Friday, January 26, 2024

So You're Thinking about Going to Texas?

By John P. Smith
Apocalypse Watch Editor

If you're thinking about going to Texas to help secure the border against the invasion, here's a few things to consider before jumping in your $80,000 truck with a couple of hunting rifles, energy drinks and some fruit roll-ups.

I understand the desire to be part of the solution; make sure you're not part of the problem. So, as I contemplate making a trip to the southern border myself, here's a few things I've thought about. (I'm actually having a hard time with the fact I'm writing about how to survive a possible military action in Texas!) My high-voltage speculation below assumes a full-scale escalation of hostilities.

If the shit does hit the fan, it's not going to be anything like we thought it would. (How's that for future past tense?) If you drove down there, you probably had to walk in from a long way out. You're walking and carrying a rifle; that makes you infantry. If you're not a combat or military veteran, that makes you as much a liability as an asset without proper discipline and leadership. Keep that in mind as we talk about this.

The enemy, in whatever form it shows up, will initially focus on taking away your ability to fight back. They don't want to actually fight; they want to destroy you without ever having to look at you. They'll take away your food and water; they'll blockade any resupply and they will deny any chance of reinforcements or orderly retreat.

If the Canadian Trucker convoy taught us anything, it's that the government isn't afraid to hold your family hostage to get you to start acting right. If you're identified as part of the resistance, the federal government will seize your bank accounts, property, business, anything they can to hurt you. I suspect they will send enforcers to gather your spouse, children, parents, family, friends, dogs, cats and anybody who looks like you and whisk them off to re-education camps to intimidate you. Your folks should be prepared to resist being hijacked as hostages; but it's going to happen.

Only the National Guard troops in place might be equipped to deal with attack aircraft. Maybe there'll be National Guard from several states. Maybe not. Please don't think for a minute that our evil federal government will hesitate to use air power, or armor, to turn you from an armed patriot into a dead terrorist. They will not hesitate. Once the resistance is dead; they get to write the script. January 6 taught us that.

Take a shovel and be prepared to dig a trench (and a latrine). Even that might not help. I remember from my days in the Air Force that our F-16 pilots accurately and consistently dropped 500-pound bombs inside a 30-meter target during practice. They're probably actually better than that. The enemy will likely be equipped with rockets, mortars, grenades, artillery and probably even armor. You'll be out there with a hunting rifle and a shovel.

Whatever group you go with, or fall in with, will undoubtedly have a combat veteran or two in the mix. Listen to these guys; they've been there and done that and know how to deal with it. Follow their lead and the orders of any officers or non-coms appointed to your unit. A small group that maintains proper military discipline and sound small-unit tactics can hold against a larger force. A bunch of cowboys doing their own thing pretty much ruins it for everybody. 


Fuel: The federal government will commandeer, confiscate and control every possible source of fuel available to keep you from getting to the resistance. Texas is mind-bogglingly big. It's bigger than France. I point this out so we don't forget the scale of the territory we're dealing with. Regardless, they're not just going to let you drive there and help the resistance. If there's a blockade of roads way south of Austin, say around Uvalde, then it's a 40 mile walk to Eagle Pass. They'll control the roads, so you'll be traversing rough terrain. The longer it goes on, the further out they'll extend control, for a while, at least.

I think, once a battle line forms, and arriving patriots can't reach the epicenter, they'll form a second perimeter north and east of the federal line. Then the feds may drop airborne or bring in an armored division north and east of those groups. Let's not forget tens of thousands of military age men just across the river. What happens if someone were to suddenly arm those people while the Texans have their back to the Rio Grande? If this escalates to that point, I expect the feds to use everything short of a tactical nuke to quell the uprising. I also expect at least 50% of the federal troops to defect and aid the resistance. (Keep in mind this is all high-voltage speculation on my part.) 

Vehicles: Don't drive there in anything you're not willing to leave there. Quite simply, if the shit hits the fan, the enemy will immediately cut all the fuel supplies, either commandeer, destroy, and blockade all the roads in and out. Any vehicles will be targets for aircraft. These aircraft, helicopter or fixed-wing, can destroy a vehicle from 3 km away and you may never even see them. If you're like most armed patriots, you won't be equipped to deal with aircraft. Your 7mm Mag or .50 cal Barrett is no threat to an aircraft a mile away in the sky.

Supplies: You cannot go there without taking your own water. Any public water supply will be confiscated, destroyed or compromised (poisoned) by the enemy. Don't expect those who came prepared to give up their water because of your short-sightedness. A survival straw or Sawyer filter might be a life-saver. Food: If you have to park somewhere south of Dallas and walk, you're not going to be happy carrying a backpack full of beanie weenies and Spam. Pack MRE's and dried meats. Medical: Be prepared for breaks, scratches, cuts, bites and bullets.

It's not going to be a fun camping trip. It's not going to be Woodstock or Party on the Prairie. If shots are fired, it's not going to be over by Sunday so you can be back home to watch Monday Night Football. 

If you decide to travel, be prepared for anything. Hope nothing happens.

(John P. Smith is a military trained journalist living in northern Arkansas. He is host of the Apocalypse Watch and Johnny Watcher shows. Visit the website for more information and links to the most recent podcasts. Check out his new book, available on Amazon as paperback or Kindle: Conspiracy 101: Welcome to the Conspiratorium)

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