Thursday, September 24, 2020

By John P. Smith
Independent Journalist


It can’t just be me feeling impotent to do anything in the current political quagmire. The demonic left is on the attack on multiple fronts and all we can do But, we're good at it! They may be winning all the battles; but we have all cool memes!

Somehow, that’s just not enough. It is cold fare that doesn’t even take the edge off the rumbling hunger for action; the need to actually DO SOMETHING. What else can we do? What can we prepare to do, once we’ve had enough and the memes don’t work any more?

The liberals are planning to reject the election results if Trump wins. They have made this clear.  See my previous article for details. (Speculation and Preparation)

Since we know this to be the case, here’s my plan: If Donald Trump wins or loses on Nov. 4, I will accept those results. I will not accept any other result based on late-counted, mail-in ballots. I can only speak for myself.  However, I believe many like-minded men and women will feel the same way. Summary: Trump wins Nov. 4; Trump wins. Biden wins Nov. 4; Harris wins.


If leftist agitators, looters and criminals wish to contest the results of a Trump victory by taking to the streets; this will be the line in the sand. I will gather with like-minded men and women and we will take decisive action to keep our President in his rightfully won office. We will take whatever actions are necessary to remove those criminals from the streets in our cities, counties and states. 


I’m thinking we need to take this a step further. We’ve been playing defense for too long. If we want to stop the tyranny of the Democrats, then we have to stop it before it builds a full head of steam. It’s pretty clear that no one in Washington DC can do anything about it. They can’t even prosecute criminals for documented crimes.

When it is clear Trump has won the election; we take those streets. We all march out onto our blocks with our equipment ready. We dare those wanna-be badass anarchists to try and take it from us. If we see a bus load of them coming down our street, we use whatever force is necessary to march them right back where they came from. We do it with guns, knives, staves, sticks or our bare hands. We keep our street safe. And, if we’re a little too weary to get up and go to work the next day, then by god, we can take one day off.


I understand that this could turn into a complete slaughter of Americans on both sides. It will turn out that way if we are pushed to the limit. That limit, the line in the sand as noted earlier, is the Presidency -- we will not have it stolen. This is a lot like trying to burn my property or steal my stuff; if you think it’s worth your life, come try and take it.


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