Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Enjoying the speed

Now that I can create a blog in just a few minutes, rather than have to wait a Bloody Week for the pages to load, I think I might just keep this up a bit more consistently.
Well, I've been consistent -- I've posted about twice a month...or less. Now I think I can hit it with a bit more frequency. Anyway. Nice to have the high-speed internet after waiting 10 bloody years for it.
Windstream REALLY didn't want to give up their land-line connection to our house. I finally told them that they, and Alltel before them, had about five years worth of opportunity to get DSL or some kind of high-speed connection in this area and they didn't do it. Oh, every time I called and asked, it was due in just a few months. And never materialized. My neighbors are now envious and are asking lotsa questions about "how fast is it and how much does it cost."
Hehe...I'm telling them the whole truth.
And I see a few more home phones leaving the matrix.

-- Mordekai

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