Sunday, November 10, 2019

Revolution Calling?

   (A song by Queensryche from the album Operation: Mindcrime.  Disturbingly prophetic.)

   Here’s the deal: The Democrats are out of control. They’ve gone completely nuts for impeachment, going so far as to fabricate evidence and just plain lie to make it happen. They are hell-bent on punishing Donald Trump for the heinous crime of winning the 2016 election.

   President Trump has proven over the last three years that he can hold his own against the cheating, lying, deceitful Demobliviots.They couldn’t get any traction with their fabricated evidence of “Russian Collusion,” so now they’re trying to convince us that there was a criminal phone call with someone in the Ukraine. They think we’re that stupid. The traitorous lap-dog media plays right along, because they also think we’re that stupid. This President knows for a fact that every word he says is recorded, analyzed and reported to the Democrats -- including his phone calls and whatever he’s singing in the shower. 

   This whole Ukrainian quid-pro-quo crap is political posturing; much like the fabricated “evidence” produced during the Judge Brett Kavanaugh hearings, another attempt to smear the President’s ethics and morals, by people who have neither. If a quorum of brainless Demobliviots actually pass an impeachment proceeding on to the Senate, and those sorry bastards actually vote to impeach, here’s what’s going to happen:

   If impeachment goes to the Senate, President Donald Trump will have the legal right to call any and all witnesses he chooses as part of his defense in front of the Senate. I believe that if they pull the impeachment lever, and send the whole fabricated mess to the Senate, Trump will call witnesses, from Hillary Clinton to the Judge who issues the secret FISA warrants, to prove the obliviot Democrats colluded to rig the 2016 election and fabricated the whole impeachment query. Surely, they can’t all be so stupid that they don’t realize Trump is three steps ahead of them. The Demobliviots will try to keep these hearings secret; but we will hear them. When they finally figure out he’s going to start putting them in jail, one by one, it is entirely possible that they will go for the take-over by force. 

   That’s where we come in.

   Me, and I suspect thousands of patriots like me, are going to take our rifles to Washington D.C. and surround the White House so that President Trump is protected. Yes, I’m willing to fight to keep him in office. (And I didn’t even vote for him.)

   I would hate to see it come to armed conflict. But, this kind of situation is exactly why the Second Amendment is in the Constitution. Do you think the founding fathers put that in there by accident? No! They were educated on the heels of the European Renaissance. The whole Renaissance was necessary because governments and the Church kept Europe in a period called The Dark Ages for more than a millenium. The Dark Ages were the result of governments and the Church dictating that only the clergy, the nobility and aristocracy were allowed to learn to read and write. Everybody else just had to take their word for it -- or else. The founders of the United States had seen first-hand exactly how people with power treated people with no way to defend themselves. Their intention in the Second Amendment is to see that the citizens of the United States are never put in a position where they cannot defend themselves, their families or their rights. The Demobliviots would have you believe otherwise.

   I own an “assault” rifle. Why should only the government have them? If I have my own weapons; I don’t need the government to defend me. The lying asshat Demobliviots would have you believe that they’re taking my guns to protect you from me. When that happens; who is going to protect me, and you, from them? We’ve all seen exactly how much they respect the legally elected President of the United States. Why would any of us believe the Demobliviots would treat us differently? 

   If the damned Democrats want a civil war, they may get one. Nobody really wants that; but if it happens, I think they’ll suddenly feel fairly inadequately armed once they count to 100 million and realize that’s just the beginning. They will also have to deal with those elements of the military and police who are loyal to the Constitution and not the Demobliviot Party. We are the most well-armed population on the planet. Most of us have more than one weapon. How many of us are prepared to use them the way the Constitution expects us to? 

   Why is this the time to make a stand? What makes this more important than any other political crap shoot?  Three things: 1: They have our children. 2: Government agencies and bureaus are actively working to unseat a legally elected President. 3: The biased news media supports the usurpers.

   Robert Heinlein said, “Don’t handicap your children by making their lives easy.” The education system in this country is designed to dumb-down rather than educate. Our education institutions no longer teach our youth how to think; but instead teach them what to think. It’s no longer about education, but indoctrination. Are the minds of our youth worth fighting for? I think so. Nor is this a one-sided battle; while the liberals have turned into the world’s most retarded hypocrits, the conservatives have their own share of backwards, Bible-thumping literalists. Somewhere out there, not necessarily in the middle, is where we need to educate our children. We need to teach them how to think, solve problems and analyze situations. We do not need to fill their heads with literalist indoctrination or liberal socialist propaganda. Give them the tools to make decisions for themselves, based on facts and observations. If they don’t make the same decision you did, or would, then they’re thinking for themselves -- and isn’t that the real goal?

   Our government, Congress, and the myriad of 3-letter spy agencies that we pay for with our taxes, have been working since before President Trump took office to usurp and remove him. In the third-world countries we often see in the news, that’s called a coup d'etat: the unlawful removal of the rightfully elected official from office through deception or military force. We elected him; will we march on Washington D.C. to protect him from unconstitutional removal from office? I will. We had a bozo on social media bring thousands of people into the desert on the premise of “storming Area 51.”  Well, we can storm Washington D.C. and keep our President. The Demobliviots have been working night and day to overthrow the rightfully elected President since before he even took office. Who will stand in our way if we decide to move to surround the Capital to protect our President?

   Our news media is no longer trustworthy. All the liberal outlets are in bed with the Democrats and the liberals, working in concert to spread lies and deceptions. Their cover-up of the Clinton scandals as well as the protection Democratic candidates is sickening. They cannot be trusted and should not be listened to. Their willingness to report outright lies and fabrications as fact should get them removed from their positions. Yet, nothing happens. As a former military journalist, I can tell you that in journalism school, they pounded it into our heads that we reported the truth. If we could not report the truth, then we didn’t say anything. This was DINFOS -- The Defense Information School -- and military journalism was as controlled a media as ever existed. Yet, back then, even in the military, journalism was about reporting the truth, telling people what they needed to know, giving people information to help in their daily lives. It’s disheartening to see what has happened to the field of news reporting. The press used to be called the Fourth Estate, because they were the defenders of truth, justice and ethical behavior. Today, they have given up that title to become little more than gibbering sycophants for their corporate and government overlords. It’s shameful, because most of them went willingly and eagerly. They have no honor.

   So will it be civil war? An uncivilized uprising? Active resistance? The Demobliviots don’t believe we’ll actually do it; but they’re afraid enough to want to take our weapons.

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