Thursday, November 02, 2006


I just discovered PageFlakes. I like it. I also discovered a Blog with 50-writing tips! Wow! What a great way to avoid actually writing. It'll take me a few WEEKS to improve my writing by reading all this great material on HOW to write mo' bettah.

I'm sure that, like with jujitsu and aikido, that you can watch it for weeks and fully understand the how and why of a technique ... but until you get out there and get your hands on another person and DO IT, you will not understand all the physical nuances involved. As I'm often fond of saying, "there's nothing like real to add realism."

So, now that I've convinced myself (and whatever poor sod who decides to read this blog) that I can study technique for weeks, but won't truly understand until I actually do something, then I should go and write ... I'm assuming I mean something besides this blog...

-- Mordekai

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