Saturday, November 18, 2006


Do UFOs exist? Sure.
They're objects flying in the sky we can't readily idenfity. They exist ... that's why we have a name for them. Are they alien spacecraft? Ahhh...there's the rub. Are they?
Here's what I think, since you asked.
In this day and age of video camers, digital media and webcams, we should have actual, positive proof of actual hovering, manuevering craft. All we've actually got are some blobs of light at high zoom and pixelated video of some dancing object a zillion miles away. To me, that's not UFO footage, that a camera malfunction or someone playing a hoax or lightening bugs at a thousand yards. It's not proof of alien spacecraft.
If you're going to tape proof of actual flying saucers or other alien spacecraft, then do it. Get a shot of an alien craft, clearly identifiable as alien, close up and personal. Wave them in for a landing and ask about all those crop circles.
So, note to UFO hunters: Stop telling us about the ones that got away. Give us some proof ... you know, maybe hang from an antenna a bit while the ship lifts off (this will require a buddy on the camera and is additional proof.) Come on...anything but the bouncing dot video taken by a palsey victim. I'll expect something in the next few weeks.

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