(Photo courtesy of NASA) 
(Yes, I know they are colored in the studio by NASA.)

And we can take this awesome photo of the moon with the Hubble.

(Photo Courtesy of NASA)

Oh, yeah, it’s a nice photo.  What does it tell us?  Nothing except that we can take a nice photo of the moon from our space-based telescope. Most of us already figured that out.

I know I can’t be the first to ask this question:  Why can’t NASA, or somebody, take some clear photos of these questionable lunar phenomena and put these questions to rest one way or the other? Do alien bases exist on the moon? Alien technology? Why hide this if it is true?  Why not disprove it if is not true? We have satellites that can photograph a license plate legibly from 35,000 kilometers in space. Then, cut the crap, send a satellite with a good camera, and go take some decent photos of these lunar artifacts. Stop releasing these stupid grainy, low-resolution, black-and-white photos that might show something on the moon. Take some real photos and show us the truth.

And, how about additional horrible, ridiculous images from other spacecraft. This is the Phobos Monolith, taken by the Mars Global Surveyor in 1998.

(Photo courtesy of NASA)

This is a blurry photo of a rock, or something, about 85 meters high casting a shadow. That’s all we know because this photo isn’t clear and the resolution is horrible. We’ve had color cameras since the 1930’s. Why the hell are we trying to determine if this structure is natural or artificial based on photos that look like this?  I understand this probe was built 20 years ago, but it had to have a color camera with a zoom feature. Even with long transmission times and rasterizing, this is just ridiculous. Show us a real photo or tell us you’re not going to.  Either way, stop lying to us.

Our government and our space program aren’t exactly reliable sources known for telling us the truth about anything. Put mechanisms in place to ensure we get the unfiltered, undoctored, unmitigated truth. Stop hiding information that should be available to every citizen of Earth. Give us a live feed to a lunar research camera and don’t cut the video every time something out of the ordinary enters the frame. We want to see for ourselves.  We don’t need government analysts telling us what we’re supposed to be seeing in some grainy gray-scale shot of a crater from 100 km away. Use the technology we have available and collect some real-time, high-definition color data and let us make our own analysis.

If nothing is there but coincidental scattered debris, then take a clear color shot of it and show us. If it is not random scattered space trash, then we have a right to know that, too. Why continue being part of the problem when it might just be easier to be part of the solution?

If there are alien craft in our skies and alien artifacts on our moon; we have a right to know. Tell us. If these questionable phenomena are not alien artifacts, prove it. Take a picture and show us what it really looks like. Is that too much to ask?

Saying nothing solves nothing.

For everyone out there posting photos or videos that might, or might not, be extraordinary photos of supernatural and unexplained phenomena here on the planet; keep working and collecting the evidence. Eventually, someone will get the proof we need. Then again, we’re ten years into the age of personal high-definition video-phone cameras, and we still don't have clear video evidence proving the existence of aliens, alien craft or alien artifacts.  Oh, yeah, we get plenty of blurry, pixelated images showing blobs of light or gray streaks in the sky. We've had that for years.

(Courtesy of Google Images)

Yet, we have phone cameras that can take photos that look like this:
(Photo Courtesy of Google Images)

We must use the technology we have to put some of these questions to rest. If someone has clear video evidence of something extraordinary, let’s see it. If it’s blurry images of bouncing dots in the sky, yes, we want to see them, too. But we all must understand that questionable evidence is not really evidence at all and only adds to the confusion and chaos of trying to sort out the truth, whatever it may be. We need real evidence. I mean a crystal clear, high-definition photo or video that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are not alone.

All of us who want to believe are waiting for it.

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